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I got this little guy a couple of days ago from a lovely lady who had unfortunately been fed the wrong information about betta care and only wanted the best for him. She was ecstatic when I sent her a picture of his new home

He’s now been moved out of his tiny bowl into a heated and filtered 21L (5.5 gallon) tank and he loves it. I’ve named him Mushu and I hope he lives a long and happy life with me

The Night We Met (Lin/XReader)

This is based off a lot, an episode of How I Met Your Mother, and you guessed it the song The Night We Met (Love 13 Reasons Why and Lord Huron)

Reader goes on a blind date for this first time in two years. (Sorry if this sucked)

Warning: A lot of fluff, panic attack, slight mention of death.

Word Count: 1691

You paced the living room, almost tripping over your heels. You felt ridiculous, a blind date.

Who even goes on those anymore? You didn’t realize they still existed. But when your best friend insisted as it had been two years since you’d even been on a date you couldn’t disagree, you had been going from home to work to home again for so long you were close to insanity.

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inloveamateursatbest  asked:

if you're still doing these, i wish you'd write something extra angsty and depressing, because i'm in that mood and you always know how to break me 😙

His world was too quiet now, Robert decided, looking around the empty flat he now called home. He’d moved into the tiny one bedroom flat in Leeds nearly two years ago now, and it still didn’t feel like home. He hadn’t exactly put up any homely touches, no photographs, nothing.

He didn’t have much of a life, not anymore. 

Robert sat down at his kitchen table, cracking open a fresh bottle of whiskey, satisfied by the burning sensation he felt in his throat as he knocked some back, relishing in how it made him feel awake, made him feel something close to alive again. 

Aaron was getting married today. 

They’d tried to hide it from him, Victoria and Diane, but Robert had found out. He’d seen it on Facebook, on Liv’s Facebook page - a cheesy post about getting ready for her brother’s wedding.

He was getting married today. The love of Robert’s life was getting married to someone else today, and it made Robert want to curl up and die

How had he managed to make such a mess of it all? He’d ruined their marriage before they’d managed to even make it a legal one, he’d ruined the life he built with Aaron in a matter of weeks, a life he’d spent months and months working to have a second chance at.

All ruined because of her.

Because of one mistake, because of a baby that had never existed in the first place, because he’d been too weak to hold himself together, too stupid not to jump into bed with the one person who’d been out to ruin him and Aaron from the day she’d arrived in Emmerdale.

Robert could remember the fight as if it had happened last week, instead of close to two and a half years ago. The way Aaron had just crumbled when Rebecca had played that voicemail in a pub full of people, the way Aaron had just cried, and cried, and cried when Robert had admitted it all.

The way Aaron had set his wedding ring down on the kitchen counter and told Robert that was it, that it was over, that there was no coming back from this for them.

Robert didn’t remember much of the last two years, if he was honest. He’d spent most of the first one in a drunken haze, draining bottle after bottle of whiskey for the first few months, until Victoria had demanded he get help.

That’s when Robert had decided to move out, live somewhere no one could judge him for his drinking habits. 

He was better off alone, anyway. This way at least, the only person he could ever hurt was himself. 

Glancing at his phone, Robert knew he shouldn’t look, that he shouldn’t check, but he couldn’t help himself, bringing up Liv’s Facebook page, his stomach churning as he looked at the newest post.

Happy wedding day bro.

Aaron looked happy, one arm around Liv, another around his husband, a dark haired man with a bright smile and nowhere near the baggage Robert had come with. He’d overhead Victoria telling Diane Aaron had met him at Bar West, a chef who lived in Hotten who worshipped the ground Aaron walked on.

A man who loved him the way Aaron deserved, a man who didn’t hurt him the way Robert had.

Robert couldn’t stop the tears as he threw his phone across the room, the smash as it connected with the kitchen counter too satisfying, another broken piece of Robert’s broken, useless life.

Everything felt too loud now, his thoughts screaming at him, telling him he was never going to be good enough, asking how he’d ever even thought that he could be good enough for Aaron, for anyone.

Reaching for the whiskey, Robert put the bottle to his head, knowing the alcohol would put an end to the screaming thoughts he had in his head. Maybe drinking himself into oblivion wasn’t the healthiest way to cope with his problems, but well -

the love of his life married someone else today.

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Now that Zo has moved into her own tiny home next door, JJ and Bo had some space again and decided to move their kitchen back indoors. I figured if such a thing were to actually happen, they probably wouldn’t rip out all the counters that had been there?? But I also didn’t want a bunch of random, empty counters stuck on the back of their house. So now it’s a gardening bench/home for orphan plants!

