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Solangelo & An Angel & A Vampire

Hi, guys! I wrote this for an anon and got carried away so if you guys like it let me know and I will continue! (I have a whole bunch of ideas for this!)

Will inhaled the air around him, the rusty scent of blood filling his nose. He let a soft smile creep onto his face. He truly loved his job.

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If a Pogrebin is allowed to tail a human for many hours, a sense of great futility will overcome its prey, who will eventually fall into a state of lethargy and despair. – Newt Scamander

Word Count: 1.9k

A/n: hope you guys enjoy this next chapter! If you’d like to be tagged in upcoming chapters please let me know x

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I know I have no right to do this because I haven't even seen the film yet but --

It was his fault. All of it. It was his fault for being too cocky, it was his fault for dragging God into this, and his fault for being born at all.

But Clyde had been so sure – just so sure – that if he prayed hard enough, that God would give them a baby girl. He’d worked his brain into overtime, perfecting the image of the little angel in his mind’s eye. She looked nothing like him (he didn’t want her to look anything like his sorry ass), but she looked every bit of divine as her momma.

Her sparkling eyes, her smooth skin, her perfect everything. But, most importantly, she wouldn’t have her pathetic pappy’s curse. Really, though, in his mind, the fact that she wouldn’t have the curse would’ve been reason enough for her to better resemble her mother.

The certainty that Clyde had earned God’s favor enough to assure that his first born would be a girl had been enough to keep the two of you from revealing the baby’s gender. Or, rather, it had been enough for Clyde to abstain from confirmation. You simply went along with it, though you occasionally did gently remind him that the world was filled with possibilities. You made sure to obtain gender-neutral colors for clothes and the bedroom “just in case.”

He’d been cocky. So confident that he had won out for the second time in his life (the first time being you). And for that, God was punishing him. The curse dropped back down not only upon himself, but his newborn son as well.

The moment of joy brought on by the infant’s first cries was instantly dampened by the doctor’s own cry: “Congratulations: It’s a boy!” The small, tired sound of pure happiness that you had released didn’t fall upon Clyde’s ears. For regardless of all the noises going on in the present – your small sobs of relief, the beeping of the hospital machinery, the doctors’ footsteps pattering around the room, and his son’s whimpers from the cold and bright lights – Clyde wasn’t present enough to hear any of it. He was far off in a place where time was inconsistent.

He was in the past, where he, as a Logan boy, was getting bullied and ridiculed, constantly getting screwed over by some unseen force of nature and his own damn self. He was in the present, in a blank space where all that he could hear, all that he could think, was “Logan boy! Logan boy! Unlucky Logan boy!” And then he was in the future, seeing his poor, cursed child reliving all of his mistakes and then some, disdaining his father for leaving only something so awful to inherit and wishing he’d never been brought into creation.

The nurses assumed that the gulp he’d made, followed by the trembling of his lips and watering of his eyes had been fatherly pride. After all, he had a child now. A son. And a big boy, at that, weighing in at 8 lbs and 6 oz. He was, to say the least, quite healthy.

The baby also appeared to be quite loving, as the moment he was placed into your arms, his crying stopped and his sobs calmed down into small, body-shaking hiccups.

“Oh!” you breathed, whipping Clyde back into the present – the real present. In this one, you were tearing up at the sight of the blanketed thing in your arms. “Oh, Clyde,” your voice cracked with tears. “He’s beautiful!”

Clyde wouldn’t know. He didn’t want to look down. He didn’t want to look down and see himself, both literally and metaphorically. To see an unfortunate child, both in luck and looks.

“… Clyde,” your voice sounded so soft. Probably because you were tired after such a long labor. “Clyde, look at your son.” You almost sounded as though you were pleading. Clyde was never one to ignore your requests. No matter how painful.

The tearing up from shame made for a shuttering inhale as he looked down to meet his poor child.

His features were round and pink, not too defined being that he wasn’t even five minutes old. He looked upset, but his calm breathing suggested otherwise. And the thick, black mop already developing on his little head suggested that he already was taking on Clyde’s attributes. Just a pinkish gumwad with a poof of black wisps and an upset expression.

He was the most beautiful thing Clyde had ever dared to look it.

