tiny humans in costume


A/N: loosely inspired by one of my fav otp’s Jim & Pam. 

Arizona’s shoes were nearly floating over the ground beneath her as she ran to her designated OR. “I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to fly out this weekend, sweetie.” her voice was rushed and she struggled to catch the phone that slipped from her hands after running into the the swinging door to the washroom. After her moment of clumsiness, she handed her phone off with a smile to the nearest nurse and proceeded to wash her hands.

“It’s okay, mommy.” Sofia said.

Scrubbing at her arms fiercely, Arizona turned her head in the direction of the nurse holding the only connection to her whole world when what sounded like candy wrappers rubbing together boomed from the speakers. “Callie?”

“Sorry, Sofia dropped the phone. She’s quite excited.”

Arizona couldn’t help the smile that came upon her face at hearing Callie’s voice, blue eyes returning to her task at hand. “Did you make sure she remembered the move I taught her? The cute spin-“

Callie sighed. “The cute spin with the wink, yes. We went over it a hundred times.”

Turning the water off and drying her hands, the blonde grimaced at Callie’s irritated tone. “I just…I want everything to be perfect.”

At the sound of children laughing and squealing, Arizona’s heart began to race. She felt guilty for missing this moment, for physically missing the moment of her daughter showcasing her talents in an incredibly cute second grade talent show. She had skipped Sofia the previous day, watching her super adorable, tiny human prance around in her costume and couldn’t help but praise her. She was perfect; the most precious human. She had seen thousands of kids in her life, though, she knew that Sofia—even if she was quite biased—was the most beautiful, talented, brilliant child she knows.

“I know you and technology aren’t best friends but, please tell me you figured out how to work your phone’s camera?”

“Arizona,” Callie tsked. “I’m an orthopedic surgeon, the best in my field. I have built legs like god, created cartilage out of thin air-“

The blonde laughed, slipping into the OR with a smile on her face. “Yet, before you left, it took me about an hour to get you to figure out how FaceTime works.” she went on to mumble. “Which I had no idea was possible.”

“Did you say something?” their bantering caused a few of the scrub nurses to laugh lowly, not wanting to be caught listening to Arizona’s conversation.

Pink lips twisted into a grin. “Nope.” knowing that she had to hang up to talk to her patient, Arizona sighed. “I have to go, Callie, but tell Sofia I love her. And thank you.” she added, knowing that a small task such as recording the event meant everything to Arizona.

“Bye, Arizona.”

“Bye, Callie.”

The heels of her boots slapped against the wet concrete. Arizona searched for her phone in her purse, the pre dawn air taking her hair by the ends and guiding it through the wind. After finding the device, she unlocked it and dialed a familiar number.

“Hello?” the voice was coated with sleep, Arizona just realizing that it was Saturday morning. She knew that Callie was most likely hudled under several layers of blankets, hair probably in a massive disarm while tan hands ran through the thick locks to clear her vision.

“Crap, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize what time it was…”

“No, no, I was already up.” the lie was smooth on her tongue. “What’s up?”

Arizona hopped into her car and let her body fall back into the plush, leather seat. Her feat were aching and a dull throb was beginning to spread across her head. “How did the recital go? Did you get the video?”

She turned the key into the ignition, the lights above her head turning on briefly to highlight the exhaustion under tired blue eyes. She needed some good news, the little boy she had just spent hours operating on dying on her table. She was used to this, used to the pain that accompanied such a loss, but it still hurt and made her stomach churn.

She could hear Callie shuffling in the background followed by a door shutting, her voice dropping to a whisper. “About that…I sort of didn’t get the video.”

“Are you serious?” she tried to keep calm, her teeth grinding together harshly and the ache in her head increasing. “Callie, I thought you said-“

“It was an accident! I got a phone call right before they started and I guess I thought the video would still record after the phone call. But…”

Arizona’s grip on her phone tightened, stands of blonde hair covering her vision until it was all she could see. “You said you would do this for me.”

“Arizona, I’m sorry, I tried.”

“Maybe you didn’t try enough. Maybe all of this was a mistake.”

A dry laugh. “Oh, yeah? What does that mean?”

“You know what, I don’t want to talk about this.” Just as she was about to pull out of the parking lot, Callie continued.

