tiny baby kitten

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but like who's sneeze would sound like a tornado and who would sneeze like a tiny baby kitten? -lmao I thought of this today and I wanted to see what you thought-

Allura and Keith both have small sneezes- Keith’s is almost silent (although he does get a bit of kickback from it sometimes), and Allura’s has a faint sound that vaguely does sound like a baby kitten.

And it was a tough one here, but Shiro has the biggest sneeze of them all. And it’s not all the time here– he’s pretty good at holding them in. But when he doesn’t, it’s a full-on dad sneeze that echoes through several rooms. Louder than Hunk and Lance’s sneezes combined. 


1) Mom and Dad are having a moment behind tiny baby kitten Inoo-chan

2) I am not sure I have ever seen Yabu-chan look MORE ADORABLY CUTE IN ALL MY LIFE.

3) Hikka is the cutest thing ever. 

4) I swear. Those two. Srsly.

5) Tiny kitten Inoo-chan.


Cr: Weibo:  光喵的喵奴