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whats your favourite sterek/steter fic ever?

Well I have no freaking clue what I did to deserve the hardest question in the history of ever today but fuuuuck, man.  Okay, well, the Steter one jumped right to mind because it just straight-up has no other contender out there.  Nothing’s so much as brushed up against the pure, brilliant fantabulousness that is:

Just one Sterek fic though?  One?  I genuinely can’t do that (apparently) so, uh, here’s just, like, a couple things [coughshackscoughitycoughs]:

This is actually the first Sterek fic I ever read.  Which means I’m either horribly biased in favor of it because I could not have imagined a better introduction to this fandom or it actually is the best Sterek fic I’ve ever read.  It has all the perfect highs and lows and characterizations in a totally AU setting, plus extra special bonus: beautiful, engaging writing!

DevilDoll is my favorite Teen Wolf author in the history of all the history because everything they write is mind-blowing and perfect and THE EXACT THING I DIDN’T KNOW I WANTED BUT THANKS TO THEIR MIND-READING EPIC-RY, THEY KNEW.  Greatest Hits: My Heart Comes Tumbling DownJinx RemovingYou Were a Kindness When I was a StrangerStand Fast in Your EnchantmentsCome with Me and Walk the Longest Mile… Erm, literally everything they’ve written?  That’s kinda the point, haha.

Thooough drunktuesdays@drunktuesdays has collected more of my top five than any other author. Greatest Hits: Patterns of Intention and Cool Story, Bro (and I literally can never pick a favorite between those two.  They are both fucking perfection).

Survivah / @optimismology remains the only author who can get me to read WiPs because I have literally no self-control when it comes to their work and cannot wait.  Greatest Hits: Easy Trouble, Safety in Silence and A Simple Life.

Probably the author I get giddiest about seeing new things from is stilinskisparkles / @stileshale because I know it is going to put me in the best, goofiest mood for the rest of the day.  Greatest Hits: Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer and Yours was a Good Heart for Me.

zosofi / @zosofi​ can get me to read the loooongest fics because I KNOW it will be fucking amazing, no matter how outlandish the scenario (I mean Oscar-winning actor!Stiles TOTALLY WORKED, BUT LIKE… IT DID THOUGH.  I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND).  Greatest Hits: Just Act Normal, Gravity’s Got Nothing on You and Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts.

theroguesgambit / @halekingsourwolf​ has scenarios that speak STRAIGHT TO MY SOUL, like, they make me aaaaache inside with how perfect they are for me.  They’re exact and to a ‘T’ what I want to read.  We have a wave-length; they don’t know it, but we do.  Because we’re angst-twins and I have never been angst-twins with anyone sooo courtesy apology for how weird and intense and stalkery I am about you, stranger [bright-eyed deranged grins].  Greatest Hits: The Price and (Not So) Pure Imagination.

I feel like entanglednow is the Sterek guru, the ultimate fandom classic author of all the most-bestest-ultimatiest-things soooo definitely study up.  Greatest Hits: Lock All the Doors Behind You, By Any Other Name, I Forgot All the Rules Today, Against a Sea of Trouble, Stretched Tight Over Skin - oooops, that last one is Stargent, how did that even happen, wow, who would do that?  No one even asked for that, whoo, I don’t know what happened there, I just–I gotta go sit in the corner and think about what I’ve done here.  [whips out shades and slinks away]

[reallyfastramblingsideeffectsvoice]: Also lemme special mention: Don’t Worry Baby by kalpurna / @kalpurna, Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel / @ohmyjetsabel-blog, Socrates Drank Hemlock by jettiebettie, Spark, Smolder, Catch by qthelights, Dating Backwards by RemainNameless, Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain, Shot Through the Heart by LunaCanisLupus_22 / @i-sveikata, Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found) by alocalband / @alocalband, The One with the Napping by Captain_Loki, By a Law Divine by mirrorkill and No Such Things Grow Here by demonicweirdo / @desperauxx.