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The Signs Inbetween:

Aries: The bathroom at a public pool. The concrete floor is painful to walk on. The smell isn’t bad, just impossible to place. Everything echoes.

Taurus: The streets outside your house at middling night. The foliage seems denser than you remember it, except around the streetlights.

Gemini: The local park in the very very early morning. You lay with one elbow propped up on a bench as you watch the sprinklers slowly douse the grass. You almost didn’t notice you were about to get sprayed.

Cancer: The nice part of town. There are a lot of churches here. Its really just churches with breaks between them.

Leo: Near midnight, after a concert. You drip with sweat and smoke and booze. The cold wind is refreshing, as is the sudden aroma from the taco truck pulled up at the curb. For some reason you don’t trust it.

Virgo: The huge mall built during the height of the bubble. Nobody goes to the mall anymore. Nobody.

Libra: The lot down the street where maybe six or seven different restaurants have been. They just cant seem to stay open at that address. You didn’t eat at any of them.

Scorpio: A trolley stop. Your city doesn’t have trolleys. There was a whole plan to install them that never went through. 

Ophiuchus: The local grocery store, specifically the little covered entryway. You see a little half-burned wax candle sitting in the direct center. 

Sagittarius: A building that says it’s some sort of museum but is far far too small to be a museum.

Capricorn: The little neighborhood where all the old people live. It feels weirdly separate from the rest of the community. Sometimes its noticeably muggier.

Aquarius: A tiny mom-and-pop burger parlor that despite all laws of taste, decency, and man, will not die.

Pisces: The liquor store by the middle school.

ot13; the ways you said "i love you"

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genre: marshmallow fluff, random au with each member

word count: 6283

summary: the thirteen ways seventeen shows how much they care about you

rated p for terrible puns and tastefully executed profanity

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the masters and their mcdonalds order
  • delgado: would order a very expensive burger, those that r like premium double meat n bacon n he would order no fries
  • He eats it with fork n knife
  • Crispy: doesnt care his taste buds r dead but he goes for an ice cream n mayb dips fries on it (he stole the fries from macqueen)
  • Ainley: orders a barbecue type one n is extremely adamant abt the pickle content he does not want to see a single pickle
  • Roberts: has a classic style big mac and his nuggets convo, also orders a McFlurry. Onion rings instead of fries
  • MacQueen: orders a chicken one not bc he cares for the flavor but bc he wants to torment crispy. Always tries the sauces but then complains sayin they ruined the flavor even tho he should kno he won't like the sauces. Eats like half of it bitchin n has his fries instead. Also enjoys an apple pie thingy
  • Yana: always orders a salad n encourages everyone else to do the same. Big fan of desserts
  • Simm: that hoe who is there to be disruptive. Orders the current and edgy new burger that has like Doritos on it, eats too quickly n wont shut up abt how he always picks the best burger even tho it looks gross. Volunteers to pick up everyone's drinks at the machine but hes just that asshole who mixes all the sodas which rlly upsets Yana who just wanted iced tea. Orders n M;ms mcflurry everytime but never eats it. Eventually copies Delgado in cutlery use. also gets like two of everything he eats a lot
  • Missy: always has the happy meal for the toy every time. Everyone offers her fries n she always accepts. Always complains that her burger is tiny so she also has chicken nuggets. Probably teams up with MacQueen on the chicken torment. Eats Simms M&Ms McFlurry