A small “oh” managed to slip out from behind the lump in Clyde’s throat. You smiled tiredly by his side.

“Come on, honey, you gotta hold him,” you said, lifting the big baby up and closer to his daddy. Clyde didn’t mean to move so suddenly; all he had meant to do was move away from his own child.

“Uh, I –” he started before giving up. You lowered your arms, brows furrowing slightly. Clyde could see a hint of disappointment on your face. He sighed. “I jus’ … I don’t wanna hurt ‘em. He’s so tiny …”

But in admitting such, it appeared that Clyde had hurt you. The expression you now wore held so much surprise and pain – for him. He was a father now, and still all he could think about (or fear about) was his lack of luck and how it may cause him to do awful things, no matter what he’d intended or didn’t intend to do.

“Clyde,” you spoke quietly. “He’s your son. Nothing’s gonna happen to him, I promise.” He didn’t seem convinced, still stiff as a board as he hesitantly eyeballed the blanketed blob. You bit your lip. “How about … How about I hold him with one hand, and you hold him with the other –”

“My arm might pop off and he’ll drop.”

“It will not,” you asserted sternly. And that was that. After all, Clyde could never easily say no to you or turn you down. He made sure to lean in close enough to you so that there were no gaps between you, himself, or the bed. He fought to keep from thinking about the millions of ways the bed could collapse or how he could unintentionally hurt the baby. Even as you slowly maneuvered the child into a position between the two of you, Clyde had his doubts.

The weight was pretty light, especially considering how thick of a man Clyde was. It was actually almost comedically enjoyable, based on what he could feel. Every so often, the slumbering angel would jolt (“It’s just him getting used to his nerves, don’t worry about it,” the doctors had advised moments earlier). But even more often, he would release a tiny exhale that sounded like a sigh. One big enough to rumble through his tiny body. Often accompanied by his tiny tongue smacking against his lips.

He had Clyde’s hair, but Clyde wanted to believe that he also had your ears. But the very small, barely noticeable dot underneath his closed right eye suggested a mole. One of Clyde’s. The first thought that came to mind, much to Clyde’s own surprise, was not so much how worried he was about his son inheriting his appearance, but that the placement of said mole suggested that he’d grow up to be a pretty boy.

“See?” he heard you whisper beside him. “Nothin’ to it. You’re a natural.” Clyde offered you half of a smile when the baby shuddered and wriggled slightly. Out of his own protective instincts, Clyde couldn’t stop himself from raising his other arm to place it as further support on the child’s back. The wriggling stopped almost instantaneously. The angling at which Clyde was now hunched felt awkward. Out of reflex, he sat upright, taking the baby with him, but not your arm. It had long since returned back to your side, your eyes now capturing every movement of your husband in this moment.

“A natural,” you whispered once again. Your smile didn’t falter even for an instant when Clyde looked between you and his child. It was only when his son’s head began to shift ever so slightly that he stopped and landed firmly on the being in his arms.

His eyes stared right back into his own. They were smaller, purer, and so filled with love and unaware of the meaning of the word “loneliness” or of life’s hardships, but there was no second-guessing about it: They were Clyde’s eyes. And they had never been so beautiful to Clyde before now.

This was the thing that triggered Clyde inside. Indeed, having yet another Logan boy did put him in the mindset of having a child repeat his own life. But the catch was, now he had a daddy who was going to assure that nothing went wrong. This second chance, but better.

Once again, Clyde returned into the scape where time was skewed: He saw the past where he could have fixed things, he saw the future where his son, all handsome and beloved, was the first real lucky Logan to walk the county and, eventually, the world. But for now, he just needed to see the present. The present where you, tired from many hours of pain and discomfort, were catching up on your well-deserved rest. The present where he, a sorry S.O.B., was being graced by the presence of his small but beautiful family that he’d made for himself.

The present where Clyde Logan, as he stared down at the beautiful, tiny creature staring right back at him, wordlessly communicated how much love he felt for the newborn.

It was in this present that he would assure that future he was seeing. Starting with assuring that no harm would ever come upon his child. Not ever. Curse be damned.

