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They are so beautiful please stop harming them.  

Veal calves are kept in tiny crates completely immobile. So that their flesh stays tender and white they are fed a liquid diet that is low in iron and has little nutritive value. This heinous treatment makes the calves ill, and they frequently suffer from anemia, diarrhea, and pneumonia.  These calves become frightened and suffer greatly from painful malnourishement and from being so lonely.  

Because of your consumption of meat and dairy you sentence 21,000,000 calves each year to a life full of suffering. Please stop and go vegan. 

URGENT! You may recall the 3 smuggled tiger cubs trapped in a tiny crate for 7 days at the Beirut airport a few weeks ago. They were covered in their own urine and feces, infested with maggots, dehydrated and hungry. Worst of all, they were headed to a zoo in Syria! The cubs were rescued by the wonderful group Animals Lebanon and have now recovered. But a judge in Lebanon has ruled that the cubs go back to their owner. PLEASE help us put public pressure on this judge by SIGNING AND SHARING THIS PETITION! Animals Lebanon is appealing and needs signatures to show the judge on Monday. Thank you!


The Fisher’s Lure - Chapter 18


Chapter 18: Bleeding Credits

Feeling came back to Reyes’ body slowly, like dew condensing on his skin. He tried to clear his throat, but his muscles had other ideas; all he managed was a quiet groan. The sound was broken and breathy, like running water over coals. His lips felt puffy and his eyes were dry. He rolled over onto his side, stretching limbs that screamed in protest and a spine that could have been moulded from plaster. His arm no longer hurt, though. That was nice.

“Ugh. What did your doctor give me?”

There was no response. He twisted his neck to look over his shoulder, but Sara was nowhere to be found. He was alone on the bed in his cramped mountainside apartment, though the darkness made it hard to tell; twisted up in the dusty sheets like he planned on being mummified. Someone must have dragged him up here - and now that he thought about it, there was no way it could have been Sara. It would have been too risky.

Whoever it was had left him in full armour - a relief, if Nakmor Drack was who he had to thank for his transportation. The leather creaked as Reyes pushed himself up onto his elbows, fumbling around for the light switch. The slatted blinds covering the window opposite the bed let a few horizontal strips of neon light leak in, but the room was otherwise dark. He’d only stayed in this place a handful of times since he acquired it, and he wasn’t thrilled by the idea of stumbling into the furniture. When the clicking fluorescents filled the room with their anaemic light, Reyes was reminded why he rarely returned. He hauled himself upright, though his head spun a little, feet stinging as he crossed the cold floor.

He found his boots by the entrance to the other room. His shoulder muscles burned when he bent to pull them on. The events of the day were slowly trickling back, and he could have mapped his heart rate with the progress of his sluggish thoughts. Attack, capture, resistance. Sara. Sara. Sara. He remembered falling asleep on her shoulder.

There were only two rooms in this place, and the second was as silent as the first. It wasn’t as dark, though, because someone had raised the hanging end of the blinds in here. The resulting beam of pink-purple-blue sliced the space almost in half. There was a woman sitting on the couch, illuminated from the neck down. She was staring out through the half-bared window, mesmerized by the play of lights below.

She turned around when she heard Reyes enter, and he caught a glimpse of an asari scalp crest. “Good morning,” Lexi said pleasantly. “Or maybe I should say good evening. How are you feeling?”

Reyes smiled at her, though his face still felt like it was made of plasticine. “Like a new man,” he said - and it wasn’t entirely a lie.

Liressa and Agatus were dead, along with the human outlaw he’d put down outside the safe house. By now, he knew better than to trust appearances, because neither appearances nor luck had done him any favours lately - but he suspected the danger was over.

No. He knew it was over, even if he still planned to confirm. Reyes was safe. Sara was safe. They would still need to be discreet, but they didn’t need to fear. They could leave this break-neck pace in the past and work everything else out slowly. Even the thought made him feel a little strange, like his thoughts were coded in an alien language. Slowly.

