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Tiny Tiny Cave Walthrough-- ‘How to get Ardent Blossom’

Ok guys, so obviously there are some weird spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to read any of them, DON’T READ THIS!!

ok, so here we go.

Around 5 pm on 3/18/2015, Kotaku released this article

Basically, it details this SUPER SECRET HIDDEN CHEST that is FULL of secret rare things. All you have to do is jump on a tiny cave in the Emerald Graves.

SO, I really wanted to try this out, mainly because I had not heard anything about that weird tiny cave, and I think the Emerald Graves is my favorite map in the game (it is just so dang gorgeous), and it’s not like I had anything else better to do on a Friday night but jump on a tiny fucking cave.

The tiny cave in question:

look at that cute-ass little sign.

This sweet, weird little cave is found here in the Emerald Graves:

The key to triggering this insane quest is jumping like crazy on the tiny cave.

All hail the purple moose.

I think I jumped around 50-60 times. (Hint: I would make your party hold position right outside of the area, because I kept having Iron Bull all up in my personal space.)

After you jump around 30 times or so, you will start hearing this voice coming from the tiny cave. I was in a fit of frenzy last night, so in my haste, I did not write down what the voice said. However! after you jump on the cave some more, you will get a quest to find 10 Crystal Grace. I already had 7 in my inventory, but I found the remaining pieces in these places: Note: you can ONLY find Crystal Grace in the Hinterlands.

After gathering the Crystal Grace, I went back to the little voice in the cave, and they got REALLY EXCITED! then they started muttering something to the effect of “ Stairs, the stairs, they’ll be there, THEY’LL BE THERE”, and then, nothing.

After this, I briefly tried to think of places with stairs in the game. The first place I thought of was the Giant’s Stairs in the Western Approach. I don’t know if any of you guys have seen the weird tower there, but I thought it would be a good place to look.

After finding nothing here but booze, tiny farmers and cheese (sounds like a fucking party), i decided to consult the internet. After googleing “staircase dragon age” I came across this Reddit thread. APPARENTLY this little egg had been found a little over a month ago, so good research Kotaku, good research.

ANYWAY the best way to find this little spot is to follow this path in Emprise du Lion:

Because if you try to go to Suledin Keep first, you will not be able to get to it.

Anyway, you will have to follow that little path until you find the veil fire. The Area looks like this:

look at how Dorian models so well.

And HERE is the super secret fake snow wall.

All you really need to do is go through, best do it at a bit of a run if you’re nervous.

On the other side of this fake snow wall you will find a staircase, a super long stair case that goes on, and on,and on,and on, and ON.

Eventually, you will get to the bottom.

and you will find the SUPER SECRET CRAZY RARE CHEST! 

and THIS is what will be inside.

a little bit anti climactic, but oh —-

Holyshitwait… is this a MUTHERFUCKING FLOWER CROWN!?

yes.. yes it is.



The time has come to edit ”Living Tiny Legally” Part 2! If you haven’t already, watch Part 1 below or on YouTube. 

We recently learned that State of Colorado’s Economic Development Office showed our film to help educate municipalities on tiny housing & ways to overcome legal obstacles… dream come true!


Scaling Down: One Couple Builds a Tiny Life in a Tiny House


Muddy Chickadee visiting the Hobbit Hole

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10 things my first semester of college has taught me

1.     Parties are lame. Maybe it’s my (un)bearably sheltered childhood, or my introverted style that brought me to this conclusion, but I’ve yet to find anything appealing about groups of young adults cluttered into tiny houses snapchatting videos of their $3 Budweiser beer being poured into a red solo cup. Maybe it’s just me.

2.     No one cares. This is a harsh, but true fact. I pass different faces every time I take the same route to class. I have yet to recognize one. I can’t name our student body president. I’m not even sure if we have one. Somehow amidst a society where everyone is involved in everyone else’s business, we lack the competency to have genuine human interactions here.

3.     College is lonely. Why? Refer to number 2.

4.     College is just living at school. Nothing more, nothing less.

5.     There’s an increased emphasis on family values and morals that will be revealed within the first week. Not everyone showers. Not everyone brushes their teeth. Some people have never picked up a cleaning rag. Stay clean folks.

6.     If it’s not an HBCU, it’s a PWI (Predominately White Institution). Once again, there is no in between.

7.     Music is even more important than originally thought. I’ve always been a music lover. But in a big poor city where everyone’s at least a little mad, I find solace in the tunes. Let it take you to places. Let it take you wherever you want.

8.     Roommates. You’ll figure out what I mean by that, trust me.

9.     I promise you someone is almost always ahead of you. Never, ever,  ever, underestimate your ability to think that you are better than you actually are.

10.  You are better than you think you are.

ONE LAST VIDEO I SWEAR!!!!! Unless she does something super adorable later, then you’ll all have to suffer through it ;)

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Ethan’s Tiny House in Vermont - Copper Showers and Secret Pet Doors…


“Paris micro-apartment stacks kitchen, bed, bath in 129 sq ft”

The ‘Tiny House Movement’ is basically a movement about accepting lower living standards, and it’s largely split between two groups:

  1. People who genuinely want to own less things, have less space to live in, etc
  2. People who are just trying to put a positive spin on a bad situation

I don’t know what the proportions are, but when you watch Tiny House videos on youtube within a few seconds you can usually tell whether you’re dealing with a category one (new age hippy wannabee who is afraid of possessions) or a category two (person who would prefer normal living conditions but is willing to downsize for $ reasons)

And yet a lot of people (especially in category 2) will go out of their way to try to brag about how luxurious their tiny home is (because yes, you can afford rare bamboo floors when you’re square footage is smaller than your shoe size)

It’s like that part in 1984 where the rations are getting smaller and yet the proles are told that they’re increasing

How one artist transforms trash into tiny houses for the homeless

Designer Greg Kloehn uses refrigerator shelves, a van’s back door and even a xylophone to create mobile houses for those sleeping on Bay Area streets. His efforts have resulted in hundreds of people now volunteering to help build the homes.

“What really compelled me to keep going is just the impact that I saw that it had on the people that I gave them too. They were calling it a home; they were decorating the homes,” he says. 

Watch more here: http://on.msnbc.com/1poHm5H