tiny grey cat





Ok I know it’s not technically a rainbow poptart cat, but it reminded me so strongly of it after I made it that well… I’m going to go with it.

This little striped kitty can be found on my etsy shop looking for a home :)

Have a good week you guys ^_^


Electra doesn’t seem to mind this outfit because it’s light and stretchy and doesn’t get in her way when she’s doing Serious Cat Activities like:

-jumping on the kitchen counter
-catching flies with her paws and cronching on them
-staring angrily at her only-half-full food dish
-operating the Belly Trap to full effect
-supervising the hamster in her wheel

I love it because she looks like a tiny ballerina 💕

Purr-suasion (Doflamingo x Reader)

A silly little drabble I wrote for a challenge on DeviantART in which Doffy finds himself warming up to his wife’s newest addition to the family…

Word Count: 908



He should never have let her bring that stray back to the palace. [Name] had found the little cat wandering in the flower field, limping and covered in mange, and he had always found it impossible to say no to her. Especially not after she reminded him that he himself had been wont to bring home stray children in the past. He couldn’t deny his Queen. He never could.

And so here he was, babysitting the fur ball as if he, the King of Dressrosa, had nothing better to do. She could have easily asked Baby 5 to take care of it, but for some unfathomable reason [Name] had decided spending time with the small creature would be good for him. He had no doubt she’d noticed the jealous looks and sullen pout every time she diverted her affections from him to the little cat. It just wouldn’t do. She was his and he would allow no one, not even a cat, to be the focus of her attention but him.

With a book splayed open in his hand, he eyed the feline over the rim of his glasses. Its small body was curled up in a square of sunlight streaming in from the window, head tucked under one paw as its chest rose and fell in the rhythm of sleep. He would never admit it out loud, but he saw the appeal in the little creature when it was like this, though he knew its unassuming appearance was purely for ease of exploitation. It had already tricked his beloved into heeding its every beck and call with its wide, curious eyes and bushy tail—it would not pull him into its wicked ways as well.

He returned to his book, paying no more mind to the sleeping cat by the window. Ten minutes later, he felt a tugging on the leg of his pants, and peered over the edge of the book in search of the cause. The little cat had its needle-like claws in his capris, mewling up at him as it climbed its way slowly up his leg.

Doflamingo clicked his tongue, reaching down to pick up the feline by the scruff of its neck and placed it firmly back on the ground by the window. He had told [Name] he would watch the cat—though he had been less than enthusiastic about the idea—but she had said nothing about keeping it entertained.

Not five minutes later, he felt a tugging on his coat and whirled around in his chair to find the kitten batting at the feathery ends of the garment that trailed on the ground. He growled, hand swooping down to swat the cat away.

“Shoo! That’s not a toy.”

The cat diverted its attention from the feathers and pounced at his fingers instead, it’s tiny teeth sinking into his skin, though not hard enough to break it. He scoffed.

“Pitiful. You’ll never be a good hunter with that kind of attitude.”

The kitten rolled onto it’s back and batted half-heartedly at his fingers. He sighed. Barely twenty minutes in and he was already talking to it. The creature was crafty indeed.

Sighing again, he contorted his fingers, thread shooting out and winding around itself to form a ball. He snapped off the thread and set the little string ball down in front of the cat. The cat stared at it, then looked up at him and mewled. Doflamingo sighed again and nudged the ball encouragingly.

“There. Amuse yourself until she returns.”

The kitten’s pupils dilated as the ball went rolling across the floor and it took to it immediately, darting off after the makeshift toy with enthusiasm. Doflamingo returned to his book, pleased with himself for his successful ploy in distracting the creature. He would have to hide the ball before [Name] returned though. He couldn’t have her know that he had caved to the tiny devil’s persuasion.

He had barely made it through a chapter before he felt that insistent tugging at the leg of his pants again, and he leaned over to scowl at the little cat. It mewled at him and wound its way around his legs, rubbing against him with its tail raised high in the air.

