Creating and capturing dreams today through fashion tintype

an artistic collaboration between Jamie Beck and Giles Clement


2015 Sundance Film Festival portraits

This collection showcases tintype portraits taken at the Sundance Film Festival by photographer Victoria Will. A tintype photograph is a direct positive on a thin sheet of iron, coated with a lacquer or enamel as the photographic emulsion. Tintypes originally were used during the 1860s to 1870s. Victoria Will is a freelance photographer for the Associated Press and has covered the Sundance Film Festival for the last five years. (Yahoo News)

Photography by Victoria Will

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Joni Sternbach’s photographic portraits of surf and surfers

“Returning year after year to the same location has led me to examine the juncture between land and sea, exploring subject matter in a constant state of transition. Surfers are an integral part of this liminal state. I am fascinated by the physical and poetic way that they inhabit America’s watery landscapes.”
–artist’s statement from SurfLand

“The ocean portraits are as much about the process of making them as they are about the result. I stand out there on the bluffs or at the edge of the shore with a dark cloth over my head that is attached to the camera and basically let the picture take itself. Galvanized by memory and drawings of the sea it is precisely this played-out subject matter — this already existing theater — that captivates me. It is the familiarity which intrigues me. Drained it remains a surface, a skin, a blank screen on which I can project an array of emotions.”
–artist’s statement from Ocean Details

Paul Quitoriano

The Tattoos, Tintypes and Tarot of Pioneer Works’ Village Fete

Since it was founded by the artist Dustin Yellin n 2011,the massive Red Hook, Brooklyn art space Pioneer Works has become a mainstay in the borough’s creative scene, hosting contemporary exhibitions of all stripes, as well as artist residencies, events, classes and forums (this month alone, you can learn to do anything from picking locks to creating fermented herbal sodas there). 

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Here is a little teaser to see behind the scenes at this years 2105 Sundance Film Festival. More to come by the amazing team of Melanie Mclean and Ryan Brooks of Flying Giant.