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Haikyuu Fic Recs!

So I’m going to premise this rec list by saying that I like fics on the long-side so if you’re looking for short one-shots, you might not find what you’re looking for in this list. I’m not a huge fan of angst (although that doesn’t mean there isn’t any in this list, just not a lot), I enjoy smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , I like a fair few rarepairs and I like to think that I’m extremely picky when it comes to how something is written, pacing etc. I’ve read all the fics in this list multiple times, they are definitely my all-time favourites. I organized these as best as I could and included the rating, word count and summary from the author for each. 

(Fics with a ♡ beside them are my 100% must-reads.)

Recs are under the cut, happy reading! 


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I see posts about Keyleth and Scanlan being a two-person army after everyone else has passed against some “great evil.”

But consider this: the famed Voice of the Tempest and the tiny gnome who gave a voice to Vox Machina’s story just getting fucking bored with every day life and just striking out on small adventures sometimes. They take on small time mobsters and help right injustices if there’s a power dynamic that make them uncomfortable, which thwarts big time problems from cropping up for younger adventurers. Imagine a small town getting harassed by bandits and the last living legends from Vox Machina, saviors of Exandria, swooping in to kick some ass just because they’re bored as fuck at being civilians. 

Visited, or Visitors? (a weird college story)

So this is my own Weird College Shit story and requires some set up. I had my first year of college in 2009-10, and I spent it at a tiny school in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farms. The nearest major city was about three hours drive away. The small town I lived in was literally built around the college. My apartment was to the east of school grounds, and my high school best friend (we’ll call her Elise) was in the dorms on the opposite side of campus.

Elise was heavily involved in the drama department. I was in the improv troupe, but my depression and social anxiety meant I was more of an outlier than a “true” drama kid at the college. (They tended to devote all their time and energy to whatever play was happening at the given time and I just… couldn’t.) As a result, while Elise was invited to every drama department-hosted get together in existence, I only found out when she asked if I wanted to go along.

It was Halloween and while most of the college students were at a huge party being held at an apartment as far from campus as possible in this Nowheresville of a town, one of the seniors in the drama department had rented out the black box theatre for the night. Dress code was 1920s and 1940s, and they’d hired a few members of the school’s junior jazz band for live music.

Elise forgot to tell me until the day of the party. As a result, while her hair and make up were perfect and she was dressed in a pretty, beaded and fringed dress from a play she’d done in junior high, along with a faux fur coat borrowed from the props department for the occasion, I had nothing era-appropriate. I ended up going in my clubbing clothes - a mini black dress, a leather jacket, skull-print stockings, and my knee-high, PVC bitch boots. (The heavy jewelry and black lipstick was just a required addition at that point.)

Please keep in mind that neither of us had anything to drink that night, so everything that happened hereafter was while we were both stone cold sober.

We arrived late, only to find we weren’t really welcome. Everyone was acting… off. (We found out later that one of Elise’s “friends” had been spreading ugly rumors about her, jealous that Elise had gotten a part for which they had both tried out.) When we approached folks to say hello, they were polite but talked over any of our attempts to join in their conversations. It was awkward and uncomfortable, and at the time we had no clue why, which was aggravating. Despite the party going to till 2 AM, the pair of us decided to call it a night after half an hour, heading back to Elise’s around 11 PM.

Despite never talking about it,  the deal whenever we went somewhere late was always that I would get Elise back to her dorm room, then call her as soon as I got to my apartment. (Neither of us had a car, and of us two I was the paranoid one who carried a knife and pepper spray, and had no problem telling people who were creeping me out to fuck off or being willing to actually dial the local police dispatch number if my instincts started screaming.)

We were walking through the middle of the deserted campus on the way to Elise’s, when we passed the bell tower. (Just to clarify, the “tower” is actually three open blocks built of bricks, the first one five-by-five across, and the same in height. Each block was progressively smaller, stacked on top of one another with four clocks set into the sides of the top block, all showing the same time.) What caught my attention was the three people sitting in the open space underneath. They seemed about our age, but I didn’t recognize any of them. Two guys and one girl, all wearing beanies, light coats, and flip flops despite the cold. (It was low-30s Fahrenheit, or 0-2° C.)

One of them had a bongo drum. He was keeping a beat, while the other two traded lines of improvised poetry.

I slowed down enough to figure out what they were saying. Elise was shivering, but I was wearing more layers than her so I didn’t feel the chill as strongly. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d plopped myself down beside the trio and pulled Elise onto my lap, wrapping my arms around her to keep her warm.

