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I made some doodles of a Pearlmethyst gemling AU thing I had in my mind, and somehow I ended up cleaning them and coloring them because I’ve lost the control of my life. 

(The gemlings don’t have visible gems yet because headcanons)


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.13

Do I wanna know what these are?

so i was out with my mom shopping for potted plants or whatever and this little girl came up to me and said “do you like egg?” and i was like “what?” and she whispered “egg. do you like egg?” and i said yes, then she said “give me your hand” so i laid out my hands and she gave me two quail eggs and started to leave before she turned around with the most serious eyes, told me: “take care of them for me.” and then just bolted.

so I started reading MTMTE last week and hOOOOLY HECK IT’S BEEN QUITE THE RIDE!!!

I’m having a great time but I’m also Not™ and idek man I just gotta draw something cute and happy to try to help ease my pAIN AND HEARTACHE

harry potter rated by references to chocolate
  • philosopher's stone: First introduction into chocolate for Harry after a life with the Dursleys. Harry's first birthday cake was chocolate. + Hagrid gave him a chocolate/raspberry ice cream at Fortescue's. ALSO CHOCOLATE FROGS EVERYWHERE. They are big plot point too! a sturdy introduction: 8/10
  • chamber of secrets: Hermione savagely uses chocolate cake to trick Crabbe and Goyle. But, most importantly, if Dumbledore wasn't getting hot chocolate Colin Creevey would have probably died. proving again, chocolate saves lives. A steaming book for hot chocolate with 3 mentions. decent: 5/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: absolute PEAK. A whooping 27 references. A chocolate reference every 9 pages! Honeydukes is introduced!!! "Hundreds of different kinds of chocolate in neat rows", Slabs and bars galore! + chocolate is canonly used as a remedy for sadness!! chocolate queen™, remus Lupin helps the cause with his generous handing out of chocolate. Also, Pomfrey even provided a boulder sized block, complete with a hammer to collect chunks, ingenious. EVEN THE MINISTER FOR MAGIC insisted on Harry having chocolate! -5 points because Harry says he's sick of chocolate ate the end. Yet, still a solid 11/10
  • goblet of fire: The Fat Lady makes an excellent choice by getting drunk off chocolate liqueurs, a+ example of combining chocolate and alcohol. Ron got some chocolate from Hagrid for having a sneaky lil niffler... the BIGGEST disappointment is Molly Weasley sending Hermione a tiny chocolate egg instead of a dragon sized one like harry and ron because of a Rita Skeeter™ rumour she's with Krum and Harry?? like wtff a grown ass woman almost made a child cry because of their passive aggressive chocolate giving 1/10
  • order of the phoenix: Hermione gave two boxes of chocolate for Harry's birthday, but teenage angst™ harry throws them out. Poor form m8. Also, he has a weird dream about Cedric, Cho and chocolate frogs?? Why bro. Additionally, Harry and Ginny have a romantical moment as she gives him chocolate... Before Madam Pince screams "CHOCOLATE IN THE LIBRARY- OUT- OUT!" Classic choco madness! Overall, a wild ride on the chocolate train. maybe too wild. im going with a 6/10
  • half-blood prince: Romilda Vane tried to spike Harry through chocolate cauldrons -30 points... Furthermore, Tom Riddle kills Hepzibah Smith with hot cocoa and uses that death to make a horcrux. An absolute shocker! Chocolate used to make Voldemort immortal!!! and to murder!!! improper use of a sacred food: -282939399/10
  • deathly hallows: Wow, disappointing. One chocolate card wrapper on the floor, a chocolate card and french chocolate from the Delacours. 3 mentions in 197,651 words. Disgraceful. I reckon there's correlation between how happy a story is and the amount of chocolate references. conclusively: appalling 0.015/10
  • bonus fantastic beasts: "But I made 'em cocoa?". excellent start, promising: 7/10
what if?

(11 and 3 from the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I thought you didn’t want me” and “It’s always been you.”)

It’s not water, it’s ice. It’s a thousand needles of ice pricking at Dex’s skin. Soon they’ll pierce him, puncture his bursting lungs and turn him breathless, lifeless. Still, he swims on.

