tiny adorable love

*Sniff* Thank you frens…it… means so much to me .>w<. ~Oreo, the happy, thankful, smol panda bear.

Thank you all so much for this, for everything, it has only been 2 weeks since I started this blog, and… I couldn’t ask for better friends. Thank you all.


@omgaflyingpig Thank you, from the start you helped my panda, even… well… inspired me to keep drawing him and make him the smol fluffy mascot here!

@loser-who-draws-bad-art Thank you for being a good friend and staying around, no matter what I know I can count on you to be there ^w^

@zan-77 Thanks for sharing, and for caring, and liking… I think every one of my posts XD, you help inspire me to grow as an artist.

@anonymousbathtub Thank you for being so cool and encouraging, and your art truly is inspiring!

@lukethekiddo Thank you for reaching out and being there to talk and just have fun with all the time!

@albatronic1987 Thank you for helping me by sharing, asking, and loving my smol fluffy panda bean.

@wolfboy Thanks for reaching out and sharing, caring, and being a friend to me and my oreo, he likes to have such a cool friend.

@clockwork-cricket Thank you for being here for me, and for, just being so awesome, from the start I remember you always like and sharing, and caring… you rock!

@nata110 Thanks for being giving me inspiration, your kind words, and actions make me want to be a better artist

@toggy001 Thank you for helping with not only the shares, and the smol panda hugs, but with inspiring words as well ^w^

@blackevilblood Thank you for playing with smol little oreo, he does enjoy you, your kind funny words, and the way you care. Your fun loving and just an awesome friend to have. Thank you.

@xgemdrawzx And Lastly a HUGE thank you to you. The first person to draw art of my smol panda, and tag me at the same time X3, being there, sharing, and being an amazing friend all around.

Please consider following these guys, they are kind, caring, and amazing people. 

Thank you all, all 100 of you, and more to come, and just… thanks… it means so much to me.(sorry if I missed anyone, i did make this post at 1 in the morning haha

I have a smol request if you don’t mind… If it isn’t too much to ask, It really helps to share some of my smol work, Oreo enjoys it as well. It’s just… I have a very, very small amount of time to do any art, I work almost all day everyday, and well, it really helps to share, especially if I made it directly for you, even if I made it for someone else, or if… I made it because I enjoy it, sharing helps… it really does. Thank you <3

Love you all *Oreo hands out some cake*


Serendipity (2001)

You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?”