tiny infinity tattoo

“I need feminism because… My choice of attire is not invitation for you to stare.”

C'mon, really? Don’t act like you aren’t guilty of the very same thing.

When you see those dapper looking gentlemen sitting in backstreet cafés, with their cold pressed coffee in one hand while simultaneously writing poetry with the other. Everything about them is perfect. From their antique leather case to the tiny infinity tattoo on their finger. Don’t pretend like you don’t swoon as they periodically fix their Ray Ban glasses into place every time it slides to the tip of their nose, causing their tweed plaited bracelets to fall back down to their pale forearms. Don’t act like you aren’t currently imagining what it would be like to have this fine specimen of a man start a conversation with you, and all of a sudden that very same evening he is making slow, sweet love to you in his wood cabin on the edge of the woods. Before you know it, your lady parts are getting a little wet before your coffee even arrives. You can’t help your bodies natural response to stimulants. But of course, you couldn’t stop staring because this guy was clearly dressing to impress, right?

Again, don’t act like you don’t get turned on by men with hot bodies while they are simply trying to enjoy their day at the beach without being the target of your lustful stare. Their chiselled chests, all smooth and golden brown. Don’t pretend that you’ve never looked at a man like that and fantasised about him literally sweeping you off your feet with his strong muscular arms, and suddenly you are in a private, secluded beach where he is slowly kissing every inch of your body as you lie in the soft sand. Before you know it, your lady parts are getting a little wet and you aren’t even in the ocean yet. But of course, he should have worn a swim vest because his bare chest was basically an invitation to stare, right?

Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Misha Collins. Don’t act like you don’t google image these guys obsessively and memorise every single detail of their bodies. Don’t pretend like you haven’t used their public images to help yourself get off when you need a little private lady-time. But of course, they shouldn’t have been actors who are constantly in the spotlight if they didn’t want people to notice them and lust over them, right?

Unfortunately, everyone has the right to stare. At anything.  You cannot police somebodies right to look at whatever is in their field of vision. Especially when you abuse this very same right, for the exact same reasons. Don’t be a hypocrite. 

- fraudulentfeminist