tiny cans

okay but do you ever just take a moment to think about andrew minyard? he’s like five (5) feet tall. five. he’s shorter than neil. he’s tiny. but he’s one of the best exy goalkeepers out there. the ravens tried to score 150 times and andrew only missed 13.

no, listen dude, listen. the goal is really big and andrew (5 feet tall) only missed 13 points out of 150 from the best exy team. HE’S SO TINY CAN YOU IMAGINE THE TALENT INSIDE THIS SMALL FRAME HOLY SHIT i admire him so much, woah


grimes: “yoink thanks 2 all who marched for science today🦂🦇and ESPecially to all scientists in the trenchez. gonna quote my friend @hanatruly cuz i dig what she said : "our mother 🌎 is under attack by our current administration and she is more vulnerable than ever. making calls to your senators and reps speaking out against trumps anti-science & anti-epa ways CAN cause action. give them a mandate! eat less meat (even one meat-free day a week is better than nothing!) consume less. recycle. read. share a study with a friend. take shorter showers. plant a tree. carpool. walk! if more of us make these little tiny changes, we can make a difference.”

lil bootleg reminder

i am SO thrilled that y'all are coming to our show, but i wanna ask again that you don’t bootleg our performances !!!! we are a tiny theatre company with no funds rlly, so when these things get out and we aren’t the ones posting them, it’s harmful. not to mention the theater is very tiny and we can see u (it’s distracting) 💕

tiny-angry-dragon  asked:

Can I request some Pidge angst for the follower special? (Congratulations btw) With one or some of other inhabitants of the castle?

Sometimes it got to be too much. Sometimes Pidge hit a roadblock in whatever project she was working on, and everything welled up, and expanded, and overwhelmed, and she couldn’t stop thinking, couldn’t stop feeling, couldn’t make herself do anything else. Sometimes she couldn’t sleep, no matter how much she wanted to. Sometimes the company of the other paladins grated on her nerves, their laughter, their jokes, their hopefulness, and she wanted to yell at them that none of them knew how much it hurt, how much it hurt to be alone. It wouldn’t do any good, and it wasn’t true, anyway. All of them knew how much it to hurt to be alone, to be away from their families. Pidge knew that. So she didn’t yell. She walked away.

Sometimes she found herself on the command deck, staring out at the stars, wondering if one of the pinpricks of light out there was where her father was, or if he was so far away that she wouldn’t be able to see him with the visible spectrum even if she knew where to look. Sometimes she sat with her legs pulled up to her chest, her face hidden against her knees. Sometimes she cried, small, hidden, only for herself.

Sometimes Allura found her there. Sometimes she sat next to Pidge and said nothing, only rested a hand on her back. Sometimes she hummed, old Altean melodies and lullabies that no one knew anymore.

“I’m sorry,” Pidge said once, when she could keep herself from sobbing in the middle of her words. “I never should have said that, about how I was going to get my father back, knowing that you couldn’t.”

Allura sighed and rubbed her back. “I understand,” she said. “I’m sorry my father is gone, and I will never see him again. But I’m glad that your father is out there waiting to be found, nevertheless. Both things can be true simultaneously.”

Pidge nodded, and shivered, and watched the stars. Allura sang in Altean, and Pidge hummed shakily along, messing up the melody but still trying. Someday she would know the words and would sing with her, but for now, they sat together, and grieved their loss together, and neither of them were alone.

2,000 followers special! Prompts are now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! You can read all of the fics at this link or on AO3 starting here.

It’s funny how family fucks with you even when you think you’re braced for it. Like… I legitimately stopped complaining on Tumblr about the little preggo things that are driving me nuts even though this is kind of my little pocket of the internet to shout into the void because my sister insisted that it was “inappropriate” for me to talk to my friends about inconsequential preggo troubles when I hadn’t told my racist mother about my biracial fetus. 

And like… I didn’t notice it for days but that is some mastercraft manipulation, to try to cut you off from your support network.


I am getting really sick and tired of literally everything wrong/uncomfortable/inconvenient with me right now being attributed to growing a tiny human. Like can’t I hurt or be cranky for a reason other than “your hormone levels are absurd and insane rn and so you’re just fucked all over”?

Jess’s To Do List for the Week of April 24th

Okay, it’s been awhile since I’ve made a To Do List, but here we go.

  • upload the first Love Live episode
  • work on stuff for Nate’s and my ~secret project~
  • one (1) FTE
  • read more of DRT3
  • get heavily into V3 Chapter 5

Pretty conservative, because I have a bad habit of biting off more than my tiny mouth can chew. (Also my jaw is tired from all the drones.)

If I can effectively manage to do this and balance it with my new job, then I can hopefully make this a regularish schedule and actually work through the mountain of stuff I need to get done.


todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

click through for captions


@raythrill, @pictorch-art and I worked on an art collab/meme for the Hamilton!college AU

They both did such a great job I’m in awe

I haven’t animated in so long??