I nodded to the last person to speak - the girl. The three of them were staring at us, but eventually she repeated the last line she’d said, and I responded with a new line.

We went back and forth, from me to the girl to me to the boy, and around again. Bongo Guy started to up the speed of his beat pattern with each turn. I can’t repeat a single line from the entire time now, and only have a distant memory of feeling lightheaded and high. (A few days later when I asked Elise about it, she told me our words were about the moon and old gods and eternity vs the human life span. She said she’d been surprised and caught up in the whole thing until she didn’t care that she was freezing her ass off.)

This went on until the bell above us started to chime the time - 12 AM. I was suddenly aware of how bad Elise was trembling from the night air, and the cold I’d been ignoring came creeping up my body. I finished a pair of rhyming lines as I stood and helped Elise to her feet, then gave the trio a little bow. (I was in a traveling Shakespeare troupe in high school. You don’t finish a verse of poetry without a bow. It’s Just Not Done.) I wished them “a lovely All Hallow’s” and goodnight. They nodded and stayed seated.

I got Elise to her dorm then headed for my apartment. On the way, I passed by the bell tower again. The three people were no longer there.

No names were exchanged that night, and in the two semesters Elise and I were at the school, neither of us saw them on campus or in the town before we left the school.

My favorite part about the whole thing is that from my perspective, these three modern beatniks were strange and possibly magic. But from their point of view, what did me and Elise seem like? Two girls you don’t recognize (one wearing a flapper dress, and one looking like she just walked out of a 90s goth club) invite themselves into your poetry circle on Halloween, three days before a full moon. One of them matches you, line for line, for nearly an hour. And as soon as the clock strikes Midnight, they leave. You never see them again.


Yuuram in Novel 3

Because yuuram is life I hereby present you with a list of yuuram moments in the novels. This time novel 3.

Novel 3. ch.1

-Another Yuuram reunion-

The one who barged in was the angel-like bishounen, Wolfram von Bielefeld. He stopped dead in the hallway upon seeing my naked torso, and seemed to be at a loss for words, his cute face flustered.

“Yuuri… my God! Your face and arms … So dark! Have you caught a terrible disease? Or a curse?”

“Are you looking for a fight?” I sulked.

In fact, my face and my arms were well-tanned, but my torso and legs were still white as snow. For baseball players, having this shirt-like tan would be considered an achievement, but when my upper body was exposed like this, it was indeed not the best look.

With the thumb and forefinger, Wolfram pinched my cheek.

“Ow-ow-aie-ooh-aie!! What do you think you’re doing?”

Novel 3. ch.1

- Yuuri introducing Wolfram -

Wolfram was a rival-less super bishounen, like a Vienna choir boy who had jumped straight out of a shoujo manga. He had inherited his mother’s shiny golden hair and her emerald green eyes. While his build was no better or worse than mine, the difference between our looks was as wide as the gap between heaven and earth. I imagined all artists in the world would fight over the chance to paint his portrait. If he had appeared in someone’s dream, the dreamer might even be moved to tears thinking they had seen an angel.

However, he was angel-like only as long as he kept his mouth shut. Else he was just a terribly spoiled and bratty prince. As he claimed, and if one could believe his words, he was already eighty-two years old. If he was living in Japan, he would be a stubborn old man. And because of a small tiny minor cultural difference, we are engaged to each other.

Novel 3. ch.1

- Casually touching Yuuri -

“The Mateki?!”

Wolfram who was strangely brushing the limit of my suntan, stepped into our conversation excitedly. As expected from a Vienna Boys Choir singer, the tone of his voice would even be a little annoying for Mozart.

“I’ve only heard the stories about it from my father, but he said that the sound of the flute is fantastic! It can make the sky roar and the earth shake. Its sound can conjure a loud storm, that would make you cower!”

“C-cows go?”

“Cows go mosa mosa.”

Novel 3. ch.2

- Yuuri being casually gay, and also upset he can’t be an alpha-

I tried to shift my body away from the boy sitting in front of me as much as possible so that some air could pass through between us. However, it was nothing but hot air all around us, and there was no stir even remotely resembling a breeze.

“If you slip further back, you’ll fall.” Wolfram said.

“I’m dying of heat!” I complained.

Wolfram was obviously enjoying the situation.

Yes, thanks. Very funny. If only it had been a girl who was sitting in front of me, then I would have had my fun. Like a charming gentleman, I would have steadied her, with the reins held in my hands. Sadly for me, the front seat was occupied by a bishounen lovelier than a girl.

