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Bearded Steeb’s head

A summary of Not So Tiny Bearded Steeb’s head:

The Captain America unmasked heads that I own. Surprisingly the one with the least wonky eyes is the one I paid full price for. The other two were bought at Toyfairs. I chose to use the last head because damn are those eyes not painted right.

I have doubles of Steve in his Civil War suit (the reason I decided to do this custom in the first place.) I ended up using Not So Tiny Injured Steeb just because his suit is slightly lighter than the none “battle damaged” version and I like the darker version. While he is harder to get (being part of a three pack) I bought him for less at a Toyfair. 

I cut off the front of the fringe as it sticks out too much. After removing the paint with nail polish remover (I do have proper acetone but I find the nail polish remover is not as harsh and it works well enough on removing the paint on faces) I scrubbed the head clean and sculpted on it using the Tamiya Quick Dry Type Epoxy Putty. I learned the hard way NOT to use it when my heater is on as it becomes a sticky mess. I have used Aves Apoxie but I find the Tamiya Putty sticks to plastic easier and isn’t as fiddly once you get the hang of it. It also doesn’t sink down as easily. To sculpt I used a small awl. Some people use toothpicks but I find they go too blunt too quickly when I use them. 

Sculpting the hair was a challenge as I’m not very good at figuring out how short hair falls. 

Comparing the before and after. 

I realized one side of the hair was bigger than the other so I added more volume to even it up.

Late night painting the skin.

Mixing up the skin tone was a pain but eventually I just settled on one. Then began the challenge of painting eyes. 

I decided to have the eyes look slightly up so that Bearded Stee would forever be glaring up at people from under his brows.

Painting the hair was very annoying. This was just the base coat.

I attempted to dry brush the hair and added some colour to the lips as well as very, very lightly adding some shading to the cheekbones, under the eyes and in the brow furrows. Honestly he’s so tiny you can only really see them right up close but I will know it’s there.


The Chernobyl mission (”All Ghillied Up”) in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is focused on an extreme oppressive atmosphere. A single wrong move could lead to complete disaster throughout, and this is best represented by the city’s reaction once the player has sniped their target… a full platoon descends upon the player’s location, and suddenly the mission’s tone changes entirely, becoming a full-on firefight as the player desperately makes their way to the extraction point. This shift is incredibly important, as both sections of the mission reinforce the other’s tone. 


Infinity War Cap

Beard of Sadness Cap

Emo Cap

Steven Grant Darkness Dementia Nomad Way

Angsty Cap 

Bearded Steeb is born!

(Pictured next to his base figure except I used the battle damaged version because I didn’t like him as much)

._. I spent way too much time on what I thought would be a simple custom

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genji didn’t go out with the express intention of getting drunk off of his ass. it just usually happened that way. by all intents and purposes, genji went out to have a good time, meet people, and even sometimes accomplish work for the clan that hanzo entrusted him with. so, needless to say, tonight genji definitely hadn’t gone out with the intention of getting drunk and starting a fight in the bar he’d been drinking in. 

it just kind of happened that way.

luckily he hadn’t be out in the town all by his lonesome this time, and he’d managed to scrape by without suffering too much in the hands of those that he’d somehow angered. never let it be said that genji couldn’t stand up for himself in a fight, but when he was definitely-very-tipsy and the guys throwing punches at him were definitely-very-not, he considered himself lucky to only be griping about a potentially broken nose and bloodied knuckles. 

the shiamda name didn’t carry as much weight here in this city as genji was used to, but it was more than enough to expedite his wait in the hospital’s waiting room before he was called back to be seen to. the male nurse escorting him didn’t seem to be very impressed by genji or the not-very-subtle hints he dropped the entire way to his room, but he tells himself that it’s just a result of the tissues stuffed up both of his nostrils to keep the blood from running down his face. 

genji could only imagine what hanzo would say this time. 


The introductory sections of Call of Duty: Ghosts are heavily contrasted, and are meant to present the basic play in a segmented format. On the ground running, jumping, and crawling are all introduced while on Earth. In space, the player floats along through a series of corridors, able to slowly line up their shots as they learn the basics of shooting in a highly sterile environment.

Move Me

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader

Setting: Season 5

A/N: Happy Smuturday! Follow up from Your Move.

The weeks of healing had been a roller coaster for Spencer, eventually he was able to look forward to the next step in his recovery. After another week of physical therapy, he could ditch his insufferable crutches. He had been so busy with work he hadn’t been able to see Y/N for almost a week. Things had become more serious between them since he was shot on the job. Spencer fully intended to keep the momentum going.

He scrunched his nose as he dialed her number for a ride home. His brown eyes squinted as he surveyed the parking lot that fall afternoon.

“Hi there Spence.”

He cleared his throat, “Hiya, pidge.”

“Are you ready to go?” Her voice shifting in volumes, Spencer guessed she was putting on her coat.

“Ready and waiting.”

“I’ll be there soon, don’t want to leave my man stranded.” He could hear the smirk creep into each syllable. Oh the things that he made come out of that mouth. Spencer closed his eyes and reminded himself that he was in control and his patience would be heavily rewarded shortly.

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A Long While (Jeffmads)

AN: this wasn’t requested but I’ve wanted to write a Jeffmads fic for a long time so here it is

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hamilton4starwars @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18

Warnings: death 

Word Count: 1,367


James returned home from a trip with his family to find a letter waiting for him. It wasn’t a letter he ever wanted to have to read, and it didn’t seem to fit his mood after the time he had spent laughing and enjoying with his children and grandchildren.

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