Because if there was one thing a curse should never underestimate, it would be the boundlessness of one’s love for their family.

i sneakily pulled my phone out and checked my inbox inbetween classes today and when i saw this, i gASPED. i couldn’t put my phone down, not even when a girl started asking me about my disabilities accommodations. i had to keep reading.

and then i started crying.

i am SO in love with this story and i love you and i love, love, love clyde. i ended up actually doing a sketch of clyde and his baby son and i started crying more at his sweet face and i just,,, let me write a reply to this that’s actually interesting to read oh goodness

clyde logan is the unluckiest logan of all. his momma may have up and died and his daddy may have been a no-good sack of rancid rat meat, and maybe his aunt lost that winning lotto ticket and maybe his uncle got electrocuted, but clyde? clyde’s had it the worst of all of them.

nearly every part of clyde logan’s life has been cursed from beginning to end. there’s only been one bright spot, one success: his wife.

she was the thing that convinced him the curse was over, in some way. he had to be cleansed of the curse, surely, if such a beautiful thing would fall into his lap like this. he can’t be cursed if such wonder and goodness exists within arm’s reach. 

but part of him is terrified that maybe the curse is just dormant and waiting to strike the next generation, a viper in the grass. so when he finds out that his miracle girl, his curse breaker, his one victory, is pregnant with his child, the combination of fear and joy is IMMENSE.

but holding his son, he strokes his cheek and stares at him and sees that this must be the first child born in the logan lineage that hasn’t got the curse. there can be nothing, nothing at all in his beautiful, perfect little boy, that’s cursed. and if there is?

he, clyde caleb logan, will do everything he can to protect his boy. because there’s one thing that’s been missing in the logan line: love.

no fathers loved their children. none of them cared to protect their offspring; they were too busy lamenting their own losses and scourging the name logan for their misfortune. they forgot to protect their sons, and maybe, if they had, the curse would’ve died off. maybe it wouldn’t have been as powerful if they’d been able to  find it in their hearts to live on in kindness, curse or no.

so he’s gonna love. he’s gonna love his wife, his son. he’s gonna love jimmy and mellie and his niece and everyone he can, because love is more important than any number of lost arms, electrocutions, or jail sentences. love will win out.

he kisses his son’s brow and cries, soft and tender, into the dark, downy hairs that crown his baby’s head. that’s his baby. that’s his little angel, an angel descended from the most beautiful, angelic woman in the world. and clyde’s part of that world, now. he’s blessed.

so curse or no, he’s got it all. everything.

and he won’t give it up.

The signs as evil mythical creatures

Aries- A traveler, and spell caster. Mutters incantations under their breath, going mostly unnoticed. Deadly. At least one side of their face is always concealed.
Taurus- Appears in the forest as an innocent woodland creature to lead those wandering astray, never to be found again.
Gemini- A spirit who delivers nightmares to whoever they deem fit. Floats through the night, with a childlike giggle every time they make someone scream.
Cancer- The ghosts of warriors. Haunts the places that meant the most to them. Has an eternal desire for revenge, will torture anyone who disturbs them.
Leo- Forest fairies. Only visible to small children, tricking them into making deadly mistakes. Tiny, beautiful, but vain creatures. Bad tempers.
Virgo- A Satori, or a mind-reading humanoid. Seeks out fragile people, so they can drive the to insanity by speaking their thoughts before the other can say them.
Libra- God/Goddess of fire. Tall stature, dark eyes, voice filled with authority. Can intimidate anyone into their submission, but only keeps a very few close.
Scorpio- A demon humanoid who can kill any human just by looking into their eyes. Roams at night, wearing all black. Seeks out those doing unspeakable crimes and sends them to hell
Sagittarius- A spirit that predicts bad fortune/death for humans. They look innocent, with flowers in their hair and wide eyes but when they leave those flowers on your doorstep.. there is no hope.
Capricorn- A succubus/incubus, a creature who feeds of the romantic or sexual energy of humans by draining them. Breathtaking and mischievous, but very paranoid.
Aquarius- A water demon who lures sailors into the water only to drown them. Much like a mermaid in appearance. Very self-centered, but they are the most beautiful creatures you will ever meet.
Pisces- An apparition of a young woman that will appear and disappear at will to trick travelers into following them until they are lost, hopelessly.

i’m creating a new race - her race - for my ma/ss eff/ect verse and i’m so stoked y’all.

