tiny hockey players

Thanks, ngozi

the hockey captain of the samwell university likes to bake, wears booty shorts and crop tops, is tiny compared to other hockey players and has a boyfriend, as well as a stuffed animal he still keeps around. He is, regardless of all this as well as BECAUSE of all this loved by his team. Ngozi created a webcomic where toxic masculinity will not be adressed to make the main character suffer openly.


the PUREST video i ever did see

HAUS magic, y’all

Seriously I can’t get enough of those magic AUs

People aren’t magic, but things, things can become powerful.

First, Samwell. When it started to get a reputation of acceptance, people started flocking to it and believing in it, and the more you believe in it, the stronger it becomes. People feel at home. Lost souls find their way.
If you’ve never felt accepted before, you will find the people who will accept you for who you are. Samwell will place them in your way.

DIfferent places have different feels. Faber is focused and a bit cold, and will reward athletes who work hard. It loves Jack and his devotion to the ice, it loves Bitty and his determination to overcome his fear. It stretches the seconds of checking practice time, cradles them in the soft light of the morning. Faber was the first to know, to hear half conversations in the silence of a loading dock, but it didn’t care much about the emotions of hockey players who would come and go, like the others. The ice can only love you in a cold way.

But the Haus, oh the Haus…

First, it’s on Frat row. All the buildings are kinda “loud” in that street. Their energies overflow and overlap each other in an endless turf war. The Haus had been silent for so many years, and was so delighted to be inhabited again, that its joy tends to overflow (and annoy the LAX house, who was used to be the loudest).

The Haus loves his tiny hockey players. There is a reason the “reading room” hasn’t collapsed under the weight of massive hockey bros, and the electrical wiring hasn’t caught on fire, and no one has caught anything bad from the green couch, there’s a reason no one’s been assaulted around it. The Haus messed up, once, and it hasn’t forgiven itself. It cares for the ghosts of Mandy and Jenny like it couldn’t in life.

The Haus loves Bitty with his curtains and welcome mat and singing in the shower, it loves the cleaning and the smell of baking. It loves Dex and all the tiny repairs he made through the years. It loves Shitty and his loud way of telling people how to be good humans, it loves the strong friendship of Ransom and Holster that warms the attic, it loves Lardo’s creative energy, it loves…

It didn’t like Jack at first. No more than any of the hockey players. But Johnson, the only one who could talk back to the Haus, the one who could SEE, whispered that Jack was important. So it took Jack in.

And Jack found so much more than a Haus, he found a home, a refuge, and the Haus was glad.

Then, slowly, a new kind of magic grew withing its walls. It could feel the glow on the staircase steps at 4am, in the kitchen, between two doors of the second floor. The Haus knew that kind of magic, had felt it many times before, but this, this was born INSIDE the Haus, it was growing like vines, permeating the wood and brick and metal and gyproc-

There was the addition of an oven, and it was like they gave the Haus a new heart, full of love and energy and youth. The Haus sang.

There was- there was a kiss. A true love first kiss. No one could deny the strength of THAT particular magic. The room in which it happened glows to this day.

The Haus loves the boy who sleeps in that room, and his friends who hang out with him just to feel the glow of that room. It loves the baker and the boy who was afraid, it loves the artist and the loud one, and the one who Sees, and the Friends forever, and the ghosts, and it will love for many more years, many more hockey players that will feel the glowing walls of home.

all my smol steeb feels - let me show you them

So I am totally down with the whole idea of Steve Rogers’ Super Soldier Serum acting kind of like Bruce Banner’s?  In which he turns into Big Mighty Steeb when he’s good and goddamn worked up about something Bad, Unjust, Evil and Needing a Good Kick in the Ass? 

– So Smol Steeb basically makes an appearance when he’s generally good and content with his world and all the things and he is, of course, the Little Shit we all know and love.

