Tinum, Yucatan, Mexico

Chichen Itza- it was a major focal point in the northern Maya lowlands from the Late Classic (c.600–900 AD) through the Terminal Classic (c.800–900) and into the early portion of the Early Postclassic period (c.900–1200). The site exhibits a multitude of architectural styles, reminiscent of styles seen in central Mexico and of the Puuc and Chenes styles of the northern Maya lowlands. The presence of central Mexican styles was once thought to have been representative of direct migration or even conquest from central Mexico, but most contemporary interpretations view the presence of these non-Maya styles more as the result of cultural diffusion.

The Latin Fandom Accent Challenge

I. How long have you studied Latin? How frequently do you speak Latin out loud? Where do you live? (You don’t have to say anything you’re not comfortable with saying.)
II. Do you have a Latin name? If so, pronounce it.
III. Say the following words and phrases. Cicero, virtus, veritas, pietas, gravidum est, atque, Iulius Caesar, certamen, thalamus, incipio, veni vidi vici, multa verba
IV. Read aloud: Arma vi/rumque ca/no, Tro/iae qui / primus ab / oris
Itali/am, fa/to profu/gus, Lavin/iaque / venit
litora, / multum il/le et ter/ris iac/tatus et / alto
vi supe/rum sae/vae memo/rem Iu/nonis ob / iram;
multa quo/que et bel/lo pas/sus, dum / conderet / urbem,
infer/retque de/os Lati/o, genus / unde La/tinum,
Alba/nique pa/tres, at/que altae / moenia / Romae.
V. Declaim something off the top of your head.
VI. What neologism(s) would you use for the following? Car, computer, airplane, coffee
VII. Say one of your favorite Latin quotes or mottos.

This is the official unofficial list of questions, compiled from various people’s suggestions. I will record and post mine when I don’t have a mountain of history homework to do. Tag your recordings/videos with #latinfandomaccentchallenge. Go wild, mihi fautoritas!