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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Person A:</b> Do you work at Dick's because you're sporting the goods~<p/><b>Person B:</b> Do you work at Sporting Good's because you're a dick.<p/></p><p/></p>

oh how i love all those subtle sugakookie moments in ahl


G.L : I already explained this, but I guess I’ll do it again since that was a very, very long time ago.

As you all know, this world sucks. I hate how other people run this society. Everyone is yelling, “Freedom, freedom!” But look what happens? Unequality! Unnecessary crimes! Everywhere! If they just make better and strict rules and laws, with guards all over the place and execute those who breaks the rules this world would be much better! But no one is doing that so I suppose I will be the first one ㅡ

Once I do take over the world, I will start “cleaning” right away. Get rid of all the bad ones and keep the good ones! It will be great! A perfect world where everyone, anywhere listens to me and does what I say! Where everything has to be perfect! This world will spin just how I want it to be. It would be “my” world.

G.L : Ahem, well. I hope I made my explanation clear to you, my friend.

Yes - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 8)

Part 7

**Word Count 2,824

It’s been a few months now and you were starting show a little baby bump. If Harry had a hard time keeping his hands off of you before, he was having an even harder time now. Any chance he got, his hand was on your belly and it wasn’t even that big at the moment, but he still cherished it any chance he got. 

In the mornings and late at night, he would sing little lullabies to the baby in your belly because he read in one of his books that it was good for baby’s to hear the sound of their parent’s voices. 

One night you two were laying in bed, music was playing softly in the background. You were leaning against Harry and his hands were on your belly running his fingers up and down. 

Tomorrow was going to be a big day for the two of you. You had a sonogram scheduled and it would be the first time that you’ll have seen your growing baby. 

“Are you excited for tomorrow?” You asked. 

“I’m so fucking excited,” he smiled. “We get to see our little baby for the first time and I can’t wait.” 

“It’s definitely going to make it seem real, if it doesn’t already,” you giggled. 

“Maybe tomorrow we could go shopping for some baby things after the appointment? We can make it a day all about the baby?” He smiled. 

“I’d love that,” you smiled. “I know we won’t find out the sex of the baby for another few weeks, but I can’t wait to find little outfits and toys.” 

Harry smiled. “I’ve been trying so hard not to just buy everything before now,” he joked. 

“You’re going to spoil our baby so much,” you giggled. 

“Oh, don’t even act like you’re not going to either,” he scoffed. 

“I never said that I wouldn’t,” you laughed. 

He laughed and kissed your head. “We’ve come a long way these past few months,” he whispered. “It’s hard to believe that we weren’t even together four months ago.” 

“I know it’s crazy,” you smiled. “I feel like we never were even apart. We just picked up where we left off. Like we hit the pause button and press play a year later and it was still in the same spot.” 

“Maybe that was what we needed all along, you know,” he said. “Maybe all the other times, our break-ups were still too fresh when we got back together, so the hurt was still there and just any little thing sent us over the edge again.” 

“Maybe so,” you nodded. “But I’m glad we’re good now. We’re happy and in love, with a little baby getting all ready to come into this world.” 

“I love you,” he whispered. 

You smiled looking back at him. “And I love you,” you whispered. 


The morning of the doctor’s appointment was a little crazy. Both you and Harry had woken up almost two hours earlier than you really needed to for the appointment, so you decided to get in a little bit of a workout and some yoga before getting in the shower. 

You two were both nervous and excited and just couldn’t wait until you were able to see the baby. You were nervous because you hoped everything was okay with the baby and yourself. 

Once you two were ready to go out, you decided to stop for some breakfast, since you still had a good hour before your appointment. Harry noticed that you seemed quiet in the car, so he took your hand. 

“You okay?” He asked. 

“Yeah, I’m just nervous,” you said. 

“I know,” he nodded. “But the baby, everything is going to be okay. You’re doing everything right, you’re eating so healthy, and working out. You’re not stressing, you’re taking your prenatal vitamins. You’re already being the best Mummy.” 

You smiled. “I really hope our future son or daughter believes that.” 

“Of course, they will. They’re gonna be so damn lucky that you’re their Mum,” he smiled. 

“And they’re so lucky to have you as their Daddy,” you smiled. 

He smiled widely and kissed your hand. After breakfast, you two headed to the doctor’s office. You filled out some paperwork and then they took you back. They took your weight, blood pressure, and some blood before taking you back to the room. 

Harry helped you onto the bed and they laid you back. They pulled up your shirt, revealing your little bump, causing Harry to smile. They put a little towel in your jeans and set everything up. 

“Normally this gel is a bit on the cold side, but we’ve warmed it up a bit, so let me know if it’s too warm,” she said. 

You nodded and Harry grabbed your hand. The lady poured a huge amount of gel on your belly and used the little wand to move around. You and Harry were looking at each other waiting until your baby hit the screen. 

“Okay, so are you ready to see your little bundle of joy?” She asked. 

“Yes,” you both smiled. 

“Well, then take a look at the screen,” she smiled. 

You and Harry both looked over and both supported the biggest smiles on your faces. 