Lexi smiled. Reyes couldn’t make out her eyes, but her expression seemed a little strained. “And your forearm? Is there any pain?”


“Sara -” She paused as if reconsidering her words. “The Pathfinder mentioned you were wounded a few days earlier. She asked me to check your progress before I leave.”

Reyes shrugged. He found it a little strange that she was using Sara’s title, but perhaps she liked to maintain a professional distance. There was no harm in it. He turned his back on her while he peeled away enough leather to give her access to the wound on his upper arm - or what used to be the wound, at any rate. It didn’t hurt anymore, but he could feel the hardened medi-gel clinging to his skin.

“Where’s Sara?” he asked as he shucked his jacket.

“On the Tempest,” Lexi replied. Why did she sound so careful?

“Is she okay?” His bicep finally bared, Reyes turned around and held it out an angle the doctor could work with - but she looked like she wanted to jump out the window.

“Yes, of course. She’s taking the opportunity to rest.”

She used her omni-tool to slice through the old bandage, then held the tool to his arm while some silent frequency jostled the layer of gel. Reyes might have squirmed away - it tickled - but something about the way she spoke made him nervous. She wasn’t telling him everything.

She manipulated the muscle, digging her fingers into his flesh. “Any pain?” Reyes shook his head. “Good. You can wash the remaining gel off the next time you shower.” She gestured to the bandage that covered him from the elbow down. “This should stay wrapped for another three days, but make sure you change the bandage every night. I’ve left some gauze in your room. Once you’re ready, you can destabilize the gel with the frequency I’ve transferred to your omni-tool.”

Reyes worked his arm up, down and around, testing his range of movement. It should have been satisfying - but it wasn’t. “There’s something wrong, isn’t there?”

Lexi was quite clearly holding back a sigh. “I’m not the right person to talk to,” she said quickly. Apparently satisfied that Reyes was in good health, she hurried over to the door, snatching up her bag from the rickety table as she went. “I’m going back to the Tempest.”

“And I should give you a call if it gets worse, right?”

“No.” She paused in the doorway, stripes of neon framing her in a flickering cage of light. “I suspect we’re leaving soon.”

Then she was gone - and the light was branded on the inside of Reyes’ eyelids.

Reyes was confused. Leaving his jacket and chest guard on the floor, he stumbled into the bedroom and heaved open the crate he’d stashed in the corner. It stirred up a cloud of dust - and maybe a bit of mould. He covered his mouth with his forearm, coughing helplessly as he fumbled through the contents.

I suspect we’re leaving soon. What the hell did that mean?

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Also, forever tagging my fluffy Chilton lover @mrschiltoncat 

He sighed, strolling down the rows of cage after cage filled with animals; sad, abandoned pets that someone had decided they no longer wanted. It disgusted him, that people could so easily give up an animal that was conditioned to love them eternally - as if they were already too full of the emotion, they didn’t need more from the pet they had picked out.

This was a bad idea, for him to be here, his heart was starting to hurt for all of the misfits with which he felt such a pathetic kinship. His cane clicked across the concrete, his mind debating whether he should actually go through with this after all. His loneliness had reached an all-time low recently, and he was desperate for companionship of any kind.

