tiny house inspiration


Coralie’s One-Roomed Cabin

Mmmm-MMM! I do *love* this little gem! I spotted it over on Apartment Therapy and definitely fell for it with it’s scruffy, homely, charity-shop feel.

While I’ve found other eclectic and mixed-styles really lovely before - such as those I wrote about in my “Our Design Inspiration” post - the cosy, shabby well-worn and genuinely lived-in feel of Coralie’s cabin really stood out for me.
I say “Coralie’s cabin” - it’s in Northeast Portland, Oregon and is in fact rented from clothing designer Emily Christensen**

From what looks like a reclaimed gymnasium or bowling alley floor, to the airy feeling of light..there are many things which tick my aesthetically-motivated boxes!

If you read my blog/follow my Tumblr on the regular…or at all, really! …you’re likely already well aware that I friggin’ adore big green planty-wants all up in my space; and here Coralie’s carefully crafted interior definitely beautifully melds this with mixed fabric and wood colours, textures and painted tones that can either pop as a contrast or connect them all together.

All-in-all, despite Coralie hinting that in the winter or on chilly nights this little shack is effing freezing - listing her “Biggest Indulgence: My heating bill!” - there’s something so pleasing about the palette, the collections of ephemera and the open shelving (another thing which rides high on my favourites list!).

(**lovely clothes…shame about the sizing :( She does offer her contact details if you have a question about sizing - so if you love the clothes and can afford them…maybe she can make them for you in non-teeny sizes?)


The V2 House

This beauty was made in BC, Canada (as was my beautiful boyfriend..haw haw!) by Nelson Tiny Houses, and I saw it first over on Tiny House Talk.

Here’s a little video tour from (the equally lovely…*cough*…) Seth from Nelson Tiny Homes,

I really like the airy feel and use of space in this gorgeous wee house; really maximising on light with the double-doors and generous amount of windows. There’s not the usual “Wood Overload” that I find happens all too often in Tiny Houses, too which is an added bonus.

I really think there are some wonderful touches - such as the dividing screen/kitchen table hideaway, the looooong drawers and the huge floor hatch in the living space.

I ADORE the bathroom! the reclaimed tub and sink are just beautiful, though I think I’d definitely have a shower over that tub; and the composting loo is *just* what I’d like were this my own wee house.