“No, tell me. Just say it.”

Arizona slammed on the brake, a dry, soundless sob hitting her full force. “I’m missing everything. It feels like I’m missing every moment with her! And for what? So you can be happy with her in New York? I’m missing her life, Callie!”

Silence for the slightest moment. “You said you were okay with this! That you wanted both of us to be happy…” she was at a loss, the sudden anger Arizona directed at her unexpected. She thought that they were past this, that they understood what the other wanted and needed at this time of their lives.

“Well, I’m not. I…I just wanted that goddamn video, and you took that away from me! You took her away from me, Callie!” her words were a blubbered mess, tears rolling down her face, sinking into her cheeks, her neck, falling onto her tongue until her rant died at her lips.

“You’re picking a fight. You’re stressed and you’re upset, and you’re picking a fight.” Callie hated hearing Arizona sound so vulnerable, sound so hopeless. “You miss her, I get that, but-“

“No, you don’t. You see her every day. You’re with her every day. You get to see her smile and hear her voice and listen to her when she talks about her day. I get moments. I get snippets. I’m missing everything.”

Callie sank to the floor, not knowing what to say. She looked around her surroundings unsure of what to say. “Why don’t we talk after you’ve gotten some rest? Okay? We can talk about her schedule again. We can work this out, just, please.  I don’t want to argue anymore, Arizona. I’m sorry about the video. You have to know that I didn’t intentionally do this.”

Arizona needed a moment. She needed something, but she wasn’t sure what. “I’ll talk to you later, Callie.” Arizona hung up without a goodbye and fell back against the passenger seat feeling defeated.

“You did such a great job last night, Sofia.” Callie praised hugging her daughter. Her and Sofia were eating dinner the same day, chicken picatta being eaten quickly.

“I know.” the little girl beamed.

Callie swallowed a particularly hot piece of her meal and winced. “Just like your mother.”


With a wave of her hand, Callie dismissed the conversation and mother and daughter continued to eat. “What do you say you give one more performance tonight?”

Sofia dried a dish carefully and slowly before looking up at her mother. “Are we going back to school?”

“No, we’re staying home.” They cleaned and dried the last dish. “You know your mom really wanted to be there for you last night, right?”

Sofia nodded. “Yeah. She had to save a baby, a baby that needed her cause she’s the only one who can fix them.”

“That’s right.” she chewed on her next words. “She really wanted to be here, and she’s really sad that she missed it. What do you say we surprise mommy? You think you can remember your dance?” she tickled her daughter, the giggles that filled the room music to Callie’s ears.

“I remember all the steps.” She said proudly.

Callie sent Sofia to her room to put on her costume, her stomach filling with butterflies. She hoped that this gesture, this attempt at including Arizona would make up for yesterday. Barely 20 minutes later, the living room was set to look like a diy stage; blankets were strewn on top of chairs and carefully balanced broomsticks, Sofia doing twirls and mumbling counts to make sure each move was perfect.

“Are you ready?” Callie asked pulling out her phone. Without a second thought, Callie whipped her cell phone out and called Arizona. After a mere two rings, Arizona’s face came into a view, a tired look on her face.

“Callie? Is everything okay?”

As quick as she could, Callie switched the camera to direct it towards Sofia, her cheeks burning from the smile that was permanently on her face. “Introducing, the spectacular, amazing, super awesome 2nd graderrrrr!” her voice boomed, Sofia jumping into the phone’s view with her hands on her hips. “Sofiaaa Robbinnn Sloan Torressss!” smashing the play button on the cd player next to her, Sofia’s dance music played.

What was once confusion on Arizona’s face was now pure joy; blue eyes bright and shining as she watched her daughter effortlessly spin and jump. There were no mistakes, dimples popping out proudly as Arizona watched her daughter give her her own front row seat to the best show on earth. Once the younger Torres completed her dance, the cutest of bows was made and Sofia ran up to the camera.

“How did I do? Did mommy like it?”

Fighting her tears, Arizona cleared her throat. “It was perfect, baby girl. You are such a good dancer! I’m so proud of you!” Callie turned the camera so that Sofia could see her mom, but she forgot to switch the camera.

“Callie, flip the camera.” Arizona laughed.