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his life started out like any other,
entered the world, breathed the surrounding air,
all he wanted was the warmth of his mother,
but nobody around him seemed to care.
he was taken away, cold and alone,
shackled, bellowing, to a tiny crate,
fed strange supplements, made from other’s bone,
awaited his inevitable fate.
and when the time came, he was sent away,
still a calf, too weak to move on his own,
he followed others, being shown the way,
on the kill floor, his future still unbeknown.
and on that day, he was rendered ‘just meat’
his body, and life, just something to eat.
—  my 14 year old sister sent me a sonnet she had to write for her homework and now I am crying
  1. Since female mammals can only produce milk during and after pregnancy, we shove long steel devides into their vaginas with our bare hands once a year to inject them with bull semen.
  2. The calves are taken away after birth to prevent them from drinking the milk that will be sold to the public.
  3. The male calves are sent to the veal industry where they are kept in small stalls or tiny crates. Minimal to no movement is allowed; this prevents muscle development, which keeps their flesh extra tender for your enjoyment.
  4. The machines suck the cows dry several times a day - most of these cows have severe infections, and the pus gets sucked out along with the milk.
  5. A single cow emits more environmentally harmful gases than a car. 
  6. Some cows spend their entire lives standing on concrete floors; others are crammed into massive mud lots.
  7. Cows have a natural lifespan of about 25 years, but the conditions they now live in lead to disease, lameness, and reproductive problems that render cows worthless to the dairy industry by the time they are four or five years old, at which time they are sent to the slaughterhouse.
  8. We are the only species to drink milk after infancy.
  9. Cow’s milk is the number one cause of food allergies among infants and children. 
  10. Milk and other animal products may lower your lifespan more than smoking.

This clip from the movie Samsara makes a pretty clear case against factory-farmed meat, simply by showing how the animals are treated in life and death.

It’s graphic and upsetting, but it should be.

Chickens gathered by a combine and stuffed into tiny crates. Cows hooked up to rotating combination feeder/milkers. Lactating pigs held down in a supine position so litter after litter of piglets can feed on their swollen nipples. 

This is not how food should be.

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“Y/n?” Sam’s voice rang out as you passed the study. You took a few steps back and peered in to see Sam leaning back in his chair, arms crossed behind his head.


“Dean said he wants you to meet him outside,” Sam answered, a tiny knowing smile appearing on his face.

You, however, didn’t see the joke. It was late and you were tired. “Outside? Right now? For what?”

Sam’s smile grew. “Yep, right now and it’s a surprise.”

“You can’t even give me a hint?”

“Nope,” he grinned. “But you’ll like it.”

“I better,” you grumbled good naturedly, scrubbing a hand over your face.

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My last appeal on Veganism

So like, every ten years we kill 1 trillion animals.


Mostly in first world nations. America being the top.

However, veganism is still somehow more a privilege or whatever. Even in third world nations, vegetables are consumed way more because meat is a privilege. If you compare how much people a bag of rice could feed at $3 to how much people any meat could at $3 dollars, you will find that you get more for your money with rice.They eat significantly fewer animals, and when they do it is more than likely out of necessity. In first world nations like America, people will legit eat meat with every meal of the day and convince you that you are the one who’s privileged. People will convince you that buying a bag of $1.49 beans is more privilege than spending 5 bucks on a pack of chicken.

Now don’t get me wrong, in some places in the States not all veggies are cheap. Not all are so easy to access. I don’t know where these places are but people tell me about them and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. However, people on here will try and convince you everyone is too sick and everyone is too poor and everyone lives in a food desert, and when you don’t buy that they will try and deflect by appropriating migrant workers (the literal only time they care about them.)

And really, the cheapest way to eat is to eat within season. The reason why X veggie may seem expensive is because that veggies harvesting season is over. 


It’s really why I don’t hardly blog about veganism anymore because there is literally nothing I could say, no amount of evidence, no amount of videos demonstrating animal abuse on factory farms, no amount of me discussing maimed slaughterhouse migrant workers, — nothing appeals to people. 

They will tell you that freeing animals from testing facilities and fur farms is terrorism because they bashed some computers. They put computers over freeing animals from anal electrocution and cruel tests. That’s the world we live in. Even though fur is unnecessary in most places (not to mention one fuck of a privilege in most places) and animal testing has proven time and time again to not be accurate, people will defend the first because of “choice” and the second under shoddy science.

Among all the fuck up shit in the world people try to fix, no one can fathom the thought of NOT shoving things in cows vaginas, can NOT fathom not stealing milk made for her baby, can NOT fathom male baby cows NOT living in tiny veal crates. People literally can not fathom the idea of NOT forcing pigs into gestation crates, or grinding/gassing male chicks alive, people can NOT fathom NOT destroying the oceans eco system.