“And to make it even happier here is the heartbeat,” she smiled. 

As soon as the sound filled the room, you and Harry teared up as you watched the baby that you and Harry made together moving around on the screen. 

“That’s our baby,” you whispered. 

Harry let out a little sob as he wiped at his eyes. “This is so bloody amazing,” he whispered. “We made that.” 

You giggled wiping at your eyes. “Yeah, we did, didn’t we.” 

“Everything looks great. The baby is growing on time and the heartbeat is strong,” she said. 

“See baby, I told you everything was going to be okay,” he smiled kissing your head. 

“Would you like to take some copies home?” She asked. 

“YES! We want as many as you can give us,” Harry smiled. 

She laughed. “I’ll get those printed out and be right back,” she said wiping the gel off of your belly. 

“Thank you,” you smiled sitting up. 

She leaves and you look over at Harry. “I didn’t think I’d be that emotional,” you giggled wiping your eyes. 

“Me either,” he smiled. “There really is a baby in there,” he giggled kissing your belly. “Ew.. there’s still some gel on there I think.” 

You giggled and the doctor came back with the photos and the two of you headed to the car. 


Just like you and Harry said the night before, you both went to some baby shops after the appointment. 

“These are so adorable,” you giggle holding up little baby shoes. 

“I can’t believe their feet are so tiny,” he said. 

“I know it’s hard to think about how your feet used to be that tiny,” you laughed. 

“A lot of things used to be tiny and aren’t so tiny anymore,” he smirked. 

“Ew,” you said. “That comment was not necessary and there are children around.” 

“They’re not going to know what I’m talking about,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, well because of you, they’re gonna ask their parents,” you said. 

“You know that’s going to us one day,” he said. “That baby in there is going to ask us where babies come from and other uncomfortable topics. We should probably figure out how we’re gonna handle that.” 

“I think we have a few years before we have to worry about that conversation,” you giggled. 

“Kids grow up fast Y/N, it might be sooner than you think,” he joked. 

“Especially with having you as their father,” you laughed. 

“Hey!” He laughed. 

“Anyway, I think we should get these,” you said holding up the shoes again. 

“Whatever you want baby,” he smiled. 

You ended up picking up a few things and took them to the checkout counter. When you looked outside the window of the shop, you noticed there was one guy with a camera across the street. 

So far, nothing has been reported regarding you being pregnancy, which was mostly because you hadn’t been showing. But you knew that now you were showing, it would only be a matter of time. 

You just didn’t think the first time they might notice is when you and Harry were in a baby store. 

“Don’t worry. We have plenty of friends who have babies, so it’s not all that odd for us to be here,” he whispered. 

“I know, but I’m starting to show. What if it they pick it up in the pictures?” You asked. 

“You could hold the bag in front,” he said. “And stand on the side away from them.” 

“That could work,” you nodded. 

He smiled giving you a quick kiss and paying for the items. He handed you the bag and took your hand as you both went outside. You were going to grab some lunch next, so you decided to walk to a cafe that was nearby. 

You could tell the guy was following you two, even though he was all the way on the other side of the street. You were starting to get annoyed, mostly because you were hungry, but also because you didn’t want him getting any closer and seeing your belly. 

You and Harry didn’t want anyone beside your close friends and family to know about the baby. It wasn’t anyone else’s business and while you both loved your fans, this was something you two wanted to keep private until you no longer could. 

“You know we’re really going to have to figure something out once the little tot is born to keep them safe from all of that,” you sighed nodding over at the pap. 

“Oh, I’m already looking into it,” he said. “No one is going to be making money off of our child. It’s one thing taking photos of us, but our child is another thing.” 

“I agree. I mean I’ll be sharing some photos on my social media, but I’m not going to just flaunt them in the public eye like that,” you said. 

“Completely agree. It’s one thing when we chose to put photos of them out there, but not anyone else,” he said. “I’ll be okay with family posting their own photos, but not anyone else.” 


Later that night, you and Harry went back to his house. Even though you were pretty much living with Harry now, it was still technically his house. He bought it, renovated it, and decorated it all himself. A part of you felt a little weird and more like you were just having a long sleepover with your boyfriend, but it was still new, staying there and gradually having your things shipped over. 

Since you were on your feet all day, you wanted to get out of the jeans you were wearing and get into something comfy and prop your feet up. As soon as you walked through the door, you went up to the room and took off your jeans and blouse from that day and grabbed one of Harry’s shirts to wear. 

That night was a no pants night because you just wanted to let your tiny belly breathe. You went back downstairs and saw that Harry had already started working on the pizza. 

You had been craving pizza, so Harry suggested stopping by the store and getting things to make your own pizzas at home. One it would be fun to have a little interactive date night and two because making your own would be much healthier for you and the baby than going to the local pizzeria. 

“So, I propose we have a little challenge,” he smirked. 

“Oh, and what’s that?” You asked. 

“See who makes the better pizza,” he smirked. “We have all the same ingredients to chose from, but we switch it a bit and see which one is better.” 

