tiny animals on fingers

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up and Sirius’ part of the bed was made. I sat down in the sheets and rubbed my eyes. The house was silent and calm. Weird. I stood up and looked in my t-shirt drawer, who was half empty… Weird. I frowned and open the door to walk into the living room.

“SUPRISE!!” Sirius and Teddy yelled.

“What is going on?!” I asked.

Sirius was holding Teddy in his arms, both surounded by suitcases.

“We’re going to Paris!!” Sirius said.


“Now!” He laughed, “the plane’s leaving in 3 hours!”

“But.. the wedding is only next week?..” I said confused.

“I wanted to suprise you! I packed your things, and Teddy’s! Are you excited?”

“Of course I am!” I said, running to both of them and hugging them.

“Go get dressed, Teddy and I will pack the car.” He said, kissing my lips.

“Okay.. I’ll be there in two minutes.. Did you pack a bo..”

“Yes, I packed a book.. two exactly..” He smirked.

I smiled and kissed him one last time.

“That’s why i’m marrying you!” I giggled.

I changed and we left. I was really excited! I always wanted to go to Paris! Sirius always said I belonged there. The city of love. I am a romantic after all!

The plane ride was okay. Teddy kept looking through the windows. He was holding his stuffed animals close to him.

“Look Dadda!” He pointed his tiny finger at the window.

“Can you see the Eiffel tower? Right there..” I said.

“Ohh..” he breathed, amazed.

Sirius took hold of my hand and smiled at me.

“Thank you Sirius.” I said.

“I know how much you always wanted to come here.. I’m glad it’s with me.” He whispered as he kissed my lips.

I’ll write later today, we need to head to our hotel.

May 16th 1998


Summery: Cute Reader x Cas Fluff where Cas has baby animals 

Sam and Dean had gone on a hunt leaving you to take care of the still ‘befuddled’ Cas. Not that you minded the angel was rather sweet, although when he popped out you hadn’t expected him to return with a rather sweet baby duck cradled in his hands.


“Look (Y/N).” He whispered as he set it on the bed and stroked its tiny head.” His dopey smile was plastered across his face when the little animal fumbled around on the bed.

“Cas where do you get him?” You giggled as the angel lay flat on the bed so the duck could waddle over to him.

“At a park nearby.” His face fell when the duck made a rather indignant noise and stared at the angel. “Shall I go and get it’s mother?” He asked suddenly.

“Maybe if it wants it’s mother you should send it back.” You said gently and with that he was gone.


It was another good half an hour before the angel returned, this time a cheeky grin on his face and you were sure his pockets concealed several animals as he hurried to the bathroom. You hurried over to the door, knocking when you found it locked.


“Yes?” You jumped when he appeared next to you.


“What’re you doing in there?” You asked suspiciously.


“Filling the bath, the fish say they need water.” Castiel answered before vanishing again.

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The Hermit Tarot Spell

This spell is useful for uncovering hidden secrets, discovering the causes of things, to develop your critical and analytical faculties, for protection against gossip, for a good reputation and the regard of those in authority, for interesting encounters while traveling, and for enhanced ability to make shrewd decisions that will affect your life in important ways. 

As always, feel free to modify this spell to suit your own needs and resources. 

1. Lay down a grey altar cloth. 

2. Dress a white candle with Myrrh essential oil and place it in the North of the altar and light it. 

3. Put a feather in the East of the altar. 

4. Place a small bowl of Olive oil in the South of the altar. 

5. Place an hourglass in the West of the altar. 

6. Rest the Hermit card upright against the candle. 

7. Dip the feather into the olive oil and wipe a small bit on your forehead. 

8. Dip the feather into the oil again and sprinkle droplets around the altar in a clockwise direction. 

9. Replace the feather and turn over the hourglass, so that the sand begins running through the narrow channel. 

10. Visualize yourself as a tree, with the roots deepening into the earth, and the branches reaching far up into the sky. Feel the wind on your arms, and imagine that fruit of many kinds is growing from your fingers. Underneath your toes you can sense tiny animals burrowing into the ground. 

11. Focus on the image on the card, and allow it to grow, until finallyl the Hermit walks out of the card and into the room in front of you. Allow him to walk right into you physically. He has now become a part of you. 

12. When all the sand has run through the hourglass, sprinkle some salt around the rim of the altar, working in a clockwise direction. 

Spell from Terry Donaldson’s The Tarot Spellcaster