The current is fighting him. His own lungs are fighting him. His eyes fight, too, stinging, but he keeps them open, gleaning what light he can in the dark water. Later, he will think back and see only seconds of being alone in that darkness. Now, it’s minutes. An endless slow trudge of time as he turns and searches.

He remembers pulling off his flannel, stripping out of his jeans in the freezing night. He remembers kicking off his shoes. And then the plunge, the fevered dive into the water, the rush of his blood keeping him warm. And then, crashing down and through into this frozen limbo, one thought in mind. Where’s Nurse?

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Spring Equinox Spellcraft Idea- Witch Eggs!

Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox everyone!

This seemed like the perfect time to share a new type of craft (of both the witch and arts varieties) that I’ve been trying out- Witch Eggs! 

The term “witch egg” usually refers to a tiny, weird little egg laid by a chicken in response to some kind of grit or something getting into their system. In this case, though, I’m adopting it to refer for these little guys, although “spell egg” would work, too.

Eggs represent renewal, fertility, and new life, so making witch eggs is a great way to help bring new things into your own life! You can make them any time of the year, but spring is especially appropriate.

What you’ll need-

-Some sculpy or air-dry clay


-Herbs, spices, and salts associated with the magical intent of your witch egg

(I made general purpose ones with black salt, pink salt, rosemary, lavender, and bits of bay leaves to start with)

-Paint brushes and paint in colors associated with your magical intent 

How to make them-

1. Bundle your herbs and salts up in the tinfoil and form the clay into an egg shape around it.

2. Bake the clay or let it harden

3. Paint the egg with colors and/or sigils of your choosing. 

4. Magically charge, enchant, and/or cleanse the egg in the method of your choosing

Spoonie Witch Alternative- Get some of those hollow plastic Easter eggs that snap open and stuff them with packets full of herbs, sigils, gems, dried flowers, or whatever works for you! You could decorate them with paint or markers, or leave them plain. 

Once you have your egg, you could make a nest for it on your altar or anywhere else in your house that you’d like to imbue with its energy, or carry it with you and “incubate” it by holding it occasionally and meditating on your desire. They’d also make great little gifts for loved ones. 

(I’m gonna share some better pictures once my first batch of eggs is done, this one is technically a work in progress. They can be WAY prettier than this, I promise)

Short Analysis of Gotham’s OST in 3x15 - Nygmobblepot parallels?

To start this off….I’m a huge film music nerd - and Nygmobblepot shipper.

Okay so, I was rewatching this scene from 3x15 right now (where Ed says goodbye to Oswald) and somehow got a very “familiar” feeling during that scene. It turned out to be one short melody that’s part of the OST, it starts at 00:28 of this clip, right while Ed admits how much his friendship with Oswald meant to him, that he cared about Oswald and that he misses him. They then talk about the Riddler persona and Ed finally says bye to Oswald and dumps the pills.

It just sounded like something that I heard in another Gotham scene (one with Ed and Os) before. Therefore, I rewatched some Nygmobblepot scenes and rediscovered this one. It’s about Oswald being emotional over his mother’s death, not knowing how to let go of her. 

Oswald says, “My mother was a saint! The only person who truly cared about me and now she’s gone! And I have nothing left!” to which Ed counters with his “A man with nothing that he loves is a free man.”

Listening to the OST at that point of the scene? Good - because the soundtrack of these two scenes is very similar, almost the same melody.

I have to admit that it’s a very tiny parallel…Oswald letting go of his mother (what he loves) and moving forward…Ed letting go Oswald and moving forward…and relating this to Nygmobblepot is a pretty far-stretched conclusion. Maybe David Russo intended this parallel - maybe it’s just a coincidence or he simply felt like re-using something from an older episode (which isn’t that unusual for soundtracks on tv).

Either way, this “theme” certainly supports the fact that Oswald meant a lot to Ed, romantically or not (but we all know that by now, haha). Hope you enjoyed reading this - and please let me know what you think!