tiny baby angel

Juice Box

Summary: Gabriel has de-aged Castiel, and he becomes extremely clingy to you, much to the dissatisfaction of Sam and Dean. Him turning back leads you to a startling conclusion.

Words: 1,182

Cas x Reader

Warnings: None

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“But why do you have to stay?” Dean complained, putting his and Sam’s bags into Baby’s trunk.

You rolled your eyes as you tried to still the struggling child on your hip, “Because we can’t take a four year old out on a hunt. Especially not when you’re looking for werewolves.”

“I get that, I do,” he sighed, “But can’t Sam stay with him?”

“He’s a better hunter than me,” you said, plainly, “And how is Sam supposed to look after a kid? A tiny baby angel at that?”

“Not a baby,” Cas grumbled, pulling at your hair lightly to get your attention, “‘m nearly five.”

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