– And Sam Wilson is like “OH GOD THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH.”  And also, Smol Steeb was chilling out at Sam’s when Mama Wilson comes to visit her baby boy. 

– Smol Steeb is INSTANTLY ADOPTED into the Wilson family.  Like basically Sam has a younger sibling now.  Who’s a little shit.  And loves Mama’s cooking and also listens when she goes into Justice Mode™ because Mama Wilson is totally a kickass lawyer and part of the Elle Woods’ batch from  Harvard. 

(“Why am I the younger one, Sam?  Technically, I was born in 1918 – “


– Also Smol Steeb gets to establish a Sekrit Identity™ of his very own because Lord knows he needs to get away from the superhero insanity every now and then and it’s Mama Wilson who tells him all about Samwell’s great Fine Arts program.

– Smol Steeb looks deceptively fragile and weak.  The bully on the subway who thinks it’s a fantastic idea to pick on said tiny thing will get a solid punch on the jar, amid yells of “WORLDSTAR!!!”  and also, Steeb will get an unexpected assist from the tiny Georgia-born hockey player who came to the Big Apple to visit his Dugan cousins.  Smol Steeb and one Bitty Bittle are perfectly capable of kicking ass when needed. 

– The Bully on the Subway™ does not know how close he came to Death by Winter Soldier™

– This headcanon bears repeating btw - the Winter Soldier basically comes in from the cold due to Smol Steeb’s adorable tiny behind and the magical baking powers of his “Cousin” Bitty. 

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another reason timbits totally deserve that win: they found sports programs for young children across Canada (there are these massive tournaments where the medals are adorable and they say the first goal is having fun, which is really what made me fall in love with hockey)

This is true. And I found this video of tiny timbits hockey players falling over to the sound of classical music 

I really like the idea that Bitty can reach like most of the shelves in the Hause, especially when he stretches on his tip toes. But like, after all the chirping about his height, if it’s even a little bit hard for him to reach it he makes one of the other boys get it. Like:
“Holster, grab that pie pan for me, it’s too high.”
“Bitty, you can definitely reach that. It’s only on the second shelf.”
“Ohhh no, I’m tiny, remember? A ‘hockey player for ants’, remember? There is no way I could possibly reach all the way up there. I need a full sized human being to reach it.”
Holster sighs and relents and gets the pie pan. Lardo is snickering from the doorway.

Two great AUs of my favorite wlw ships and my favorite activities: 

Mikasasha ice hockey AU. Mikasa is either a center and Sasha is a wing and they work super well together, or Mikasa is a D and Sasha is her goalie and Mikasa is SUPER protective of her. Ymir and Krista are also on the team. Ymir is one of the centers and Krista is a figure skater who recently transitioned to hockey but is REALLY good, and like every tiny hockey player I’ve ever played with she is the most aggressive one on the team. 

Tsuchako flying trapeze AU. They fly with Izuku, Iida, and Todoroki, and Iida is the catcher, but Ochako also catches sometimes. Momo does silks and Jirou literally only started to learn silks because Momo was the hot instructor.  

fics I want to write but may never do

because life and work and anxiety and projects

but i still wanted to share them

The AU where they’re a figure skating team, aka Eat Less Protein

Where Bitty is the heir of the Bittle legacy, his parents made the Olympics and sometimes he forgets if he actually likes figure skating. He’s still nice but sometimes it covers up a lot of angst and stress. Sometimes the rest of the team nickname him Bitter. And there’s this guy, who’s the Captain, even though he’s way too tall to skate single, who needs remedial classes in jumping because he’s too heavy and his center of gravity is way too low. But in this AU Jack Zimmermann is more relaxed, he quit hockey after the overdose and he loves figure skating, and maybe he’s comfortable enough to be out…

Bitty *bitterly*: I’m a figure skater, of course I’m gay.
Shitty (the manager, from the bench): Hey, that’s stereotyping, Bits!
Holster: Huh, pretty sure I’m bi.
Lardo (his partner): Me too, brah.
Ransom: Yeah me too.