Ok but I keep thinking about like this a/b/o au where Crowley heads a dangerous cabal of people involved in anything from embezzlement to intimidation to murder. In exchange for protection for his and Zachariah’s company, Michael allowed Crowley to take his brother Castiel for “mating”, which they all knew meant “live-in fuck toy” but decided to ignore because Cas is an omega, he’s less than his Alpha and Beta siblings and most importantly, he’s a pawn to be used.
And at least Crowley didnt bite him, didnt officially make him his mate so he’s not bound to him, but the second Cas finds out he’s pregnant, something changes in his complacency to Crowley, and he immediately starts planning his escape. He wont let his child suffer through the trauma of living in Crowley’s power, or worse, risking his Aunt Naomi taking the child to groom him into another pawn in her and Zachariah’s twisted social climb. Especially if the pup presents as Omega.
So he sneaks into the computer at night, looking for cheap houses anywhere to rent, in small minuscule towns because they’re harder to find him in and Crowley will expect him to run to big cities where he’s got distant family in New York and Chicago. He swipes one of Michael’s bank cards and takes out $15000, grabs an old pickup truck from the company garage that no one will notice is missing (but he stills screws off the plates when he’s an hour out of LA), and bolts.
And then 2, 3 months pregnant omega!cas moving into a Alpha!dean’s small town in Lawrence, quiet, unannounced, and barely noticed. But Dean’s driving home from his mechanic’s shop with the windows rolled down because it’s July and 92 degrees out. He smells vulnerable pregnant omega cut through the air from the open window and slows down until he sees Cas, stooped in the small truck trying to pick up a box and get it in the house without putting the wrong amount of pressure on the tiny pup growing inside him. And dean can’t help himself because it’s hot as balls, the guy is pregnant, and he can’t smell anyone else’s scent around the truck so he’s definitely alone lifting heavy boxes and that’s so not good for a pregnant person.
Except dean doesn’t expect to see the absolutely terrified look in Cas’s eyes when an unfamiliar alpha gets too close to him and his pup, and suddenly he feels like he knows why Cas is pregnant and alone and quietly moving into a small town in Nowhere, Kansas. Cas of course, is terrified that Dean is an Alpha sent by Crowley to find him and bring the omega back to the abusive Alpha to whom his brother Michael basically sold him to.
So Dean backs up and slowly introduces himself, asks if he can help because he really shouldnt be doing heavy lifting in his condition, and its only a few boxes anyway. Cas is wary, but he doesnt smell anything unpleasant about dean under the layers of oil and grease and faint metallic smell that comes from spending hours fixing cars, so he lets dean carry the boxes into the house, just past the door. He doesnt tell dean his name, but Dean pointedly doesnt ask anything of Cas except how he’s feeling and if he’s in any pain. He refers Cas to Ellen, who’s got a pregnancy and pediatrics practice 10 minutes away, makes small talk about where to eat and get cheap groceries, offers to fix up the truck and tells him where Cas can find him most days, at work or at home seven blocks away. Cas only mutters a few short responses and
Dean doesnt see Cas again for almost two weeks, but worry and concern and something else compels him to drive by Cas’ house everyday and glance over to make sure everything looks okay. Then Cas shows up at the shop, looking down at his feet like a small child who’s been told to be seen and not heard, and asks if Dean can take a look at the truck, because its making weird noises.
And from there Dean slowly starts to wiggle his way into Cas’ life, dropping by the house to compulsively check on the truck, starts running through the park because he learns Cas like to read under the trees, shows up at Ellen’s office to bring by lunch more often since Cas got a job as a receptionist there. Cas starts to open up around Dean, starts laughing at his jokes and even letting it slip that Ellen thinks he could be a good medical assistant with the way he interacts with the omegas and kids that come into the office.
Dean’s obviously protective of Cas and the pup growing in his belly, always asks Cas how he feels and if he needs anything. Cas is 7 months pregnant when Dean finally asks Cas out on a date, no pressure, something casual like a movie. Cas says he’ll think about it, and then suddenly Cas calls out of work 3 days in a row, and Ellen gets worried and asks Dean to make sure Cas is ok. Cas doesnt answer the door, but Dean’s worried as shit that somethings wrong with Cas or the baby and he /technically/ breaks into the house but hes got a reason so it doesnt count.
But while Cas does have a little bit of a cold, he’s mostly wallowing in his bed, pregnant and anxious and hormonally and emotionally exhausted, and he finally tells Dean his story. Because he doesnt want to be someone else’s pretty little omega even though he knows Dean isnt Crowley or Michael or Zachariah and he knows Dean is a good person and Alpha and he wants to be with Dean more then anything but he doesnt want to go back to being less than a person.
And Dean just wraps him up in his arms and mutters nonsense into his ear until Cas calms down and promises that he’ll respect whatever Cas wants to do and wont go faster than what makes Cas comfortable and Cas nods, dried tears on his face, and asks if Dean would stay with him. Dean smiles and makes grilled cheeses for them and he lays in bed with Cas and they watch ridiculous reality TV until Cas is sleepily slumping onto Dean’s shoulder and Dean is yelling at every stupid person on the screen. And as he’s slowly drifting off while Dean rubs against the crick in his back, making sure not to put a possessive hand on Cas’ belly so he wont feel threatened, and the last thing Dean hears Cas say before he starts snoring softly is “this isnt the worst first date I’ve been on”, and Dean cant help but laugh, jostling Cas on his shoulder.
They go quickly from there, kissing a week later, sloppy and rushed handjobs within the month. When Cas enters his last month of pregnancy, he’s stuck in this constant seesaw between whole-body discomfort and horny like he’s in heat and unable to do anything about it since he’s officially too big for any kind of “strenuous activity”, and Dean just thinks he’s downright adorable when he pouts in his bed that he’s too big to do anything, especially after Ellen demands that she had better not see him for the next three months unless he’s coming in as a patient.
So they patiently wait until Cas bravely makes it through 32 hours of labor and baby Emma is born, and shes the most beautiful tiny little creature Deans ever seen, and he wants her to be his. As Cas doses off to sleep with the infant nursing at his chest, he mumbles over to Dean “as soon as I stop feeling like I got run over by an 18-wheeler, I’m gonna bite you, and you better bite me back.” and Dean just smiles and kisses Cas’ forehead and says “whatever you want baby,” and holds Emma in his arms after Cas falls asleep and she’s done nursing and just stares at the two perfect people who he loves so much.