You - ‘’Why’d you have to have such a damn good taste in music’’ 

The distance between me and you is longer than the title of this song Canadian Softball // Dakota Tiny Moving Parts // Long Way Home 5 Seconds Of Summer // Friendville Sunrise Skater Kids // Stupid For You Waterparks // If  I’m Lucky State Champs // If These Sheets Were States All Time Low // Coffee Talk Broadside // Loose Lips Kimye Dawson // Evening Coffee Moose Blood // She’s So Lovely Scouting For Girls // D’You Have A Car SWMRS // Kali ma Neck Deep // Carbis Bay Moose Blood // Lose It SWMRS

Hermit (Credence x Reader imagine)

I saw this prompt and my hand slipped. I hope @imaginingcredence won’t eat me for taking it! This is my first imagine, so please be kind?

Summary: Reader is not a people person, but they can’t leave Credence to freeze, can they now?

Word count: 1.302

Your self-imposed exile was a pleasing experience – even more than you had imagined before choosing it. While you’d learned to love your house at some point, Ilvermorny had always been too much of everything. Too many people, too many arrangements, not nearly enough privacy. Finishing the school had been the best day of your life so far, especially since you could finally move to your dream home. A tiny house in the middle nowhere, well hidden from the eyes of no-majs. You even got a puppy in addition to your familiar.

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9 Surprising Truths No One Tells You About Moving Into a Tiny Home

The meteoric rise of the tiny-house movement in recent years has been spurred on by contemporary homeowners’ desire for a simpler, unfettered life. While these micro dwellings do come with some great perks - they’re inexpensive and low-maintenance, freeing up time and money for other things - they also come with a few lesser-known cons. Before you sell off your belongings and take the dive into the tiny-living lifestyle, get all the information. Check out nine surprising truths of tiny-home ownership below.
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Basic Life Functions

Everyday things you take for granted in a standard house, like getting mail and doing laundry, require thought when living in a tiny house. If you decide to downsize, you’ll likely find yourself going outside the home to pick up letters at a P.O. box or wash clothes at the laundromat.

Legal Trouble

One of the biggest - and least known - complications of living in a tiny home is the legality of it. Many states have minimum home size requirements that tiny houses don’t meet, making them illegal dwellings. There are some ways to navigate around this, such as having the house reside on land where it’s a secondary accessory dwelling to an approved primary house or trying to have it registered as an RV. But these are complicated issues that require serious research. Ignore them, and you could find your tiny home with an eviction notice on it.

Clutter Reality

The beautiful images of tiny homes that fuel your daydreams have been styled to Pinterest perfection. In reality, tiny homes get messy just as fast, if not faster, than traditional homes. In such a tight space, it begins to feel cluttered the second an item is out of place.

Entertaining Limitations

Say goodbye to big dinner parties. With a good floor plan, you can squeeze one other couple in, but otherwise you’ll need some outdoor space to accommodate company. And when it comes to having overnight guests, you’ll need a fold-out chair and an adventurous guest (and yes, that was guest singular). There just isn’t room for more.

Forced Intimacy

If you plan on moving in with another person, prepare to get up close and personal. There’s no private space to escape off to for alone time. You’ll be constantly connected and have to compromise on basic things such as what to cook for dinner (no room to prep two meals) to what TV show to watch (only one set).

Plumbing Considerations

Depending on how often you plan on moving your home and where you plan on moving it to, there are several plumbing options. Homes can be built to plug into sanitation and electricity infrastructure in RV parks, have a pressurized water hookup to connect to a hose when parked in a backyard, or even collect rainwater and have compostable toilets for those looking to go off the grid. All require more work than plumbing in traditional homes.

Health Changes

Before taking the plunge, consider how your circumstances might change within the next few years. Changes in health or a growing family can seriously impact your ability to live in a tiny house; for example, it will be nearly impossible to navigate your way up to a loft bed if poor health causes your mobility to be limited or you’re heavily pregnant.

Lifestyle Proclivity

If you’re a homebody or one who enjoys decorating the house and tending to the yard on the weekend, you may not be suited for microhome living. Those who prefer being in the great outdoors and detest home maintenance - and generally live their lives outside of their home - tend to fare best in the microhome community, as domestic activities and decorating are extremely limited.

Downsized Belongings

One of the biggest perks is also one of the biggest challenges to small-space living: getting rid of things. On one hand it’s very liberating to toss most of your belongings, but on the other hand downsizing means you have to get rid of some sentimental and valued pieces. If you’re not willing to part with Grandma’s treasured dress collection or heirloom antique furniture, then you might not be ready for a microhome.

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1. Colder Quicker - Real Friends
2. Birdhouse - Tiny Moving Parts
3. Home Is - Trophy Eyes
4. Poison Pen Letter - Knuckle Puck
5. I’m A Big, Bright, Shining Star - Four Year Strong
6. Soco Amaretto Lime - Brand New
7. Honestly - Cartel
8. Pups - Moose Blood
9. Jersey - Mayday Parade
10. Stick Around - State Champs

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