She physically flipped the phone back around.

“No, Callie, flip the phone camera so that Sofia can see me.”

“I just flipped it.”

Arizona rolled her eyes. “Not the phone, the camera button on the screen.”

Being ever so clever, the 8 year old took the phone from her Callie’s hands and talked to Arizona herself. “Hi, mommy!”

“Hi, baby!”

Callie went to clean up some of the room while mother and daughter chatted excitedly. The guilt she was feeling for a better part of the day had crumbled and broke away, Sofia jumping around the room and dancing once more for her mother.

The night went on and Callie knew that Sofia needed to start getting ready for bed. “Sofia, say bye to mommy, it’s time for bed.”

Sofia instantly whined. “But mama-“

“Sofia Sloan,” Callie started with a stern look.

“Fine. Bye mommy. I love you.” She waved at the distant blonde and handed the phone back to her mother.

“Brush your teeth, wash your face and I’ll be in soon to tuck you in.”

Sofia bounced out of the room to accomplish her nightly routine, Callie waiting until she was out of sight to look back at the camera.


Arizona smiled. “Thank you, Callie, and…I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I said earlier.”

“I understand. We all have our days.” Settling onto the couch in the living room, Callie continued. “If you still want to talk about who has her when, I’m open to it.”

“No, we had a deal. We already talked about it. I just miss her.”

Arizona chewed on her lip, I miss you, too, close to slipping out as well. A silence fell between them, neither of them knowing what to say. “I’ll let you get back to Sofia.”

Callie wanted to say something, but her voice was suddenly nonexistent, lodged into a secret crevice she couldn’t grasp. She settled with a shake of her head and hung up the phone. The mess around her was worse than she thought, but she was too lazy to clean up. Deciding to leave this problem for tomorrow, Callie got up to tuck her daughter into bed.

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Thundercracker aka my boo

1. He bathes Buster every fortnight or so, and it’s a disaster every time. Water gets everywhere, Buster shakes and flicks bubbles and fur over Thundercracker’s face. He loves it though. 

2. He likes to write his screenplays to old 60s/70s/80s disco music. His favourite is ‘Knock on wood’. It helps him set the mood for the scene. Buster likes the music too.

3. He’s not very expressive for a seeker, wing wise. He doesn’t fluff or flutter his wing plating as much as Starscream or Skywarp. Usually, they’re flat to his back, or just still. He relies on his E.M field for that, the ‘grounder’ way. Sometimes Skywarp teases him over it, but he doesn’t really care. 

4. Loses heaps of toys every day because he forgets his own strength when playing fetch with Buster and just yeets the thing miles and miles away.

5. Hates cats with a passion. He can’t betray Buster like that.

6. Couldn’t stop throwing up when Skywarp teleported him for the first time. Others usually have the same reaction, but Thundercracker handled it particularly badly. Skywarp still hasn’t quite forgiven him for purging all over his pedes.

7. Puts Buster in some of those tiny human dog costumes. He has a banana one Buster likes, even though he doesn’t even know what a banana is. (Buster also likes to chew them up, precious bean dog)

8. Didn’t particularly like Bob at first, or for a while, but now that Buster seems okay with him maybe just one ‘play date’ wouldn’t hurt, 

9. Has a really deep voice, but he speaks very softly. It’s extra frightening when he is angry, though. But he doesn’t want to irritate Busters sensitive hearing. 

10. Loves old 30s/40s/50s human movies. Especially the romance ones. The Wizard of Oz holds a special place in his heart. Skywarp, unfortunately, took the movie literally and tried to paint TC’s pedes red.

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Hi, ya'll! I was wondering, what G1 mechs would try to dress up in goofy costumes and go trick or treating with their humans, who would stay home and hand out candy, and who would just go buy bags of it and give it to their human friends? Thank you guys so much for what you do! :D

Hi sweetspark, Silver here! Thanks for this ask! :D Since you pretty much left the chosen bots up for interpretation and this is a category ask (which means only 10 characters!), I picked the ones I figured would be most into the Halloween spirit so to speak. I had a lot of fun with this, and of course I couldn’t help but add one extra category because reasons you shall soon see! XD

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Chosen Bots: Jazz, Prowl, Bumblebee, Optimus, Wheeljack, Blaster, Ratchet, Rumble, Frenzy, Skywarp

Who would try to dress up: Jazz, Prowl, Bumblebee, Skywarp, Rumble and Frenzy

Jazz would somehow manage to convince/pester Prowl into joining in on the costumed fun. He dresses up as a ninja with a Transformer-sized pair of nun-chucks, while Prowl goes as a cop (though how he managed to convince the stubborn tactician no one knows).

