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(@)When Gamzee limps in at two in the morning, lips split, knuckles red and black with bruises, you punch him right in the face. He staggers but he doesn't fight back when you follow him, punch him everywhere you can reach until your arms won't move anymore and your breathing turns into sobs. He puts his arms around you and slumps down, half helping you down, half using you to slow his collapse, and mumbles /chill best friend, 'm okay, 's all motherfuckin' okay/ until you slump and hug him back.

(this hit me in the voonerables help)


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Happily the tiny princess jumped upon Gamzee’s back. Evie slipped her arms around his neck and gave it a gentle squeeze and brought her face next to his. ‘You are one of the few villains around here that are any fun regardless of the fact you def need a makeover… And I want to do bad things and have no one to share it with. Play with me!” She leaned her head against his with the cutest little pout. “Pretty please with chaos on top?”

@fridgestuck bc they liked the villain ship call

So many beautiful colours.

So have some scribbles I did a while ago! I tried to do Dave justice but it’s sometimes just so hard to draw him..actually no not sometimes, quite always. Always a struggle, but well you can’t say it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment when you are finally satisfied.

Have I ever mentioned Trickster Mode was the scariest shit of Homestuck I have ever read? Besides following Nepeta through the ventilation shafts (or whatever that was) but seriously. I still need to draw a real Trickster fanart. It was scary and weird but also pretty cool.

It's  a shame I didn’t have a reference for Jade’s outfit at hand at the picture where she’s shooting. That design was my absolute favourite with the skirt and the jacket :3

All….nearly all (find the odd one out) characters from Homestuck © Andrew Hussie

Fanart © verschwendete-kreativitaet.tumblr.com


I call this collection AGGRESSIVELY EXPERIMENTS WITH ALTERNATE HEADCANONS. Mostly because this started off as a test to see if I could draw everyone more androgynous (because hey why should a race that doesn’t reproduce like us be stuck with our sexual dimorphism) while still giving them different faces, and then I figured may as well throw in some other stuff while I’m at it.

Click on the pictures if you want to know what I changed on certain characters in particular. :V