tiny goose

Ok so I know I’m still fairly new to this community, and I’m pretty quiet on tumblr, just reblogging pictures and stuff, and don’t have many followers yet, but I’d like to ask for some help from the witch community on here.

I know this may seem like a very, very strange request, but basically, I am overly obsessed with geese. I love everything about them. I flew to sydney and spent a day at a goose park, where there were about 40 geese, and it was the best day of my life. I have a goose blanket on my bed, several pictures of the geese I met on my wall, a life-size ceramic goose, a plush goose, a goose my sister sewed for me, a tiny glass goose, the list goes on. 

And here’s the point of my post: I really badly want my own goose as a pet, actually two most likely as I don’t want it to be lonely. I know everything about how to raise a goose, what breed to get, and have a large enough backyard, and know where to get everything I need to raise it. But, as I live with my parents still, I need them to agree to let me have one. It’s the only thing stopping me.

So, tldr: Please reblog/charge this sigil, and help me get a pet goose! It would absolutely make my life! (the sigil says: I will get a pet goose by the end of the year)

Thank you! (again i’m sorry for how strange this aha)