tiny baby iron

commissioned from the amazing feylen:

Inquisitor Elspeth Trevelyan and her Qunari-blooded son Fintan.

It’s hard to say who is more stunned when Elspeth discovers she’s pregnant: Elspeth herself or the Iron Bull.  

The pregnancy is not an easy one and everyone in Skyhold is worried about the delivery itself given the difference in size between the parents. Leliana’s agents are kept busy running all over Thedas to gather what knowledge is available on the subject of qunari/human reproduction and Agent Ritts earns herself a promotion when she returns from Seheron with an experienced Tal Vashoth midwife in tow.

The child, a girl, is born with surprisingly few complications or difficulties. When Bull sees her for the first time she is roaring her outrage and he laughs and tells her she sounds like a dragon.

“Is that it?”  He asks her.  “Are you one of the glorious ones?  Ataashi?”  She quiets at the sound of his deep voice and Bull insists on calling her that – Taashi. 

She shows no physical sign of her Qunari inheritance except for being quite large for her age, and a having tendency to headbutt things as she begins to be able to get around on her own. 

Their second child is a boy, born almost three years later, so sweet-natured and amiable a child that Elspeth insists he’s a changeling. They call him Fintan, a name that means “white bull” as a tribute to his father.  He inherits his mother’s big blue eyes and before he’s six months old he has two small bumps peeking out through his silver blond hair, the sight of which makes Elspeth smile as she runs her hands over them and the Iron Bull beam with pride.

Their daughter roars with outrage and throws a temper tantrum worthy of both her parents and her namesake when she makes the discovery her brother is going to have horns and she doesn’t.


one time when i was like four i just put a second pair of underwear on over the ones i was already wearing. sometimes these things just happen.