tiny houseboat

Mystery at McDuck Manor Ch 1

This story is a huge change from my usual writing style. I thought I’d mix it up and have a little fun. 

Ch 1- The Scene of the Crime

Tonight I venture out of my home turf and into the unknown, trailing the path of crime wherever it may lead. I find myself standing in front of the imposing gates of McDuck Manor, an ominous creak sounding from the rusted bars. I was requested most highly by a certain…DWDbiggestfan1991 on an Internet forum to solve a matter of utmost pressing concern to his boss. 

The message is highly classified information, which I will not disclose to my narration lest the night wind carries it to eavesdropping ears. 

As I survey the grounds with a keen eye, I spy a dark figure sneaking out the front door with a square object tucked under his left arm. He rounds the corner and breaks into a run. 

I follow him to the back side of the property, where a tiny, damaged houseboat stays afloat in a pool. Judging from the blackened edges of several planks, it was safe to assume the engine had been hotwired. 

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