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It's not just about size

My interest and fascination with tiny, and some small, homes isn’t really about the fact that they are small in size, as it is about having just what I need. Yes, I like some things in miniature – like my small dogs or mini books. It’s really more about making my footprint on nature smaller so  that I able to enjoy the wonders of nature for years to come.

I lived abroad in a third world country for a couple years when their economy and politics were at an all time low and saw many people living with so very little. And, despite that some lived hard lives, they had their families, faith, and the will to do what it takes with what little they had. They would build a home even if it was made with dirt floors and scrap aluminum, because that’s all they knew to be within their reach.

After the last couple years of losing a business, work, material possessions, a place to call home, friends and my beloved dogs, I decided I needed change my means of living. Now those beings I loved and those goods that I needed and added value to my life would always have a place in my life. Along with so many others in this world economy, at times, I’ve lived the last couple years doing without what some people would consider some basic means. For me, it’s not living in austere life; but choosing to create that home that’s beautiful, yet functional, kind to nature, and within my means.

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus, but I’m back, and what better way to return than with a new track from one of my favorite bands? Tiny Little Houses have put out their latest track Easy, and I can not get enough.

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