They all turn and stare at Jack.

Jack: I’m… not sure what I am?
Shitty: That’s alright, Jackie-boy, take all the time you need, baby.

And Jack has a HUGE crush on Bitty and goes heart eyes every time that little ball of stress enters a room. Oh yeah did I mention Bitty doesn’t even bake in this? He used to, but never had time. But Jack tells him there’s an oven in the Haus and invites him over whenever he wants and, well

They start what is, at first, a purely physical relationship. And Bitty thinks it’s all a-ok, until Jack somehow tells the team “Yeah, I figured out what I was. I’m demisexual.” And Bitty looks for it and discovers Jack wants him because he actually likes him and now the little ball of stress has his world turned upside down by that STUPIDLY TALL FIGURE SKATER I SWEAR JACK ZIMMERMANN EAT LESS PROTEIN.

(They also make a routine? For both of them? I have no idea where that would go but yes, a private routine just for fun.)

(Oh yeah and Jack skates to angry classical music while Bitty stays in the Top 40.)

The AU where Jack was outed during his overdose

There were pictures taken of him and Parse, but Parse was not recognizable so he escaped the stress and god, that’s gonna mess them up so much when Parse decides to stay in the closet and Jack feels thrown to the wolves. On top of being the prodigal son, a coke head, he was now gay? Yeah, the media ate it up.

But the rest is exactly the same with the sole exception that Jack is COMFORTABLE IN HIS SEXUALITY. Well, if Jack Zimmermann can be comfortable with anything. He works 100 times harder than canon Jack to prove that he can get in the league even if he’s out, he watches himself and everything he says and does just so he doesn’t look too gay (and boy does Shitty has a field day with this) and - and-

There’s this tiny hockey player, who, on top of having a checking phobia, is the first out player in Jack’s team, and that would be good but, the kid is ATROCIOUSLY GAY. At first, not much, but then he comes out to SHitty and the rest of the team, and there are pies, and shorts, and Beyoncé, and dancing, and Jack just can’t. He’s half-jealous of what Bitty can do and half-mad that he’s such a stereotype. (oh boy does Shitty rant.)

And then they become friends, but people don’t stop pairing them up together? It’s not because they’re both gay they’re gonna end up together! (yells Shitty from the roof) And there’s 10K of slowly falling for each other while avoiding the rumors because please.

The AU where they know they like each other but they can’t be together

So it happens at one point at Annie’s, during that semester where they both take the same class, they’re just joking around-

Bitty: Well, Ransom and Holster have already asked to be my Winter Screw date if I made them their favorite pie, so if you want that maple-apple maybe you should ask me out on a date? Haha!

Jack: I can’t, Bittle. I’m your Captain.

Bitty: Oh yeah, that complicates our forbidden romance, doesn’t it? Maybe we should wait until graduation?

Jack *huge sad eyes, clenched fists, clearly breaking apart*: Bittle… I can’t. I’m your Captain.

And Bitty GETS IT.

And then six or seven months of LOOKS, and PAUSES in the middle of a conversation, and true smiles becoming forced smiles, and walking side by side, hands never touching, words never told, and so many “good nights” said, each of them from their own doorway, and hours spent awake, being aware of the other, of the love that’s there, but they just can’t, not here, not now…

Yeah, all of those fics would be pretty long and my life doesn’t really leave me a lot of time and energy to write them, but I do like the ideas. I’m not sure I’d want someone else to write them, though, I’m still pretty attached to the idea of writing them.

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hey there! sorry to be a bother but that comic check please! looks adorable and once i get through this insane semester i'd love to start it (or i'll just give in and start it now lol). but it seems like in addition to the comic there's a lot of, um, extra stuff i guess? i'm not sure if that's the right word. but universe expansion stuff i guess? but i was wondering if you knew of a primer post to get started? this is a dumb question i'm sorry!!!! i hope you have a nice day! *hides forever*

I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CHECK PLEASE!, ANONYMOUSE. It is the best decision ever, and I wish you a lot of luck with the rest of this semester. It seems a little overwhelming, but it’s actually pretty quick to catch up on everything! I’m not sure if there’s a primer out there, but I can make you a quick little guide. 

