tiny frost giant

The progeny of Loki

TITLE: The Progeny of Loki


AUTHOR: zagreus8me

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a powerful mutant and having a baby with Loki, only to find that Odin and Thor have conspired against you two to take away your baby as it will become a very powerful being, but all you can see is the innocent life ready to be moulded and shaped. So you threaten Odin that you will start a war that he will never win if he dares to harm your baby or Loki, and you see the pride in Loki’s eyes as he watches you defend him and his lineage.



You couldn’t believe it, after all that pain, all that pushing, you finally had a baby son. What made it even more of a beautiful moment was that your husband, Loki, had held you and guided you through it all. The God of Mischief was a changed man since he met you; loyal, dedicated, more balanced.

You gazed down at your son, whom you and Loki decided to name Ragnar; a favourite Old Norse character of yours that your father had always told you about as a child. Loki agreed to the honouring of your father’s memory by naming your first son after a happy and blissful memory. When Ragnar was born, Loki was shocked to see that Ragnar’s skin was pale blue, his eyes were blood-orange-red, he feared that his son would be called a monster. The tiny frost giant. It hurt him to think that he had passed on his affliction to his son, but you were only too proud to have your son display his father’s genes, his heritage. You told him that the only monster, would be the one to judge your son as one, for if you both listened to his cries, you would here that he was an innocent, beautiful Asgardian soul that needed love. This wonderful child was yours, more importantly, this child was yours and Loki’s, conceived by love. In the kingdom of Asgard, this baby was also a royal baby, but it seemed that the celebrations were postponed, and you were to find out as to why, not long after giving birth.

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loki decided to try a new tactic - the subjugation proclamation.

Betrothed // Kat


Loki stood with his head down.  His long black hair braided with gold, more gold at his brow and a chain connecting from the peircing in his ear to the one in his nose.  He was wrapped in green silk, more gold at his throat and wrists as well.  He was barefoot, jingly gold bangles at his ankles too.  He jingled with every step and movement.

His skin was ice blue, his eyes blood red with two ivy horns curling up over his head.  Raised markings covered his body.  He was a Jotun from Jotunheim.  He was tiny for a Frost Giant, though tall conpared to humans, he was a runt back home.

Today he was meeting and marrying his betrothed.  He didn’t know much about him, just that their marriage would be bonding their worlds together.

[[I picture him like how Marty-mc draws him here]]