tiny fro


If I gotta rock a tiny ass fro, Imma make it look sexy *Kendrick Lamar voice*

How to style a big chop

The Signs and Cities III:

Aries: A city built tall. None know the depths of its elevator shafts nor what lies at the peaks of its toxic spires.

Taurus: A city of rolling hills and green pastures. Farms and homes built on the corpses of mountain-eating war machines.

Gemini: A city built into your very bones. Vast highways taking tiny citizens to and fro.

Libra: A tarnished city, its fields laid waste in exchange for the bounty of silver beneath. Gaunt bodies and once shining walls.

Cancer: A city of the night, lit eternally by neon and halogen. The bars are open late, the patrons never leave.

Leo: A city on strings, its walls and shops twisting and dancing to find a more perfect arrangement.

Virgo: A city built too small as if for children. Great vaulted ceilings barely fit to kneel in.

Libra: A scarred city. Nothing is built on the blackened tract of land. None speak of why.

Scorpio: What is left of a grand capital. The pathetic tatters of a tyrants crown jewel.

Ophiuchus: A city of ash. Its homes always meant to be coffins.

Sagittarius: A city made from a single grand complex. Grand spires and wings stretch on endlessly. There are no neighbors.

Capricorn: A city built to fish for stars. Fishing lines dangle upwards reaching ever reaching.

Aquarius: A city in the undergrowth. A sanctuary from the glamour above, its residents dredge the earth.

Pisces: A city of the sun. All domes built inverse to facilitate better worship. Its residents blind.

So today we dropped by over at an amusement park with @menninkahinen and while spinning with crazy speed 14m above ground it truly hit me how utterly horrifying it would feel like to be suddenly picked up, whisked so god damn high without mentally preparing for it, without permission, without the feeling of safety you get from the harness of a rollercoaster. It would hurt like hell (both head and neck) and potentially scar mentally.


((this is rlly long nd gay but also, som of my best writing i think !! warning // for water nd fear of water nd tht kind of stuff but no ones in danger or anythn omg !! i jst, based off tru events in which i am robbie and theres no sportacus and i end up going back home omg,,water is scary and bad and i dnt enjoy it nd neither does robbie here but anyway heres this!!))

Robbie sat silently on a lonely bench in a lonely town, his face decorated with an uncharacteristic and soft grin. He was leaning back with crossed legs and a book in his hands. For once, the small town was quiet and empty, and he planned to enjoy every second of his peace. The summer sun shone brightly in front of him, casting shadows that stretched out across the field behind him as his fingers danced lightly over the paper and flipped the page. All was still and silent in Robbie Rotten’s happy and lonely town.

        “Hi, Robbie!” a jovial, heavily accented voice called out to him. Robbie let out a long and dramatic sigh, and hesitantly looked from his book to the elf who stood before him. His eyes widened and his pale face lit up in a deep, embarrassed shade of red.

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So I was at the store and I had my braids in. (They’re braided a little at the top and then curly the rest of the way down. I’m sorry idk what the style is called but it basically looks like it could be my natural hair or crochet braids). Anyway so she says to me “I like your curls. I like them better that way than what other Black women usually have. This is more delicate and pretty.” I was like… Oh HELL NO. So a Black woman’s natural hair that isn’t 3c or above looks hard and ugly? I know I can’t take one person’s opinions and apply to a whole group of people but I can’t help but think most White people feel that way. And I don’t even mean just White people in the U.S I mean globally too, especially those who don’t encounter Black people on a regular basis. Not that it truly bothers me but I can’t deal with the White superiority complex. I’m sure she thought she was being nice but she failed miserably. The next time I go to that store, I’m going to make sure I’m rocking my natural, tiny, 4c fro. Shoot I’ll show her “pretty and delicate.”