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so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…


As a bona fide crazy cat lady it was only so long until I was compelled to make a cute kitty of some kind. I’ve previously made Luna and Artemis dolls in the Pokemon style, but wanted to do something with a bit more of an animal shape. I had a custom order last year for a cat character that gave me the perfect oppurtunity!

Meet Ser Pounce-a-Lot! The original custom order had tiny little armour as well, but this is just the plain ol’ cat version, since it’s a little less time consuming. I also remade Luna and Artemis using the same style, and am thinking about trying out a Jiji next!

This pattern is super simple, though sometimes creating the small tube-like legs and tail can be a bit of a pain. Find the pattern below the cut!

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Cap IM Tiny RB Round 5: Armour

Artist: fan (fantalaimon)
Link to Tumblr: @fanartstuffs/ @fanmkii
Rating: G
Warnings: canon character death (not steve or tony)
Link to art: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11567556

Cap-IM Tiny Reverse Bang Round 5: ARMOUR 29th July - 4th August

Rules and information for writers who want to create fic (minimum 100 words!)for this round is here

In which a beautiful golden man loses his right hand and starts his journey towards redemption; with the help of a deadly, fearsome warrior who hides a kind soul and a huge crush. They become very important for each other. Or - in which Brienne is not a huge woman but a tiny man.

Levi’s armour is the shiniest in the realm

Megatron’s plating fluffed, and once again Orion found himself mesmerized by the intricate patterns carved into his plating.

They weren’t glyphs- or at least, not any that Orion had ever seen.

They were almost like tiny pictures, all connected by thin lines that travelled over each rise and curve of his plating- as if thousands of constellations had peeled from the sky to stretch over his armour. Tiny dots made the stars, archaic and glistening.

Orion had seen the same markings on Deadlock, but they were jagged- faded and… worn. White with scarring that only a few of the other tribe members possessed

Megatron had a couple like them, travelling over his mouth and lip plates.

A strange place to get scarred, but Orion was hardly privy to what life was like in the desert, nor how much violence was acceptable.

Megatron seemed friendly enough. His grunts were hardly threatening, but the scribe still shrunk away from the giant, and despite the placating hand gestures, and the soft glow of his markings that seemed to throb /calm/, Orion couldn’t bring himself to shift from his position in the corner of the hut.

Or whatever it was called.

Megatron was still terrifyingly large, and the axe fastened to his hip wasn’t doing him any favours.

The Nomad muttered something, gaze exasperated as he gestured at the hut, words trailing into a clipped mumble, and Orion couldn’t help but cringe.

The sound was… barbaric. Clucked and extremely choppy.

Orion had yet to attempt to translate, but the syllables, the rules, even the basic ones Orion could pick up, seemed difficult.

Megatron babbled something else, and took another step forward, pedes sinking into the woven mats spread across the ground, red optics studying the scribe carefully.

He rumbled something gently again, and gestured to Orion’s restraints.

Orion hummed irritably and rattled the cuffs. “Is that nomadic for ‘yes, I’ll let you go’?”

Megatron scowled, and shook his helm, jerking a finger at the hut, then at him.

/”Cut it out.”/

“I’m sorry, but you cannot keep me here,” Orion grumbled sharply.

Not that being Zeta’s scribe was any better, but he’d take it any day over being some barbarian- or nomads, slave.

Megatron muttered a series of grunted clicks to himself, and put a finger to his lips.

Orion blinked.

“Are you telling me to be quiet?”


“That is ridiculous. I don’t mean to be rude- well, actually, oh nevermind, it doesn’t matter. But you can’t keep me chained up and expect me to be quiet.”

Orion rattled the cuffs for emphasis, hoping that at least his tone would get through the nomads thick helm.

Megatron chuffed a heavy breath, and patted his lips even more vehemently.

“Excuse me-”

A sharp, high pitched grumble interrupted him, followed by another series of irritated clicks and whistles, before a pair of bright, purple optics were suddenly hovering over Megatron’s shoulder.

The nomad cringed, and hummed something soothing, the gravelly rumble hardly gentle to Orion’s own audias, but it took away some of the dangerous glint in the.. things optics.

They narrowed, before tiny digits latched onto Megatron’s shoulder spikes, and a small red frame hauled itself around his neck.

A youngling.

A very young, and small, youngling.

Perhaps not long out of sparklinghood.

Orion gaped, and blinked at the tiny frame.