First of all, there is the main comic. It is lovely and delightful, and will feed your soul. Bitty is SO CUTE, and so wonderful, and you never knew you needed a tiny, pie-baking, southern hockey player (and his motley crew of teammates) in your life so badly. 

Probably the most crucial tie-in, and the biggest time commitment in terms of catching up, is the twitter. Some tweets can be found on the tumblr in this tag, but I think it’s really worth it to backread as much of the actual twitter as you are able. It elaborates a lot on some of the relationships, and really gives you a more complete picture of the characters. 

The ask-a-Wellie feature on the tumblr is just really great, and lets you spend more time with some of the supporting cast, which you will definitely want to do.

The extras tag contains cute doodles, one panel comics, asks, and bits of background information, and is super fun to go through.

So that’s the gist of it! Your basic guide to catching up on Check Please!, which everyone who follows me, Anonymouse included, should definitely be reading, because it is the best. It’s full of beautiful art, great characters, amazing friendships, emotionally constipated Canadian men, PINING, and pie. And while I, personally, am a giant fan of hockey, you really don’t have to know much of anything about the sport to follow along.

Alyssa’s Top 10 CP! Fics

Now, A03 is a wonderland and as of 2 weeks ago I have officially read every fic on there, all 406 of them. So here are my favourite 10 Check Please fics for your viewing pleasure.

10. You can hear it in the silence - by miss_amazing_gracie

Summary: Jack’s glowing a little as he convinces Ransom to set Bitty back on the ice. At first Eric thinks it’s because they’re all drunk on victory, but he recognizes the look.

Why you should read it : NCAA Hockey Champions, Jack totally wants to make out with Bitty on the ice. It’s everything you ever wanted its Jack signing, Its Spring C, Its the naming of the next captain and its Jack and Bitty being head over heels for each other.

9. Found Out by applecrumbledore

Summary : “Bitty, you have finally rose to the rank of ‘bad roommate who brings people home and has loud sex,’ and we love it. It’s lonely here at the top. And now, you’ve joined us.”No one notices Jack, at the far end of the table, staring at his bacon.

Why you should read it : This is the reason for any cavities I might have, its Jack and Bitty getting together and team finding out and oh the chirping ( also its still getting updated which means there is more to come and I am excited )

8. It’s not in the way you say your mine by caughtinanocean

Summary : Long-distance relationships are rough, but it’s nothing everybody’s favorite tiny, southern, pie-baking hockey player can’t handle.

Why you should read it : Long distance relationship Zimbits makes my heart ache, in like the best way possible but. Also I think is so fluffy I’m going to die.

7. Forget the Wax and the Feathers by buchanan

Summary : Bittle scores against Yale and Jack acts like a son of a bitch. They’re not friends.

Why you should read it : its 6k of slow burn and flashbacks, i love slow burn and flashbacks everyone should love slow burn and flash back also this line “the squats have been workings” mmmhhhmmm.

6. In Focus by sparklyslug

Summary :Jack’s just taking pictures whenever he sees something worth photographing, something that seems to fit what he’s being told in class, about line and shape and color and beauty.It’s like the camera knew before Jack did.

Why you should read it : It’s Jack taking photos, and then its Jack taking photos of Bitty and then its Jack realising and its perfect.

5. Bold; over the worst of it by buchanan

Summary : “Spring C,” Jack says, “is full of mystery.”

Why you should read it : Two words : Spring C, One Tweet : #gotyourpiggyback. But really its THE Spring C fic ( why are there not more of these idk but someone needs to make it happen) and it will destroy what left of your soul after Bitty’s live tweeting of the event.

