tiny crab bot


this was supposed to be cronkri steampunk outfits but it turned into cronkri whatthefuckaretheywearing outfits.

i wiSH I WAS CREATIVE BUt. oh well. sloppily sketched because lazy

kankri has a little crab bot. it registers certain programmed words / phrases as triggers and makes little whistles and beeps when it hears them. <8D he’s like kankri’s tiny crab whistle with a mind of its own. also he’s precious. and beeps like 99.9% of the time when cronus starts to talk. in fact cronus is probably where it got 99.9% of its trigger vocabulary from.

tiny crab bot is probably the only good thing about this picture. TINY CRAB BOTTTT

i have art block don’t judge me u a u

edit: i drew tiny crabbot. lookit that cronkri coloured little bastard. cutieclaws