Novel 3. ch.2

-Yuuri casually risking Conrad’s life to save Wolf -

“What about Wolfram?! He fell in front of me into the sand! But he won’t die, right?!” I cried and wailed.

“If he was unlucky…” Gwendal said above me. (…)

“Your Majesty, Wolfram would agree with me immediately. He is also a grownup warrior and knows that things like this can happen. Your safety comes first!”(…)

By now, there was no visible trace of the soldiers who had been swallowed by the sand vortex. Would they pass off falling into such a land hole as a matter of bad luck? Just imagining the honey blond hair and brilliant emerald green eyes frozen with terror, hurt my chest; I couldn’t breathe.(…)

“Conrad, I don’t want you to be someone who abandon his own brother.” I finally said. (…)

“You’ve said that you would only follow my orders.” I said.

“Yes, but that was…”

“You said you’ll follow my catcher’s signs. Then I order you to save Wolfram. Please! I’m fine; you have no reason to worry about me. After all I still have a strong guard here.”

Conrad looked surprised and shifted his eyes back and forth between me and Gwendal.

Novel 3. ch.8

-Wolfram’s reaction to hearing that Yuuri and Gwendal had eloped-

“Then you are the younger brother, whose fiancé has run off with your own elder brother?”

“What are you saying?”

In an instant, Wolfram’s face had turned visibly red even in the pale moonlight. At the same time, steam seemed to be rising from his head.

“Conrad, what does that mean?” He yelled. “My brother and Yuuri! This cannot be true! I knew it! That cheater! ”

“Wolfram, calm down. It is certainly not what it looks like.”

“But yes, the two are surely a couple,” the girl said. “I’ve seen them with my own eyes. The poor guys were on the run. They were chained together with handcuffs.”

“Chained together?”

It had to be boiling water inside Wolfram’s head.


The Lord Betrothed has gone completely out of his mind with fury and was by then torturing an innocent garbage can with his feet. Conrad decided to let Wolfram vent his rage. He turned around and put a hand on the shoulder of the girl who was about to break out in tears.

Novel 3. ch.10

-Yuuri hearing wedding music as he sleeps on Wolfram’s lap; wakes up to Wolfram’s hair in the moonlight which he thinks ‘is beautiful’ (the moon looks beautiful tonight trope?) ; Yuuri ’s mantra -

In the meantime, the melodies of “The blue Danube” by Johann Strauss kept playing in my head. And it was not the full-scale version performed by an orchestra, but the cheap version the like of a call center’s hold tone.


“What …” I mumbled.

The first thing that I could see was thick golden strands shimmering in the moonlight. I didn’t even have time to think 'It’s beautiful’, when I heard someone scolding me.

“Why do you always do this?”





“Ouch… Stop it! I’m drowning, I’m really drowning here. Please forgive me!”

“Do you know how worried I was about you?”

Angering a bishounen, even if one was not at fault, would result in painful consequences. At the same time, I felt tremendous guilt since it was indeed my own impulsive action that caused trouble to everyone.


Even though I perfectly knew that we were both guys, being pursued by such a beautiful boy like him still caused my heart to skip a few beats. At times like this, the most effective solution was to avoid looking at his face and keep chanting “He is 82 years old” like a mantra.

Novel 3. ch.11

-Pillow Wolf-

As if that weren’t enough, I had to lay down across two seats, my head softly cushioned on the thigh of Lord Bielefeld!

“Does my pillow have to be a man’s lap, of all things?!” I wailed.

“Every time you do some huge magic, you sleep for two to three days,” declared Wolfram, unmoved.

“This time you only slept two hours. And after such a formidable performance, too. Please be so kind as to stay right where you are. You need your rest.”

“All right, all right! But why the heck does it have to be with you as my pillow!?”

“Doesn’t it make you happy?”

“Do I look like I’m happy?!”

“Oh, you two are truly one heart and one soul,” sighed Nicola with shining eyes.

Novel 3. ch.12

-This chapter is just all yuuram-

“Yuuri, I never would have thought that you are capable of such a bold initiative,” Wolfram said in surprise after I decided to knock on his door.

The delicate pretty boy did not know what to make of the whole thing. He tilted his head to one side and, his lips slightly open, waiting in silence for an explanation.

“I just want you to have a bath with me. If you feel embarrassed, you can keep your swim trunks on,” I said.

“If it’s just the two of us then there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but… ”

“Then let’s go! I’m in a hurry! A towel and a pair of trunks would be enough!”