I mean, no one literally cares that scientists predicted a crash of the oceans eco system (extinction) in like 35 years because of over fishing.

I mean, i would  be a bit more optimistic if people who funded these things at the very least were animal welfarist- but even thats too much to ask. Its too much to ask that if they are going to exploit them, at least write an email to the company requesting better treatment. They just can’t fathom a tiny bit of compassion toward non-human animals-

Unless of course, someone somewhere in the world is feeding their dog a vegan diet.

Then all of the sudden they become righteous and know whats best for animals. They care about dogs and cats, the very very few vegan ones out there. You get post reaching 50k notes about meat-eaters angry someone fed their dog vegan once.

And its cognitive dissonance because cows are being fed sawdust, corn, ruminants, hormones, beer- everything EXCEPT what cows are supposed to eat; grass.

But no, make a post on that and it gets 500 notes not from meat eaters because that doesn’t peak their interest, but from other vegans who know this. So I don’t blog about veganism anymore because it broke my heart.

It depresses me.

My heart literally is broken every single time I  make a post about veganism, because I am preaching to those who already get it, and the word doesn’t cycle to anyone else, and when it does, you get jokes, hypothetical situations that are unlikely, people appropriating other peoples illnesses and poverty, people appropriating migrant workers, people who try and tell you their choice to end trillions of lives should be respected.

And it ruined my heart. 

You would think that someones right to do something ends when it grossly infringes on the rights of others, but no, not in this world.

I mean, as soon I mention “vegan” people want to say “what about people? What about x, y, and z” and they assume because I care about animals I don’t care about anything else. 

If not that, they will bring up a passage from the Bible to justify animal abuse.

If not that, then I must be privileged. 

If not that, then I must be white.


There is no such thing as humane slaughter. This veal calf has heard the screams of his companions and smells their blood and their fear and he knows he faces death. He has spent his entire short life confined in a tiny crate so as not to develop muscles (we like our veal tender). He has never suckled or known his mother who suffered agonizing deprivation when he was taken from her at birth. He has existed on an iron deficient liquid (we like our veal pale) causing diarrhea and illness.

thetimerose-deactivated20160726  asked:

Can I ask you, in your opinion, why don't vegans drink milk? I don't think it actually harms the animal if you are letting their babies drink first. My sister and I are really curious about this, as we have many vegan friends. I understand why you wouldn't eat honey, or meat, ext...But what about milk? Thanks a lot for your time and thought! I love your pictures, by the way!

I’m gonna try really hard to answer this without sounding like an asshole. (once you actually have a complete understanding on the dairy industry, it’s kind of impossible to deal with these kinda questions, but you’re actually curious, so here I go..)

It’s cruel. 

  • On small home farms a few different things can happen - calves are separated from their mom and fed a watered down formula, sometimes when they’re not separated right away, they’ll have spiked nose rings put in, so they physically cannot feed. They are always separated in calf huts. *In factory farms (this is where most milk at the store comes from) calves are removed and not at all gently dragged away moments after the birth. The mom is hooked up to a milking machine, Females are kept to live out as dairy slaves like their moms. Males are sent off for slaughter, to become veal (this is why vegetarianism isn’t as cruelty free as most think.) Dairy and Meat work hand in hand. Calves are sent off and live in very tiny crates almost immobilized so their flesh stays tender. Other than veal, dairy cows are “spent“ from the poor living environments, and the strain and stress of constant pregnancy after 4-6 years and made into cheap (usually fast food) meat. A cows natural lifespan is about 25 years. Moms also suffer from infections and inflammation, commonly Mastitis, usually due to growth hormones. Cows are amazing moms, they suffer stress from their babies being taken, they cry out and will even chase after them. It’s unneeded.
  • The dairy industry in 60 seconds. (watch.)

It’s unhealthy and unnatural. 

