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Woman Builds $10k Tiny House in 10 Months


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Basket” by Tiny House Japan | images and videos via @tinyhousejapan | photo spread

10 things my first semester of college has taught me

1.     Parties are lame. Maybe it’s my (un)bearably sheltered childhood, or my introverted style that brought me to this conclusion, but I’ve yet to find anything appealing about groups of young adults cluttered into tiny houses snapchatting videos of their $3 Budweiser beer being poured into a red solo cup. Maybe it’s just me.

2.     No one cares. This is a harsh, but true fact. I pass different faces every time I take the same route to class. I have yet to recognize one. I can’t name our student body president. I’m not even sure if we have one. Somehow amidst a society where everyone is involved in everyone else’s business, we lack the competency to have genuine human interactions here.

3.     College is lonely. Why? Refer to number 2.

4.     College is just living at school. Nothing more, nothing less.

5.     There’s an increased emphasis on family values and morals that will be revealed within the first week. Not everyone showers. Not everyone brushes their teeth. Some people have never picked up a cleaning rag. Stay clean folks.

6.     If it’s not an HBCU, it’s a PWI (Predominately White Institution). Once again, there is no in between.

7.     Music is even more important than originally thought. I’ve always been a music lover. But in a big poor city where everyone’s at least a little mad, I find solace in the tunes. Let it take you to places. Let it take you wherever you want.

8.     Roommates. You’ll figure out what I mean by that, trust me.

9.     I promise you someone is almost always ahead of you. Never, ever,  ever, underestimate your ability to think that you are better than you actually are.

10.  You are better than you think you are.


Here’s the Lily-Pad~


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Livin’ Tiny: A Quest for Powder

Where would you go if your house were portable?

I would take it all over the USA for a decade or more… Or, just park it in Appalachia. It is getting cold again… If it’s snowing, are y'all going?


Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle [11:37]

1. What drew you to minimalism?

It was through Veganism, that I discovered minimalism and than within minimalism I discovered the:

  • KonMari Method 
  • Capsule Wardrobe (33 key pieces)
  • Turning the hangers around for a month
  • Minimalist.com
  • Images of Tiny Houses
  • Youtube videos about traveling out of a backpack
  • Youtube videos about people choosing to live in their cars

2. How did you start the de-cluttering process?

By culling my wardrobe. Slowly but surely, one by one pieces

  • 1st, the odd socks, fluffy socks and old-discolored clothes
  • Non-matching underwear
  • Non-matching PJ’s
  • 2nd, clothes that no longer look right on my non-pregnant body
  • 3rd, jeans that didn’t look right, fit right, felt comfortable over a pair of leggings
  • 4th, can you see my underwear through this item?
  • 5th, give back people’s clothes that don’t belong to you
  • Got rid of items that were duplicates

3. Have you ever counted all your things? If so, how many things do you own?

Roughly, I own: 

  • 50 pieces of clothing, but I have intention of going down to 30 items (not including underwear or vests)
  • 5 pairs of shoes
  • 20 hygiene and make-up items
  • 10 books (4 are for Harvey)
  • 16 DVD’s but I have plans of getting rid of 6
  • If I counted the rest I would say I own 100 things at the moment.

4. What are your tips for dealing with the desire for more?

Carry a sustainable shopping bag - This saves me money, and if I only carry that one bag then I’m less likely to buy anything that won’t fit in that bag. It only carries up to 5 pieces of clothing at any one time.

Plan days or weeks in advance - This is more important when it comes to food shopping or you’re living on a tight budget. 

Would you rather? type of goal setting - Make a list of things you’d rather do, e.g. swimming with friends, instead of a new top

Ask yourself these questions - Can I make more then 5 outfits with this item? Or, can I wear this with all the other pieces in my wardrobe? If no, don’t buy it.

Ask yourself why am I buying this item? Am I buying it just because it’s on trend? Just because it’s on sale? Just because it’s a logo? If yes to anyone of these questions, don’t buy it.

Eat, before you shop! - TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!

5. How do you deal with non-minimalists in your life?

Patience, light suggestions, pray that they don’t take your stuff Sophie and if they do, they’ll put it back. Biggest hope, is that they’ll see you improve your life and that they’ll want to do the same.

6. Do you have any guilty pleasures where minimalism doesn’t apply? 

  • Journals, pure and simple.

Man Builds Tiny House for His Family for Less Than $5,000

Part 2 of the video is here.


So what’s the deal with this Tiny House? Watch this video, from our friends at Uppercut Studios Inc., to find out!

We’ll see you at the Tiny Open House at 223 N. Atlantic Ave, 1-4pm, on January 31.