tiny ewes

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Person A:</b> Do you work at Dick's because you're sporting the goods~<p/><b>Person B:</b> Do you work at Sporting Good's because you're a dick.<p/></p><p/></p>

oh how i love all those subtle sugakookie moments in ahl


G.L : I already explained this, but I guess I’ll do it again since that was a very, very long time ago.

As you all know, this world sucks. I hate how other people run this society. Everyone is yelling, “Freedom, freedom!” But look what happens? Unequality! Unnecessary crimes! Everywhere! If they just make better and strict rules and laws, with guards all over the place and execute those who breaks the rules this world would be much better! But no one is doing that so I suppose I will be the first one ㅡ

Once I do take over the world, I will start “cleaning” right away. Get rid of all the bad ones and keep the good ones! It will be great! A perfect world where everyone, anywhere listens to me and does what I say! Where everything has to be perfect! This world will spin just how I want it to be. It would be “my” world.

G.L : Ahem, well. I hope I made my explanation clear to you, my friend.

Young Gladion Headcanons

Here we go, small Gladion x Reader! I promised and I deliver.

  • It’s little Gladion’s first time outside of Aether in a long time.
  • He’s a little aware that they’ve stopped leaving the foundation because his dad disappeared.
  • At this point, he’s still his mother’s doll. He does whatever she tells him because mother loves him and Lillie and he should be grateful for his nice clean clothes.
  • And then there’s you, a really cheerful child in an overlarge sunhat barrelling down the streets of Alola for the first time.
  • You’re on vacation with your mother and you’d seen a Pichu pass by when you catch sight of Gladion trailing behind Lillie and his Mother who decided to go into a clothes store. 
  • You take a seat next to Gladion on the pavement.
  • “HI” 
  • Gladion is so confused about this loud child next to him like ew a tiny loud human being get it away.
  • “… Alola.”
  • “ALOLA!”
  • Gladion really hates interacting, he’s really hoping his mom and Lillie finish shopping soon but you’re not letting him get away without talking to you, you’re stubborn like that.
  • “What’s your name?”
  • “Gladion.”
  • He has no clue why he’d tell you that. You’re just some kid.
  • Meanwhile, you’re completely in awe of the tall boy with the unique name.
  • You try unsuccessfully to climb onto his shoulders.
  • Gladion tries to walk around to shake you off but you’re persistent. 
  • At one point, he rounds a sharp turn and it’s too quick for you.
  • You land face first on the ground, biting back some really loud sniffles because that actually hurt.
  • Gladion stops immediately and picks you up giving you a hug, a reflex he’s developed since Lillie was born.
  • Realising he was hugging a complete stranger and jumps back, asking quietly if you’re ok.
  • You stare at him blankly and smile.
  • “My hero.”
  • Gladion acts very annoyed but warmth is blooming across his chest. He’s done it countless times with Lillie but she’s never called him her hero.
  • Your mother realises you ran off and takes you in her arms, apologising to Gladion for the trouble. It takes him a while to realise your hat had flown off when you fell.
  • It’s too late to give it back though so he holds onto it hoping to run into you.
  • When he doesn’t find you and Lillie finishes with her shopping she comes out in a white dress looking uncomfortable. She stares at the hat in Gladion’s hands with hope.
  • Gladion gives her your hat and she never takes it off afterwards.

anonymous asked:

Okay but just imagine Yams being super awkward and uncomfortable around children because ew and Tsukki just being so great with kids??? Like how???

everyone expects yama to be really good with kids but he just?? ew? loud tiny humans with drool is not ok??? but tsukki loves them wow he loves volunteering at day care and he plays dinosaurs with them??? what a pure bean

~mod ao 



  • Payment only via paypal and preferably upfront.
  • Prices are in euro and debatable owo)9
  • You can contact me on tumblr or send on my personal e-mail maguu.chan@gmail.com and we can talk about it!
  • Please be as accurate as possible on what you’re asking for so I can realize it as you wish it. If you have any specific references for expressions, clothes, poses or anything please tell me!
  • If you want I can send you screens of the work and if you don’t like something I can surely fix it :)
  • Consider that my style is kinda flexible so even if I have my line it could change a bit in each part of the process or compared to other older drawings.
  • Please be patient! I know that paying gives you (legitimately) the right to have the commission as soon as possible but during some days of the week i’m really busy with school and personal stuff. If you need something for a certain date try to ask at least a week before so I can make it in time!

I’d be glad to answer you and fill here on what is missing! Thank you so much for reading, commissioning (I hope omg) or even just signal boosting! ( ノ = ㉨ =)ノ

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Me: *Ships SuperCat ^^ *
Me: Wait wha?
Others/Shippers: No it’s fine they are cool, just don’t think they’ll ever be cannon.

Me: *Still ships SuperCat, sees the fandom is growing*
Everyone: You are delusional they are friends!
Others/Shippers: Awww they’re so cute but they’ll never be cannon.

Me: *Still ships, scenes intensify, grins* uh-oh
Everyone: Wait… what? NO KARA IS STRAIGHT!
Others/Shippers:… There’s a tiny tiny possibility?!

*Introduce Lena Luthor*

Me: Oh this is interesting, Kara has a type ;) * Slightly likes them because Cat is leaving/will return later, forms a theory that SuperCorp will happen, Cat returns later in the season -still SuperCat*

Me:…………………..Wait what?