In a corner of his room, Wolfram was busy digging for some strange object. Was he looking for a rubber duck to take with us?

I pulled the broadly grinning Wolfram, and head towards the familiar royal bathroom.

Novel 3. ch.12

-Definitely foreplay-

“Can you push me into the pool?”


“Come on now,” I grumbled.

“What kind of foreplay is this?”

Wolfram pushed me into the water, but I immediately resurfaced.

“I don’t understand,” I muttered. “Hey, what are you doing?! Did I tell you to jump in too?!”

Wolfram emerged again, his blond hair totally soaked. The image was like the scene of an angel bathing. Luckily he had kept his clothes on, just like me. With two strokes, he swam over to me.

“Why did you dive in? I only wanted you to push me.”

He wrapped his pale arms around my neck.

“Don’t hug me!”

“Didn’t you want to try a totally new way of doing it?”

“Way of doing it…? Wolfram, you were expecting to do something naughty, weren’t you!?”

Even though I was completely desperate, my partner was shamelessly indulging in his own happy fantasies. I hung my head and swallowed my growing anger. In another attempt, I put my feet firmly on the bathtub floor, and slowly stretched my knees.

Novel 3. ch.12

- He did actually use Wolf this time, bad Yuuri -

“I can’t go back, to my home, to earth, to Japan!” I cried angrily.

“I thought it would be just like last time, I could return through the bathroom again. But no matter what I did, nothing happened at all! I thought if I was forced into a corner, I would enter the star journey to escape from danger… But even when you pushed me into the water, still nothing happened.”


“Wolf… why is that grimace?”

Numerous creases gathered above his nose and between his eyebrows. The ex-prince lifted his chin and pulled his shoulders back.

“You used me for this small thing?”

“It’s not a small thing! This is incredibly important for me, don’t you understand that much?”

“You are now the king of this country, you can’t run around anymore! You’ve got to stay here. Yuuri, your home is this castle! And that’s forever!”

Every time this bishounen scolded me, I would feel the numerous wounds his words caused. As hard as it was to accept, Wolfram was probably right. My diving attempts were pointless. But what other choice did I have? I had never thought that I could never see Japan again.


Novel 3. ch.12

-Yup, he’s angry-

“You’re unbelievably dim-witted,” Wolfram groaned and brushed his wet bang back from his forehead.

His seemingly arrogant green eyes stared at me fiercely. He really does have an angel’s face, but his words draw blood with each syllable.

“You belong to this world. You cannot escape, your soul is at home here.”


Yuuram in Novel : 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17

No Regrets

Pairing: Donald Pierce x Reader

Word Count: 1,542

Warnings: mention of alcohol, some very light grinding, other than that nothing (i promise I won’t break your heart with this one lol)

A/N: So this one I was inspired by the gif below (which isn’t mine) and although it isn’t even from Logan but from Narcos, it caught my attention because my God Boyd has got massive arms and seeing him carrying that tiny baby made my heart swell. I hope you like it and let me know what you think.

gif credit: katyaskotova.tumblr.com

The house was quiet, the light in the kitchen casted a soft halo over the expansive area. You’d been out with a couple of childhood friends, drinking and unwinding from the overwhelming few months you had. It was nice to spend a night with them and hear about their lives and to be honest as you listened to their stories you lost yourself in the moments. You were living vicariously through them, a small part of you was envious of the fact that their sole responsibility was themselves. They had no substantial cares in the world and you remembered that that was once your life but things had changed so drastically.

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[SCENARIO] GardenFairy!Wonwoo

Just because I toooOoOoOtally don’t have 104398234 other works in progress……… :) I’m sorry this ended up way longer than I’d intended for it to be AHH the idea stemmed from a small talk between Hoshit and I, what the hell happened??

((((Also heavily featuring Mingyu because Meanie is life))))


Originally posted by jihanmeanietrash

  • okay so lets just say
  • Wonwoo’s a garden fairy that’s only five inches tall
  • With wings
  • He can shapeshift himself into a human-sized entity, but that kind of drains his powers a lot, so he tries his best to stay fairy-sized for as long as necessary
  • This tiny winged boi has been guarding this patch of grass at the back of a small single-story terrace house for the longest time. 
  • His calling is to care for the gardens of the one that lives in the house
  • But the house has been left uninhabited for almost a dozen years
  • Wonwoo’s just left to wander about the fields
  • Yunno, just to make sure they stay healthy and green
  • He can’t really leave too, since it’s basically the sole purpose of his existence
  • Eventually gets too lazy and/or tired to tend to the weeds that are overwhelming the plot
  • Potential tenants enter the house with the landlord, but most of the time they leave without any promise to return
  • He even gets disdainful glares from the women when they glance out at the untended garden
  • But it’s not his fault…
  • It gets really lonely sometime and he gets unmotivated to carry out his job especially since there’s no one there to help him
  • Anyway

