tiny house inspiration

You are sticking your neck out, taking risks, being different, probably to the scorn of others. This is lonely.

But the loneliness is temporary.

Soon you’ll find others who are doing things different, and you’ll connect with them in a way you’d never have connected with the people taking the safe path.
You’ll be inspired by them, and inspire them in turn.

—  Leo Babauta

Lily’s New Zealand Tiny Home

There are some really nice touches in Lily’s home!

I especially love the use of colour, the jumble sale mish-mash of trinkets and ephemera and the clever use of space she’s achieved.
As my Love and I joked when we watched the above little film; if that’s her “paring down” her obsession with knick-knacks… what does it look like when she’s being unrestrained!

Joking aside, it’s the bits’n’bobs around the place that truly make this feel like a home I believe. I joke about it because THIS IS ME! I have SO many little treasures dotted around my home currently, and I know that my magpie-like nature will mean that our future Tiny Home will have them too.

Hmm…while we’re on said topic, I should probably ensure my Love knows that, shouldn’t I? …it can never hurt to be sure - right?!

Anyway, back to Lily’s creation - the garden is exquisite!
Although it’s in Ireland’s wild North-West; I know that our site on which we’re graciously being allowed to park-up is in something of a micro-climate. So we’ll be really interested to see what we can manage to grow there.