Bumblebee would dress up as…a bee! Of all things! When questioned, he admits that he was dared by Spike. It’s okay though, because Bumblebee dared Spike to dress up as a flower instead of a cool 007-esque spy to get even!

Skywarp decides to go as a vampire, using his warping ability to appear behind unsuspecting bots shouting “I vant to suck your Energon!” in a corny Dracula voice before biting their neck-cables. Not only has he terrified/terrorized half the ship, but by the end of the night he has to hide away from some of the more murderous bots (no one knows whether he was very brave or incredibly stupid for trying to bite Soundwave, but the Communications Officer somehow knew he was going to appear and punched him in the face. How???).

Well of course Rumble and Frenzy are going to dress up for Halloween! Why would they ever pass up a chance to terrorize humans even more than usual and get away with it? They dress up as Freddy and Jason Voorhees, though for some reason they thought it would be a great idea to use real blades to terrorize the humans.

Who would hand out candy: Optimus, Wheeljack, Blaster, Ratchet

As much as Optimus doesn’t really dress up for the holiday, he is more than happy to pass out candy to the children and teenagers that come up to him. He loves seeing each costume and finds himself smiling at the adorable little ones that come running up to him with a chorus of “Trick-r-Treat!”

Wheeljack loves getting visitors, especially when those visitors are tiny humans dressed up in cool costumes! He doesn’t see too much of a point in dressing up, but he loves seeing the kids smile when he gives them candy and ADORES when he sees mini-scientists running up to him!

Blaster loves the spooky music aspect of Halloween, but he loves seeing his cassettes dress up and passing out candy to the humans. Look how adorable everyone is, he just wants to adopt them all!!!

Ratchet may be a grump most times, but even he can’t resist giving a warm smile whenever a child runs up to him and politely asks for treats and sweets. It warms his spark whenever he sees a child or two dressed up as a doctor or nurse (he rewards them with extra candy, but shhh don’t tell anyone!).

Who buys candy and gives it to their human friend: Jazz, Bumblebee, Prowl

As much as Jazz loves going around trick-r-treating with the others, he buys as much candy as he can to give to his closest human friends later. He always picks out their favorites and plays along as though they just so HAPPENED to come to him asking for treats, though the humans had better make sure they have a big enough bag, they’re going to need a wheelbarrow by the end of the night!

Prowl doesn’t do the whole “door-to-door” begging for candy deal, but he does end up making a bowl of mixed candy for the humans. For his closest human friend he’ll make sure there’s more of their favorite candy in the bowl for them, but he’ll deny it if it’s pointed out and claim it was a mere coincidence (shhh, it was totally intentional, shhh!).

Bumblebee adores the excitement of trick-r-treating even though he can’t eat the candy himself (he ends up giving most of it away to passing trick-r-treaters, bless this sweet yellow marshmallow!). But much like Jazz he’ll pick up the candy he knows his friends Spike and Carly like, and he’ll keep extra candy on hand whenever he meets any other human friend of his!

Who would steal all the candy: Rumble and Frenzy of course!

While none of the Autobots would ever dare attempt such a cruel act on the innocent children, Rumble and Frenzy have no such qualms. These two will jump out and scare all humans and hoard all the stolen candy into a giant pile grinning in triumph!…until they realize they have absolutely no clue what to do with it all once the night is over. Soundwave was not amused when he woke up the next morning with melted chocolate and sticky caramel in his chest compartment.


Meet Augie~

The other half of Frank’s team.  A demon in a human costume :)

She is a tiny powerhouse and has some intense eyebrow game that would give Frank a run for his money.


Was hanging around work with friends on my day off and found this in the display case at the Animation Building. Why have I not seen this before while I was on the clock??? Based on this size of the costume, Lana is a TINY human being!!!

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