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Elven Queen and Prince. Sakura and Hikaru.

Sakura gently passed into the summerhouse, one of those that were placed above the rest, and sat down, carefully holding in the hands of a sleepy son. Elf loved to meet dawn and now she wanted to show all the beauty of the first rays of the sun to his son. Hikaru yawned and began to fist to wipe the sleep from his eyes. The kid was too young and did not understand why mother brought him here.

-Do You like my sweet-Sakura smiled and kissed the child on the forehead and he looked up at her mother. The next time your father will look at it with us (Sasuke is in a neighboring world, the world of the beast people in a meeting with the king of beasts people)

Morning rays cut through the horizon lighting up all around and Hikaru turned squinting eyes.

-It Is very nice is not it, smile Sakura lifted her face the first rays of the sun but it distracted joyful sounds wafting from her son. What’s the matter?

Hikaru first saw the butterfly could not tear his eyes from her enthusiastic. A tiny beautiful creature fluttered near the child as if deliberately attracting his attention. Kid pulled his hand to catch a butterfly but she deftly flew away to a safe distance but continued to flit around. Sakura could not help but smile sweet watching the game of his son.

-It Butterfly Hikaru. Be careful with it, it is very fragile. Do not hurt her.She remembered the long history of his childhood and said the same words that once meant for her husband, who was once a child too fond of catching butterflies (here a reference to my doujinshi “Butterfly”)

-Because Butterfly is part of our nature as we are with you.Hikaru stopped and looked at his mother, as if she understood the meaning of spoken words. The kid laughed happily back and Sakura could not help but laugh a sincere response.

Photography Blogs

Here’s a list of some of my favorite photography blogs on tumblr. All blogs listed properly credit their photos and promote original photography on tumblr. Categories are not always strictly what the blog posts, but the general feel of the blog. (A few of the cat ones are submission based) I will update this post as I follow more blogs. 