  • Humans are not meant to break down lactose. It’s actually abnormal if you can drink milkand digest it normally. We’re not babies anymore, and we’re definitely not baby cows.
  • Cows milk is linked to osteoporosis, allergy and hormone issues (acne being one), different forms of cancer and more!
  • Cheese is literally addictive. (x)
  • It contains bacteria, pus and hormones..yes even organic milk.
  • It’s cows milk. 

“Cow’s milk [organic or otherwise] has been shown to contain 35 different hormones and 11 growth factors,” says Prof Plant. High circulating levels of one such growth factor in milk, called IGF-1, is now strongly linked to the development of many cancers. Research has also found that “unbound” IGF levels are lower in vegans than in both meat-eaters and other vegetarians. (x)

"Our bodies just weren’t made to digest milk on a regular basis. Instead, most scientists agree that it’s better for us to get calcium, potassium, protein, and fats from other food sources, like whole plant foods — vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and seaweed” - (x)

"The reality is that there is no reason for humans to consume cow’s milk—and there are many reasons to avoid it. Dairy products are packed with fat and cholesterol and may increase the risk of health problems ranging from asthma to some types of cancer. An elevated risk of prostate cancer incidence and mortality has been associated with dairy consumption and the same may be true for ovarian cancer. Calcium is a necessary nutrient, but we can easily get enough from plant foods.” (x)

~I’ll probably get messages for this but before you send em in.
1) I don’t care about the nice little dairy farm that your cousins best friends uncle drove by once. 2) that’s not where the milk at your grocery store comes from. 3) Dairy commercials with happy cows grazing fields isn’t reality. 4) if you think you “can’t” give up milk or cheese..you’re wrong. 5) There’s a delicious replacement for every product you “can’t live without.”


“We need to start working towards really getting rid of factory farming. It’s really an issue that I think is incredibly archaic. I can’t believe in this day and age that we are basically confining animals to these tiny gestation crates. They can’t move, they’re essentially suffering their whole lives and then they die. It’s heart wrenching.”

- Paul Wesley (x)

“Vegans are so judgmental!”

Is that so? Aren’t those of you who eat meat really the ones who “judge”? After all, don’t you decide which animals are to be born, grown and killed on your behalf? Don’t you judge that it’s okay to killmale chicks so you can “enjoy” eggs? Don’t you judge that it’s acceptable to steal babies so you can indulge in their mother’s milk? Don’t you judge that it’s ethical to pay someone to kill animals for you –not out of need, but simply for your own pleasure? Your dollars will even buy you the myth that it’s all “humane“… No muss, no fuss! And how fortunate you are that your neighbors, friends and family all share the same judgment.

You judge it acceptable to confine animals to tiny crates and warehouses for their entire lives so that you might pay a few pennies less in the checkout line. You judge it to be only a loss of property if sometimes those places burn to the ground with the animals trapped inside. You judge that the bodies of animals can be used for flesh, fur…and fun. You judge that it’s okay to dominate and willfully terminate the lives of horses, pigs, cows, chickens, mice, ducks, geese, starlings, frogs, prarie dogs, bears, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, rabbits, fishes, alligators and all other nonhuman beings. Why? Well, because you’ve judged them to be either desirable or undesirable. As a nonvegan, it is you who judges that it’s acceptable to manipulate, castrate, impregnate, and eviscerate others.

Still, we’re told over and over again: it’s the veganswho are judgmental.

But the way I see it, as a vegan, I’m not deciding who lives or dies just so I can have a leather couch or a woolen scarf or an ice cream cone. I’m not the one who “judges” that it’s okay to imprison elephants, tigers or dolphins and force them to perform tricks for my kids. I’m not the one who supports the purebred and puppy mill dog industries because I “judge” some dogs to be better than others.

No, as a non-vegan, you’re the “judge” of all that.

Vegans aren’t the ones putting animals on the earth only to judge how they should be used and when/how/why they should be killed. I don’t know that there could possibly be anything more “judgmental” than deciding who will live and who will die. So please… The next time you have the urge to call a vegan “judgmental,” take a good, long, honest look in the mirror of your conscience and you be the judge. - By Bea Elliot