Megatron patted the youngling’s back, cooing something soothing until the little one chuffed, rubbing at his optics irritably, and it wasn’t until a small yawn escaped an equally tiny mouth, that Orion belatedly realised that he had woken him up from recharge.

There must have been some sort of pouch or sling he had been snoozing in attached to Megatron’s back

Orion peered around the nomad, and earned a sharp look.

The youngling wiggled, settling across Megatron’s chest with a scowl, optics still glaring holes at Orion.

A rumbled litany of clicks filled the hut, and the little nomad pinwheeled his legs for a second, listening intently, before shuttering his optics.

Option heard the familiar set of clicks, and a word he could finally pick out.


The nomad stroked an audial horn, muttering to ‘Sideswipe’, and Orion managed to catch something about the sun before he trailed off into nonsensical clicks.

Orion hummed.


In a barbarian camp.

In the middle of nowhere.

Orion shook his head, and watched the nomad- a mech he had seen tear helms off mechs, cradle the youngling carefully as he dozed back to sleep.

Perhaps nomad- or even wanderer, was a better suited name for them.

Hey Guess What

oki, so I decided to open up commissions again. It’s not gonna be anything special, mainly just some traditional sketches and a bit of digital art. Sadly, I wont be doing too many animals. ;w; I need to be taking it easy for a bit. Been a bit burnt out lately.


Traditional sketch: 4$

Traditional colored: 7$

Digital sketch: 5$

Digital colored: 9$

Human: +2$

Animal: +1$

Additional Character (Max +2): +4$

Half body: +1$

Full body: +3$

The base price for everything is head and shoulders. If you want to get half or full, read through the prices.

No backgrounds please ;w; i am a weak soul.

FOr the love of all the things you hold dear nO KINK ART OR NSFW STUFF I AIN’T DRAWIN THAT SH-


If you give me something that I don’t want to draw, then I can and will refuse to draw it. No exceptions.

Please don’t give me stuff like super detailed armour with tiny little designs on your character to draw. I ain’t dealing with that.

Please be patient. If you request a large commission (ex. colored, 3 character, all full body doing sum pose or something would probably take a week or so.) then I can’t guarantee that it will come quickly. I have school soon, so please keep in mind that despite what it seems like, I have a life ;w;

garlean-nonsense  asked:

"My father thinks I should let you sign my reaper, too," Aurelia was leaning out of the seat of the too-big-for-tiny-goldsmithadin magitek armour, seeming all too casual about the whole affair. "My question is, will you promise not to steal it?"


Cid laughed at her words and crossed his arms, feeling a little embarrassed by her words but tried to not let it show. Looking up at her from his place on the ground, he let a smile spread across his face before finally speaking.

“Do you really think I would do something like that? I thought you had more faith in me than that, old friend.”

lenina-phasma  asked:

The Labyrinth AU is fabulous! Even though fae don't have wings, I want to imagine Hux had the most beautiful wings but got them clipped as punishment. To add insult to injury, his advisor, Phasma, still has hers (he mocks her for looking like Tinkerbell) and she's a fae godmother in training

Originally posted by october-seance

The faeries in Labyrinth (the movie) are treated as vermin. You first meet Hoggle when hes spraying them with pesticide and when Sarah takes pity on a poor poisoned faerie it bites her because “What’d you expect faeries to do?!”

Oh course that’s the Labyrinth under Jareth’s rule. Under Hux’ it’d be quite different. Phasma is the faerie who stole the runners’ silver jewellery for years until she had enough to melt for tiny armour. Phasma is the faerie who worked out how to keep the pesticide off her skin. Phasma is the faerie who organised the rest of her maligned species, beat up the gardeners, stormed the castle and demanded respect. 

Now Phasma is in charge of the outer wall security, Hux wants to put any faerie grilles on all the windows of the castle, and Ben ends up bruised and bloody with his shirt tactically ripped to show off his eight-pack before he gets over the wall and into the Labyrinth proper…

Lex’s Guide to Identifying Fascist Armoured Boxes

PzKpfw I: Tiny Fascist Armoured Box

PzKpfw II: Small Fascist Armoured Box

PzKpfw III: Slightly Bigger and Kind of Good-Looking Fascist Armoured Box

PzKpfw IV: Medium-Sized and Also Good-Looking Fascist Armoured Box

Panther: Silly Slope Armour Fascist Armoured Box with Long Gun 

Tiger: Silly Extra Boxy Very Heavy Fascist Armoured Box with Big Gun

Tiger II: Silly Not-As-Boxy Even More Heavy Slope-Armour Fascist Armoured Box with Long And Big Gun