Mixed Media


For a list of my favorite original photographer blogs, click here.

▸ first kiss

{ you take my hand and drag me head first fearless }

Theme: Kuroko no Basket ✕ Taylor Swift
Song: “Fearless” by Taylor Swift (Fearless)
Pairing: Kise Ryouta ✕ Reader
Words: 387 words
Requested by: anonymous

Days and nights were Kise were always something else. He took you out for a drive to the middle of nowhere. And God, it was terrifying and thrilling as hell. The two of you hiked up a small mountain where he’d prepared a spread for the two of you.

Initially, it was nerve-wracking to jump into a relationship with Kise Ryouta. He was a model, basketball extraordinaire, super popular. Not to mention, his reputation as a playboy. You thought you didn’t need that in your life. You needed something, safe, steady.

But for once, you thought that maybe it was good to be a little risky.

So you took the leap and let yourself free-fall into Kise’s arms.

And so far, you haven’t regretted your decision.

“Ne, ne, ___-chi, come here.” He grinned and motioned for you to come over like a five year-old. He looked young at times like these. On the basketball court, he’s always felt so distant, so mature. Untouchable.

You peeked over him and he urged you forward, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. A small gasp escaped your lips as you watched the fireflies dance and glow in the darkness. They were absolutely mesmerizing. You couldn’t draw your eyes away from them as you smiled.

Kise looked over at you, seeing your expression soften and shine at the sight of the beautiful, tiny creatures. He hadn’t planned on getting too serious with you but now he wasn’t so sure. He couldn’t pull together his thoughts overnight and it would take him some time to get his emotions in check. However, for now, he’d enjoy the moment as it was.

He reached over and tucked a loose strand of your hair behind your ear. “You’re beautiful, you know that.” His gaze dropped to your lips, ready and kissable, before his golden eyes flickered back to meet yours, warning you of his actions. But you couldn’t — didn’t want to — move. As he moved closer, you took a deep breath. He kissed you carefully first, gently, before wrapping his arms around you and tangling his fingers through your soft tresses.

Your lips were sweet and soft, a perfect fit against his. For once in his life, Kise’s never felt a moment worth dying for than this. The first kiss.

Flawless. Remarkable. Unforgettable.

{ miscarriage meme }
+ ididntwantpower




   Their child would have had Regina’s eyes, Robin hoped. He tested names on his tongue, feather-light and full of longing, hoping the months would pass quickly and they’d know the instant they looked at their child which name was suitable. 

   He hoped the child would have Regina’s spirit, too; the heart locked away for years, uncertain it would ever know love again, fearful of the world and the awful things it could do to those who loved. Yet, she had allowed Robin a glimpse of the goodness she was capable of, but had only forgotten. He took his time loving her, giving her latitude when needed, letting her come to him step by step. 

   When the news came that she was pregnant with his child, an exuberance unlike anything else in the world overtook his mind and heart, and he longed to see their love manifested in this tiny, beautiful creature whose arrival couldn’t come fast enough. 

   The world seemed to dim the day he heard of the miscarriage, as though the sun had no right to shine, the stars should be ashamed of shimmering in a darkness they both welcomed now. Irrational as it was, it felt as though nothing would ever be quite right again.

   When she shut him out, it exacerbated the grief, and despite his attempts to speak with her, nothing seemed to work. Today, after days of not seeing her face, Robin’s fist pounded forcefully on the door. All this time, he’d been trying to coax her out by telling her she wasn’t alone, that they could help each other, but at the expense of his own grief. He thought it too selfish at first, but maybe just being real with her would help his words sink in. 

             "I need you, Regina,“ he murmured, loudly enough for her to hear.

Archimedes found a nest and brought us 4 little hatchlings. Such tiny beautiful creatures, they are now resting and curing within blue bells and garden plants 

I kind of wish Lisa and Roscoe had a canon child or even a second-gen. I mean I guess ice skating could go to roller blades could go to Peek but Peek’s real family is super important to her so I don’t want to take that away just for a dumb AU

but god could you imagine a Lisa/Roscoe baby could you imagine
Even if Lisa and Roscoe didn’t put him/her in shows Len totally would Len would promote the fuck outta that kid HAVE YOU SEEN MY NIECE/NEPHEW