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I believe some of our stars will always be the same.

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When life gives you lemons, you draw @camilleflyingrotten‘s babes because you think lemonade won’t be complete without them.

But ok on a more serious note I LOVE THESE CUTE FLUFFY DORKS TO DEATH (> Q///[ ]///Q)>


Anonymous said: so happy that you’re back! i really miss your reunion au. could you please write some tiny!hannigram omegaverse fluff?

Hannibal held out his arms, and waited. As expected, Will didn’t immediately accept the magnanimous offer.

“It’s too high,” Will finally mumbled, turning in his general direction without making eye contact. Hannibal was fairly certain of his ability to catch his omega, but he nevertheless picked his way across the muddy ground to stand at the knotted base of the wide trunk. He sized up the tree, calculating.

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*because until these two get back on the same side of the fucking glass where they belong I’m obsessing over every tiny piece of prison minutiae* 

tiny bit of body-language I had to gif: Will’s hands automatically and unconsciously mirroring Hannibal’s before he can stop himself / Hannibal’s very consciously being right up front as close to the glass (and therefore to Will) as he can physically get them.


Random Hannibal holiday doodledump (because the holidays just can’t stop you doodling for ONE MINUTE can they) plus tiny Merman Will for your cellphone wallpaper 

MPGIS starters
  • "Jesus Christ, is that a fucking gremlin?"
  • "Who the fuck are you?"
  • "Why don't you eat a roly-poly like you did in the goddamned third grade!?"
  • "You're the Iranians and I'm Ben Affleck, so Argo fuck yourself!"
  • "You are a member of this family, you poop with us!"
  • "Do you like making me look like a dickhole? Do you?"
  • "I hope you die, and when you die, I'm gonna go to your grave and eat a birthday cake all by myself."
  • "Wow. Your sister's like a tiny Hannibal Lecter."
  • "I'm coping. I'm celebrating. I'm copebrating. I'm celebroing. Call it what you will."
  • "Really? Is 'stressful situation' your new term for seeing a fully-clothed man?"
  • "Girls, girls! You're all treasures. Lovely, accidental treasures. Mistakes, but treasures!"
  • "I wouldn't so much say pregnant as much as carrying what I can only assume is the demon spawn of Satan inside your stomach."
  • "God, I wanna fucking murder you."
  • "We talked, you pooped. I thought we had a connection."
  • "I'm gonna have to move to another state! I'm gonna end up working at Fosters Freeze in fucking Higginsville!"
  • "Oh, I'm sorry, Brittnay. I didn't smell you there."
  • "I want. to poop here. whenever I want, for as long as I want."
  • "This is high school, not an episode of fucking Lizzie McGuire."
  • "Oh, oh yes! Oh dad, you were wrong! Oh my god!"
  • "Oh I don't know, I heard that you're going around, calling me A FUCKING LIAR!"
  • "I heard you farted in biology class and it smelled like your dad's dick."
  • "It means whatever the fuck you want it to mean."

someone requested that i draw something cuddly and nice involving hannigram so i did. meet william lecter, hannibal lecter’s tiny adopted son whom he is in love with. do not imagine how suave wee!will would be dressed with hannibal as his dad ok? dont. also don;t even think about squishy hugs or puppy onesies or breakfast kisses or anal retentively packed lunch boxes. cry.