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                      HOLY CANNOLIS, GUYS!

This blog has reached two-hundred followers in what is definitely RECORD time for any blog I have ever run. Shout out to the Ghostbusters fandom for being the absolute best, sweetest, most rockin’ fandom EVER. Jillian Holtzmann has come into my life in a blonde, yellow-goggled whirlwind, and all of you have made the experience so much richer. I love playing Holtzy, and I have loved meeting and following and knowing every last one of you. So, since I did a follow forever for 100 followers, I’m putting together a SHORT LIL’ BIAS LIST to show my utter and complete appreciation for those of you who’ve gone the extra lil’ mile. Thank you for everything, for the support you’ve given me along the way, for interacting me and putting up with me and my beautiful tiny gay engineer. 



Oh, my god. Erin. What can I say about you that I haven’t? I love you so much it’s insane. You make me a better writer. Not only that, you make my heart shine and my soul smile. You are the best. Your Erin is actually flawless, and I can’t get enough writing with you- even if I’m complete SHITE at replying in a good amount of time. Thank you for everything, for screaming with me about our tiny gay scientists, for making beautiful icons for me, for Instagramming and Kiking and just BEING YOU. I don’t know what I’d do without you, darlin’. 


JENNIE. Oh my gosh, I love you beyond words. I love being able to scream with you about our beauiful little professor siblings. Plotting is a absolute blast, and I’ve actually come to having my Holtz talk about your Daniel OUTSIDE of our threads. Jillian loves Daniel so much, and I love YOU so much. Seriously. I know I’m not the best at replying, but I hope you know that I love just how much I adore you and your writing and your perfect lil’ Danny-Boy.


Okay so I am lowkey terrified and completely intimidated by you. I watch you all the time- your writing, I mean- and I adore you. I think you are so wonderful and I love writing with you, even the little bit that we do. Jillian admire’s and adores Peter so much, I only hope we can keep expanding their relationship. 

And I’m afraid that’s it! I’m sorry it isn’t longer, but these are the people who I feel I’ve really made a connection with. I’d love to make more connections. PEASE, come into my inbox any time, even if you’re not an rp blog. Let’s chat!


We are super excited to announce our Spring 2015 US Tour with Lemuria and Somos! This is the first announcement of many cool things we will be doing this year.

Tickets go onsale this Friday (most shows at 12 EST)! Ticket links to each individual show can be found at http://www.groundcontroltouring.com/tours/tigers-jaw .

We couldn’t be more excited to tour with such awesome bands and are really looking forward to the routing, which will allow us to play some places that we unfortunately were unable to get to this past US tour. We look forward to seeing you this Spring!


In Framing
  • In Framing
  • The Hotelier
  • Home, Like Noplace Is There

And the sirens cry loudly. I’m reflexive. I cry loudly. You put my picture in framing. Hung forever, left me strangling. Called me baby. And with your nature reversed and our home as our cage, you caved and you asked “is this coming of age?” As you climbed out the window, your face cold as stone, you lifted the towel. Your wrist showed the bone. Held my breath in the ER, I swayed as I stood. I tried to stay steady and protect you the best that I could. And you pretended to sleep the entire ride home but I heard you crying when you felt alone. 

I Just Don't Understand What All These Kids Dig About Him
  • I Just Don't Understand What All These Kids Dig About Him
  • Dikembe
  • Broad Shoulders

Dikembe | I Just Don’t Understand What All These Kids Dig About Him


Broad Shoulders

“And you’ll be a mess when the shit hits the fan, so I can be honest. With friends like these who needs reasons to leave? When I’m a mountain pass where all the mountains pass - you cut right through me.


Cayetana- Dirty Laundry (Space Jam Sessions)