Doflamingo sighed for the third time that day and reached down to scoop the cat up—it was so small it could fit in the palm of one hand—and dropped it on his lap.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “If it’ll give me some peace.”

The kitten circled once, kneading at his abdomen and purring loudly, before finally curling up against his stomach and settling its head on its paws.

He watched it cautiously for a few moments to be sure it wouldn’t bother him again, before returning to his reading once more, a finger absently scratching behind the cat’s ears. It purred and nuzzled into his hand, blinking up at him lazily. Despite himself, he found a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

When [Name] returned later that day, she was met with an unusual and endearing sight—Donquixote Doflamingo, Warlord and notorious pirate, had fallen asleep with his book laid open over his face. And curled up in the crook of his neck amongst the pink feathers of his coat, a tiny grey cat, fast asleep. She giggled and snapped a quick picture before backing slowly out of the room, leaving the two to their slumber.


Miniature OOAK sculptures / art toys: realistic flocked polymer clay German Shepherd dog, cat, and wolf by eBay seller ID *reve*. Great pets for tiny BJDs and dollhouse dolls (if rather pricey - the wolf sold for over $400 USD, if I recall correctly).

More miniature animals here: http://hazedolly.tumblr.com/post/94102168107/miniature-ooak-sculptures-art-toys-realistic

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percy and nico headcanons? (doesn't have to be romantic tbh)

A note on me and Percico: I fucking love it to death! I love the fics, I love the art, I love the everything, but I never feel like I’m good at writing it, which is why you don’t see much of it from me. 

  • They get together a little later, when they’re both older. They had gotten closer over the years, and when  Nico was about 19 they finally got together.
  • It was a little awkward at first, but they quickly moved past it. 
  • There was a lot of giggling and laughing the first time they slept together. The next morning they laid in bed and held each other. 
  • Percy makes breakfast, and Nico makes dinner. 
  • One day Percy got a text from Nico that said:
    •  “Good news and bad news. Bad news: the babies made a mess of the bathroom” 
    • Percy responded “We don’t have a baby?” 
    • Nico sent him a picture of a tiny grey cat, surrounded by toilet paper, sitting next to a black and white cat: “Meet Purlock Holms and John Pawtson” 
  • Percy, in response, came home with a lab puppy “This is Mickey.” 
  • They baby sit Frank and Hazel’s children all the time, and they are the cool uncles. Percy is great with kids, and wants a lot of them, but Nico is a lot more hesitant. Percy is conscious of that, and waits until Nico is ready to start looking at adoption. 

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Nico was honestly surprised when he saw the kitten on his doorstep.

He wasn’t sure how a tiny grey cat had gotten to the fifth floor of a locked apartment complex, but somehow it did. He figured that it had to belong to someone on the floor, but he couldn’t just let it walk around on it’s own. He scooped it up in his arms, and decided to o door-to-door. He knew most of the people on his floor, and tried to remember who did and didn’t have a cat. 

He walked down to room 564, some new guy had moved in a few weeks ago. Nico figured it was a safe place to start. He knocked on the door, and the kitten wiggle in his arms. Oh my god, Nico thought, if this isn’t his I’m keeping it. 

A blond boy almost as cute as the cat opened the door. “You found Pebbles! Oh my god, thank you!” The blond scooped the cat out of Nico’s arms “I was so worried about you,” he told the cat. This is too much, Nico thought. “I’m Will,” WIll held out the hand that wasn’t holding the cat. 

Nico shook it, “Nico.” 

“Thank you, again. Do you like cats?” 

“Yeah, I’ve got a little ginger cat back at my place.” Nico pointed down the hall in the direction of his apartment. 

“Well I’ll have to bring Pebbles over to play one day.” 

“I’m apartment 552, I’m sure she can show you the way.” Nico said, pointing at the cat.

“I look forward to it.”