4. Say it’s been a long six months by biblionerd07

Summary : Jack falls in love, comes out, and loses his friends. Not quite in that order.

Why you should read it : Its angst - sweet perfect I can’t communicate because I’m a hockey robot angst and I’m not okay. Also there is kissing on kitchen counters which should always be a thing.

3. Hockeyed Up by Sophie

Summary : There are many things on Jack’s mind. Namely: hockey, hockey, Bitty, hockey, anxiety, hockey, hockey, anxiety, Bitty, hockey, hockey, anxiety, and hockey.

Why you should read it: Jack being his adorable hockey playing robot self, like he writes a pro’s and con’s lists for all the teams he could sign to, its adorable, also everyone things he is dating bitty, which he’s not, until well he is.

2. I’ll give you everything by biblionerd07

Summary : Jack doesn’t like throwing his last name around to get things, but if it means Bittle gets to meet Beyonce, well…he can’t not do it.

Why you should read it : Jack pulled the Zimmermann card for Beyonce, Jack knows all the words to Halo, also everyone loves Beyonce.

1. Phone Please by Twentysomething

Summary : "Bits, you live tweeting this?“ Shitty asks.

Why you should read it : Well for starters its not just me that thinks its amazing, its got the most Kudos and hits of any CP! fic and its Bitty being oblivious, its Jack chirpy and its Shitty being confused as to how these two aren’t together yet aka everything I want in life

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Bitty is fucking hot, alright? He's a tiny, hot gay hockey player, and guys notice that ('that' being his amazing hockey ass in tiny shorts). So, obviously, he's being flirted with by hot guys (and some not so hot guys) left and right. The barista at the coffee shop by Jack's apartment, a theater major and an engineering major (that Ransom's sheet said are both his type), the guy on the Amtrak on the way to Jack's, and a different guy on the train back. Of course, Bitty and Jack are together 1/2

2/2 But they’re not out. So Jack stumbles into this little jealous and possessive part of himself that is completely /affronted/ by all these guys flirting with Bitty (sometimes in front of Jack!). But, the line is crossed when Jack takes Bitty to meet the team and guys! still! flirt! with! him! and check out his ass! So obviously, that triggers Jack’s need to have some hot, claiming, possessive sex with his Bitty. Obviously.


Ooohhhhh god. Oh god. Possessive Jack Zimmermann sex. Yes. And Bitty totally knows what’s going on, so he encourages it. He might flirt back a little, or make sure he catches someone’s eye right at the moment that Jack sees it too. Because while jealousy and possessiveness aren’t exactly up Bitty’s alley, the sex??? The intense, grabby, near-violent sex they have after these occasions? God damn does Bitty love that.

Good Eats

Jack startled awake, still shaking from his nightmare. The closer he got to graduation and the NHL, the worse the pressure was to succeed, not to fail, not to do what he did la—

Jack got out of bed to silence that voice in his head that was determined to keep the nightmare going. Unfortunately, the Haus was quiet, minus the creaking and weird giggling coming from the attic, because it was currently… 4:33 in the morning. Great.

Padding lightly across his room, he decided to head downstairs and squander away the last remaining hours of the night on Netflix. He settled into the couch that would probably only remain in the Haus for about five second after Shitty officially moved out, if Bitty had any say in the matter. Which… well, he sort of did have a lot of say in the matter as the new captain. Jack sighed again, willing thoughts of graduation away as Netflix loaded on the TV.

Ten minutes of scrolling through the documentary category brought Jack to the horrendous conclusion that all of the historical documentaries had already been watched, leaving him to the open abyss of the rest of Netflix. He almost gave up and went back upstairs to his room, when he saw Good Eats scroll across the screen. It had been years since he had watched the show with his mom while she danced around the kitchen and tried not to blow anything up.

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i’m sorry but in light of the Lemonade drop I can’t stop thinking about how somewhere on the east coast is a tiny hockey player having a 24 Hour Beyonce Inspired Breakdown

  • Samwell Hockey practice at 5am featuring Lemonade blasting in the arena the entire practice. Tadpoles who complain are banned from pie privilege for a week. 
  • Movie Night at the Haus is just the visual album on repeat for two hours, the first time watched in absolute silence per Bitty’s orders, the second time with commentary and shot-by-shot analysis
  • Bitty makes Jack listen to the album over skype with him like six times. Jack knows better than to ask why Beyonce is so important. He learned his lesson the first time
  • The night it drops the Haus is quiet and then all of a sudden Bitty just starts YELLING in the kitchen. Everyone thinks the oven’s on fire. But it’s actually just Lemonade.
  • Bitty’s twitter being a mess of incoherent tweeted lyrics and OMG. SHE DID THAT. BEYONCE. DID. THAT SLAY ME. 

I promised Noorah that if she did her schoolwork I’d make up headcanons about the Samwell Men’s Hockey backup goalie so HERE ARE SOME:

  • His name is Oscar Thorkelson. SMH calls him “Thorky” but like noooooo one else does. Let’s call him Oscar.
  • He’s from Wisconsin, Swedish and Ojibwe/Ashinaabe ancestry. His parents are both members of tribes in Wisconsin, though he grew up outside Milwaukee
  • He’s class of ’16 (with Ransom and Holster) and has been out as gay basically the whole time. Ironically, he’s so busy with the LGBT Students’ Association Executive Committee that he doesn’t spend much time hanging out at the Haus or partying with the team so Bitty doesn’t know him super well, which is why Bits comes out to Shitty (less likely to be gay, but more of a friend). When Bitty comes out Oscar makes sure to give him a flyer for the LGBT+ Winter Formal
  • Major in Education, also takes classes in Child Development and Sports Management. He wants to coach ALL the little hockey players. And teach gym class at school. And make kids have FUN with gym class and exercise.
  • Did NOT have fun with gym class and exercise when he was a kid. He has asthma and has had gym teachers tell him to “shake off” asthma attacks and keep running. He only kept playing hockey because he’s from one of those families where EVERYONE plays hockey—his big sister’s playing Division I hockey in Minnesota, rawk—so he got stuck as goalie early in life. Then when he was about 14 he discovered weight lifting and fitness as something he actually enjoyed for its own sake, and that fed back into his hockey and his career goals
  • Playing backup for SMH is pretty perfect for him because he gets to play hockey at a level that seriously challenges him (shootout practice with Jack!) but also, he gets to see how high-level hockey TICKS. He loves to watch Hall and Murray work, and can often distract Murray into telling him about what coaching is like and why they’re making certain decisions. This is all stuff he’s gonna take back home with him and use when setting up his empire of tiny hockey players
  • He super likes Johnson and doesn’t think Johnson’s weird at all. He thinks the guy has some really great points about looking at life as a story—don’t get stuck in the moment, remember this is just one small point in a much larger narrative!
  • Super likes Chowder, thinks that kid is AMAZING and gonna rock peoples’ socks off
  • Feels REALLY guilty about getting sick during the ’15 Frozen Four and having to sit out the whole final game, because that was SO much pressure to put on Chowder as a freshman!!!
  • Had a ton of boyfriends in freshman and sophomore year. When Ransom and Holster say they know “gay athletes” they really mean they know “Oscar’s exes, friends, and committee members.” Is on good term with 95% of his exes. Lives off-campus with his steady boyfriend. They are disgustingly cute. (But not always good with housekeeping and therefore sometimes just disgusting.)
  • Is super good friends with Camilla Collins
  • Secretly contributes to the Swallow

hockey has ruined height for me i was like “omg latts is so tiny” but no. michael latta is 10 inches taller than me. he is not tiny. i am tiny. and hockey players have ruined my perception of the world.