tiny hockey players

I really like the idea that Bitty can reach like most of the shelves in the Hause, especially when he stretches on his tip toes. But like, after all the chirping about his height, if it’s even a little bit hard for him to reach it he makes one of the other boys get it. Like:
“Holster, grab that pie pan for me, it’s too high.”
“Bitty, you can definitely reach that. It’s only on the second shelf.”
“Ohhh no, I’m tiny, remember? A ‘hockey player for ants’, remember? There is no way I could possibly reach all the way up there. I need a full sized human being to reach it.”
Holster sighs and relents and gets the pie pan. Lardo is snickering from the doorway.

i’m sorry but in light of the Lemonade drop I can’t stop thinking about how somewhere on the east coast is a tiny hockey player having a 24 Hour Beyonce Inspired Breakdown

  • Samwell Hockey practice at 5am featuring Lemonade blasting in the arena the entire practice. Tadpoles who complain are banned from pie privilege for a week. 
  • Movie Night at the Haus is just the visual album on repeat for two hours, the first time watched in absolute silence per Bitty’s orders, the second time with commentary and shot-by-shot analysis
  • Bitty makes Jack listen to the album over skype with him like six times. Jack knows better than to ask why Beyonce is so important. He learned his lesson the first time
  • The night it drops the Haus is quiet and then all of a sudden Bitty just starts YELLING in the kitchen. Everyone thinks the oven’s on fire. But it’s actually just Lemonade.
  • Bitty’s twitter being a mess of incoherent tweeted lyrics and OMG. SHE DID THAT. BEYONCE. DID. THAT SLAY ME. 

hockey has ruined height for me i was like “omg latts is so tiny” but no. michael latta is 10 inches taller than me. he is not tiny. i am tiny. and hockey players have ruined my perception of the world.

Text ✉ Girlfriend
  • Cody: so uh, funny story
  • Cody: I think I asked Caleb out on a date?
  • Cody: I mean not a date date, I mean I //said// it wasn't a date date but like we're going to the movies and we're seeing that new Disney-Pixar one, with the cute tiny girl hockey player.
  • Cody: You see, my problem is I really ////really//// want to kiss him. Like /////////////really/////////////// but like I'm still really hurt.
  • Cody: What do you wear to a not date date, date with your ex that you still have these feelings for and you kind of hate you broke up with him but like at the time you were like 'you know what i can't see him kiss anyone else i really can't be with him right now'
  • Cody: but like, what if that was a mistake?
  • Cody: no okay but like.....what do i wear? seriously.