tiny food


This guy cooks tiny food, with tiny pots and tiny utensils! It’s weirdly satisfying.

Here are tiny pancakes.




Today the Department of Tiny Treasures is delighting in the awesomely small and detailed paintings and drawings created by Goshen, Indiana-based miniaturist Brooke Rothshank.

With a diverse range of subject matter including all sorts of animals, objects, foods, portraits, and pop culture characters, Rothshank shares one work of miniature art every day via her Instagram account.

She also sells her itty-bitty artwork via the Rothshank Artworks Etsy shop where you’ll also find ceramics made by her husband, ceramic artist Justin Rothshank.

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If you consider how many museums are filled with ancient artifacts that are tiny representations of people and things … you realize that we’ve been fascinated with miniatures for tens of thousands of years,“ [photographer Christopher] Boffoli tells The Picture Show via email.

A family camps in a sugar cone forest; skiers take to the slopes of an ice cream sundae: Boffoli’s photos seem to imagine the scenes that play out around our food when we aren’t looking. But food itself also looms large in the images, which, according to Boffoli’s website, represent "an American enthusiasm for excess, especially in the realm of food.”

A Photographer’s Mini Food Fascination 

Photo Credit: Christopher Boffoli


Tiny bird ice cream