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Why I love Percy

Says things like:

“I live as long as Whitestone lives. This place is the human soul. This is what we have built with our tiny moments. To lose a place like this, we don’t feel it immediately but it would ruin everyone, in small ways…This is good we do here. This is great good. And is not about idolizing ourselves, it’s about a very long story which we are, even you, are a tiny part of.”

And also:

“Life needs things to live.”

Unfinished Business Part 17


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2349


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Two Bros and a Human (Chapter 1)

I know I probably shouldn’t start any new UT fics but I couldn’t resist… I’m a sucker for underfell fluff and @stuffedart‘s makes me want to write sooo much of it rip. Here’s some fluffy fell bros + Frisk

AO3 Link

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unwrittenkitteh  asked:

Tiny house nation, and tiny house hunters are shows that I've watched. Do you know any other sources were I could get my tiny house fix?

tiny house youtube channels:


Originally posted by winter-capricorn



and… maybe connect with s&thi outside of tumblr if you like 

3 Years Ago // Yugeyom

Hello!!!! I haven’t written anything vaguely angsty in 30 years so here. This was an idea of a friend’s to get the creative juices flowing. I’m trying something new and writing from the member’s POV. ( Also Do you know hard it was to find a gif of yugyeom where he wasn’t giggling, dancing, or humping something. Like i’m not complaining bUT)

Group: GOT7

Member: Yugyeom // ANGSTY AS H E L L


Tell me what y’all think!!

Originally posted by amerthaikong

Three years had passed since I had last seen her. Our last moment together wasn’t the sweetest nor was it heated. It was cold. Her response paralleled the weather outside–sharp, chilling, eye watering. I left her high and dry, without an explanation, without any hope of reconciliation. I accused her of things I knew not true, it was easier than telling her the truth. I waltzed into her safe haven, her cozy third floor apartment, settling that this was the best place to do it. I was foolish thinking that I could move on, I was foolish thinking that someone, so gentle as her, would escape unscathed. I was young, incredibly young, not knowing how to spare her feelings and my own. So I selfishly tore into her. Spineless, I followed my superior’s orders. End your relationship, it’s damaging your image. She didn’t fight back. She resembled a statue, cold and lifeless, staring back at me. Her eyes emotionless, her breathing was so faint, I thought I had killed her.

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ameliamartino  asked:

I have to know everything about Boo Boo the Fool

He’s a depressed clown who works as a party clown. He’s unable to feel happiness or fear. He kinda just sucks at everything he does.

He rides a tiny clown bicycle to work with a backpack full of his clown party supplies, entertains at children’s birthday parties, and the kids throw food at him.

He lived in a small apartment. It’s kinda hard for him to find work because the economy for clowns has gone down because humans are scared of clowns. The story that involves him is one day he gets called in by the Clown Council (the Clouncil) to do a very important job for them. There’s been an outbreak of these like demon clowns or some shit (they don’t really know what they are, monsters resembling clowns) and they’ve found out they can only hurt their victims if they feel happiness or fear. Boo Boo the Fool cant feel either of those so they hire him to lead a group of clowns to get rid of these demon clowns.

He ends up making a lot of friends and gets a boyfriend so I’d say things look up for him. If you have any other questions bout him just ask.

Space Prompt

It’s been 5000 years since humanity started terraforming and colonizing outer space. There’re now thousands of colonies spread across hundreds of light years.

However, faster than light travel has yet to be invented. It takes years for different star systems to communicate, and decades to travel between them. In addition to that, only a small percentage of colonies develop into flourishing civilizations. Most of them devolve into a prehistoric state of tiny spread out settlements, small tribal communities, and constant sectarian warfare between tribes.

Despite all of our progress, humanity is more divided and in a worse state than it’s ever been.

You’re a tribal who lived your whole life in a small settlement. You’ve heard the stories about giant bright cities on other planets where people never go hungry. And of humanity’s ancient homeworld somewhere far far away. You never believed those stories. Until one day, the stories literally come crashing into reality when a space probe from Earth crash lands near your settlement, and inside it is possibly the secret to humankind’s salvation.

mchel-clford  asked:

Do you have any for texts? I am in need of ideas an you have amazing ideas from what I have seen.

