Well, Stickies, you’ve gone and done it! You convinced me to adopt this adorable baby Giant African Bullfrog, and he shall be called Beshte (which means ‘friend’)

Here’s to a happy, treatie-filled frog!

Hello Beshte! 😀🐸🐸🐸🐸😀 

The Stickyfrogs say welcome to your new forever home! 😊🐸

You are very adorable indeed and the Stickyfrogs are sure you will be an excellent frog friend! 

They send you many welcome hugs and kissies and a big bucket of welcome treaties! 😄🐸😊

Just a Tiny Problem

Hey guys, remember that angst thing I mentioned last night? Well it’s here!

Xander wasn’t sure what was going on. For the past week, he got the feeling that Owen was avoiding him. Every time he called, he hung up in a couple of minutes. Texts only got answered in two word responses. And any time they were together, he was distant and seemed off in his own world. The tiny teen may have been hard to read, but even Xander could tell he was off. Now, that was common for him, but things were weird between them lately. And that worried him. A lot.

Xander decided that he needed to talk about things. As soon as possible. Their relationship was screwed if he didn’t. Maybe it already was.

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How to tell the Stickyfrogs apart! An updated post!

Here is Tiny, he is easy to pick out because of his special lip:

Jens usually hides, but when he does come out you can tell him apart by his croak sac (Gumby and Voigt haven’t got their croak sac yet) and he has the most skin falling over his ears because he doesn’t like to exercise.

Here are Voigt and Gumby. Voigt is the biggest, with a big wide smile, and Gumby is always very happy:

Voigt and Gumby are the hardest two to tell apart! Here are some comparison pictures!

Voigt is 20 grams heavier than Gumby:

Voigt has a flatter forehead than Gumby and he has two white freckles next to each other on his left shoulder:

Voigt also has two special yellow toes on his right foot! 🐸🐸

Bonk can be very difficult to distinguish from the others as she blends in very easily, so I am trying different ways to solve this problem:

Psycho is spotty!

Basil is a bit smaller and greener than Wayne:

And Wayne always looks like she wants to kill you: