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Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is marveling at the exquisitely detailed creations of Japanese miniature artist Tomo Tanaka. Since 2002 he’s been creating 1/12 scale miniature versions of all sorts of food and household items. Tanaka creates all of his miniature by hand, from scratch, primarily using clay and epoxy. He posts and publishes photos of his creations under the name Nunu’s House.

Despite their tiny size, everything that Tanaka creates looks so lifelike that you often can’t tell they’re miniature if he doesn’t include another object or his own fingers or hands in the photos for scale.

To check out more of his awesomely tiny creations visit Nunu’s House on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Japanese Students Create Brilliant Straw Home Heated by Compost 
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Japanese students at Waseda University have designed and built an innovative straw house that produces its own heat through agricultural fermentation. During the cold months, dried straw is composted in acrylic cases within the house using the low-odor Japanese “bokashi” method. The fermentation naturally heats up the house by generating 30° celsius heat for up to four weeks.

The project, called “A Recipe To Live,” stands in the coastal town of Taiki-cho in Hokkaido. It was designed by students Masaki Ogasawara, Keisuke Tsukada and Erika Mikami to follow the natural cycles of the dairy farm town, which features many straw pastures.

During the hot summer months, the natural shelter dries straw inside transparent window shelves. These shelves serve as “heat shield panels,” and they release cool moisture as the straw dries. In the winter months, the straw is composted indoors to produce a source of heat through microbial fermentation. The house’s grass walls need to be changed a few times throughout the year, but they provide a natural system of heating and cooling that requires zero energy.

Photos by LIXIL

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Basket by Tiny House Japan

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Basket is an ultralight micro home from Tiny House Japan. They also have a larger model called Xylocopa. On the exterior it has Sugi-ban wall siding, iron/aluminum windows, a galvalume roof, and a pop-up roof. Inside it has solid oak flooring, a tiny kitchen space, table with seating, a small bit of storage.

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