tiny house furniture


The hanger chair by Umbra.

Design by Philippe Malouin.
By Umbra Shift.

Just when you thought a folder chair couldn’t be any more space-conscious, Umbra Shift presents the Hanger Chair. Inspired by the modest hanger, these folding chairs go the extra mile by folding flat and easily hanging in the closet thanks to it’s integrated hook. A simple and sleek design, the Hanger Chair is a great solution when space is at a premium.

35.5 in. X 18.5 in. (H x W)
Baltic birch plywood, laminate
Available in five colors


10. März 2017

My dollhouse furniture arrived today! :D It’s just amazing! (It feels a bit like cheating though that I don’t have to assemble it myself… )

Three pieces are broken and need to be fixed, but that’s no problem. They also need to be dusted and maybe some minor spots need new paint.

I still wonder what brand they are. Minimundus? Del Prado? Other? I have no idea.

This is what happens when you try to back search an image hahahaha
So @nashvillesugar just got back from a POT’s house and this story was killing me. He gave her $1500 to come out and was offering 10k monthly. She pulls up to this tiny house with non matching furniture and has to be quiet because his 11 year old daughter was sleeping and it was late. Turns out this dude is in a wheelchair and didn’t mention anything about it. She told him she has a dog and he said “EWW” and so obviously this dude has some serious issues, but she shows him a picture cause her dog is the most adorable shih tzu ever and he’s like “That thing looks like a St. Bernard!”
So topic changes and he’s the biggest racist ever. She mentions me and my boyfriend waiting up for her and that my boyfriend’s a big guy, and this guy’s like “Is he a nigger?” And when she says no he literally says “good, because I wouldn’t associate with you.” Starts talking about how amazing Donald Trump is, that one’s already a give in..
Here’s the kicker, she says she’s hungry and the only thing in this guy’s whole house is like an entire year’s supply of hot pockets. So many hot pockets stacked up you can’t see which kind is which. You can’t even see the light in the freezer.
So he turns on a dimly lit war movie and brings out a tray of like 8 assorted unmarked hot pockets. She’s over here not knowing if she should roll the wheelchair while he’s serving a vegetarian mystery hot pockets that she could only vaguely guess the type of because the light is so dim, alongside some tap water.
He doesn’t want to do anything except fall asleep and pays her, then she had to lay down in this freezing house and try to stay warm with her sweater.
I was seriously laughing so hard cause this is the perfect example of a bad sugar experience, weird turns into weirder. I mean you’re still walking away with cash, but how do people like this exist?
Also I missed my flight yesterday and have to leave today instead cause there weren’t any other available flight times 😁


While I had the huge back drop in place, I decided to do a dollhouse shop, featuring my collection of tiny houses and tiny furniture. The toy store became a dollhouse store. You can see photos of all of the tiny dollhouses by following the link to my Flickr page.