“But how are we going to determine that… of course we’re each going to say ours is the best,” you said. 

“I have an idea. We label the plates and put a slice on each and then we blindfold the other or something and switch the pizzas around and then try them like that,” he said. 

“Oookay,” you laughed. “I guess that could work, but either way, my pizza is going to be the bomb.” 

“Oh, it’s on,” he smirked. “It’s so fucking on.” 

“Language around the baby,” you gasped. 

He rolled his eyes. “Says the one who was practically screaming it over and over again just last night,” he smirked. 

“Oh, shut up!” you blushed. 

He laughed and pre-heated the oven before walking back over to the counter and setting everything out. 

“Okay, ready?” He asked. 

“What is this going to a timed-event?” You laughed. 

“Yep, 10 minutes to prepare, just in time for the oven to pre-heat,” he said. 

“That’s more than enough time to kick your ass,” you smirked. 

He rolled his eyes. “Ready, set, go,” he said setting the timer on his phone. 

Since you weren’t exactly a sauce type of girl, you for went the sauce and grabbed a bunch of herbs and garlic powder and sprinkled it on top of the crust. Once you were done with that, you patted them into the dough before adding some cheese and toppings. 

When the timer went off, you both took your pizza’s over to the oven and put them. Harry shut the door and you grabbed a marker and a paper plate before writing an H for Harry’s and the letter of your first name on the bottom. 

It was time to take the pizza’s out, so Harry got them out and let them cool for a bit before cutting them into slices. He put his slice on his plate and yours on yours before mixing them up a few times over and over again. 

“Blindfold or no?” He asked. 

“I’m starving, so no,” you joked. 

He laughed and you both took a bite of each slice. 

“The one on the right,” you said. 

“Yeah, lots more flavor,” he said. “Let’s see which one it is.” He picked up the plate and saw it was yours. 

“Duh, it’s mine because mine didn’t have sauce on it,” you smirked. 

“You cheated!” He gasped. 

“Not really, you said it yourself that it was better,” you smirked grabbing yourself another slice. 

He mumbled something before grabbing a few more for himself and the two of you went over to the couch and sat down. You propped your feet up and turned on Netflix. 

“It’s my turn to chose what we watch,” you smirked and put on your favorite show that you’re binge-watching. 

“Yay,” he mocked. 

You stuck your tongue out and the two of you finished your pizza before cuddling up and watching a few more episodes before calling it a night and heading upstairs for bed. 

Dance With Me

Commission for @shadoouge! She asked for a fluffy one-shot based on her art of Nalu’s kids, which you can find here! It is absolutely lovely, and she is a great artist! Her art is so cute! <3

I hope you enjoy, my dear! I added a couple of extra words for you at no charge since I enjoyed this idea so much! <3 

pairing: nalu

type: fluff one-shot

characters: natsu, lucy, and their children

word count: 1133

“Long day?” Natsu asked as Lucy groaned, kicking off her shoes and settling into the couch in the living room with a long sigh.

“Tell me about it. First I do the report that my boss wanted me to finish, but he said that it wasn’t good enough and sent me back to write it over again! And then my lunch was spoiled, Levy wasn’t there for me to rant to, and a couple of my coworkers were being rude to me,” Lucy said, leaning back into the couch and tipping her head back to touch the cushion.

“I know something that will cheer you up, Luce,” he said, turning on the music and taking her hand. Natsu grinned as he twirled Lucy around the room, letting out a chuckle when she accidentally stepped on his feet. The radio played a classical tune, which was Lucy’s favorite. He had planned this before she got home from work, and she was excited for their dancing time.

“Sorry!” she said as she was spun once again, and she squealed when he dipped her low and kissed her firmly. His lips felt like magic to her, and they indulged in their kisses for a few moments. Natsu also loved kissing his wife as her mouth knew how to work wonders.

When they broke apart, Lucy smiled softly. Natsu was almost as shocked from her beautiful smile as he was from the electricity of her kiss. Leaning in to give her one last peck, Lucy closed her eyes slowly as Natsu appoached. Their lips drew closer, and Lucy could feel the heat of his breath on her face. She pushed herself toward him, waiting for their lips to connect in bliss–

“Ew!” a tiny voice said, and Lucy let out the tiniest breath and opened her eyes before turning to their daughter. The small girl of three’s eyes were shut tightly and her tongue out in disgust.

“Nashi,” Natsu began gently, dropping to his knees to look his small daughter in the eyes, “What did we say about interrupting mom and dad’s dancing time?”

“That it might lead to more than dancing,” the girl answered, hopping up and down when she got the right answer. Plue followed behind her and let out his signature catch phrase.

“Natsu! You said that to Nashi?” Lucy smacked her husband on the head, and Natsu groaned at the pain.

“Well, she has to know about it somehow,” he said, rubbing the sore spot now.

“Yes, but not at three years old!” Lucy pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and turning away from Natsu.

He ran a hand through his rose locks. Uh-oh, she was mad. And he had to remedy this situation somehow.

“Nashi,” he said after thinking of a solution, “Let’s play the tickle game.”

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