Thank you very much! We’re trying our darnedest to bring you all great content.

  • Character A goes to the local technology store to get a new phone, only to walk out finding that they already have a number of texts from an unknown number, consisting of nonsensical series of numbers. Frightened, they reenter the store and ask the attendant who had helped them load the phone, Character B, for help. B is surprised, as the number was brand new and should not be available. The two two attempt to find what the numbers mean.
  • While both Characters A and B are practically inseparable from their phones, a single moment of clumsiness on A’s part leads to disaster, as the two collide and the majority of their personal belongings spill to the floor. In their flustered hurriedness, their phones are swapped. They should just be able to exchange phones, right? Well, not exactly, especially being that they smashed together at an international airport, one that A had been returning home in and B had been leaving for a distant country. Through a series of confused and upset texts, the two resolve to exchange information and live with the other’s cell phone for the time being. Because of this, they involuntarily learn about the other’s life and become enthralled, making their reunion one to remember.
  • Character A was going about their day normally, until they bumped into a clearly fearful person, Character B, who nervously asked if A had change for $10. A immediately took out their wallet, only to be given B’s $10 bill soon after. Looking more closely, B saw in the corner a tiny phone number and a small message that said “HELP ME…PLEASE - B’s Name.” 
  • This is a classic coffeeshop story: Character A is a barista in a café, while Character B is the smitten customer who is thrilled that they were lucky enough to get A’s phone number written on their coffee cup. Later that evening, they waited for A to answer their phone in anticipation, only to be greeted by a… sex hotline? (A could either be wanting to mess with B or A legitimately works for the hotline to get some extra cash)
  • Character A’s and B’s cell phone numbers are exactly one digit apart, allowing them to receive strange phone calls and texts from those meaning to text the other.
  • “Your phone number spells ‘SAT-NSUX,’ and I just wanted to let you know that.” AU
  • “I’m a magician, and for my next trick, I’ll be asking this lovely person in the front row for their phone number in order to see if we can have a lifetime of magic.” AU
  • Characters A and B used to RP through messaging back and forth on Tumblr, but soon that became cumbersome, so they resorted to texting. Shenanigans follow.
  • Characters A and B live in a country where they can text the police, so A texts B when they have a break-in. B walks A through how to escape and keep themselves safe for the coffee A promised them after the ordeal is over and done with.
  • “Get a new phone - I can’t text you properly if I have an iPhone and you’ve got a Nokia. It just looks ridiculous.” AU
my thoughts were so loud i couldn’t hear my mouth

title from the world at large by modeset mouse
pairing: yoonmin
word count: 4860
rating: like t for swearing
warnings: none!! just some angst n fluff for y’all, all lowercase for aesthetic
summary: yoongi has never been good at talking, and words have always sounded so much more beautiful when he writes them, but no matter how he uses them, words can be hard when you have something important to say.

aka yoongi is a writer and jimin is his boyfriend 

jimin meets him on what was, supposed to be, an average day.it’s his weekly children’s dance class, the one he teaches on nice saturdays when he isn’t preoccupied with filming a music video or preparing for a stage due to his job as a backup dancer.  there are fliers up around town, advertising the free lesson, but most of his dancers are kids who happen to be at the park at the same time and join in.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine tiny baby Draco getting loads of amazing presents for Christmas which he unwraps under a tree, but when he finally gets sent to bed that evening - there's another small package on his pillow. When he rips it with his chubby, slightly shaken fingers, a few pieces of black wire fall out, tied to resemble little glasses. It's a present from Dobby, who noticed how much master Draco loves stories about Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, and makes pretend coversations with him in his bedroom.

oh my god i am crying this is beautiful

Books-Wrote-My-Story Reviews: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

“You cannot fathom the distance I would travel for you.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it - because I am super lowkey and chill about it - but The Darkest Minds happens to be one of my favorite series. And there is always that tiny moment where you wonder if the next project will live up to that. Well the answer is yes. Resoundingly yes. Passenger is brilliantly written. Everything I hoped for and so much more. Alex manages no small feat in writing a really good time travel story (not the simplest task, in my opinion.) However, she also wove in issues of race and feminism while paying a great deal of attention to historical accuracy and setting up an interesting and engaging plot with characters you can’t help but love. In short, it’s an absolutely fantastic read. It was one of the best books I read last year, and chances are, it will be one of the best books you read this year.