Cabin Pressure Artbook “Alpha Romeo Tango” Reprint ✈

To celebrate the end of John Finnemore’s Cabin Pressure, we’re pleased to announce that we’re doing a reprint of our now 72-page artbook, featuring the work of many talented artists in an ode to all things MJN Air.

The success of a reprint depends solely on how well we do with pre-orders, so there are also some cool extras up for grabs, available both with the book in a special platinum edition or on their own

As ever, profits from the books go entirely towards funding the Euro Airdot Con, which, after a successful first year, will be landing in Berlin next 5-6th September!

Pre-orders of books and extras alike are live here right now, and will be ending on 14th January 2015. 

Thank you very much to the artists who donated designs:

Artgosh | Eva H | Hielo | Kowabungadoodles

‘I tried to update my OS and the computer broke’ SALE!

10% off everything on - STORENVY -  - ETSY - with Code: Updated

Runs until I can afford to life and things are fixed! 

I will be taking on doodle commissions and painted mug commissions too: Doodles are £8 and mugs are £50 - i take pretty much all fandoms & requests, message me if you’re interested! 

If you prefer email: tintreas at gmail dot com

I’ll be posting snaps of commissions on here and on Instagram so follow @md_doodles to see wips and check out my tags #thedoodles for my art and #themugs on this blog for samples and examples x

You can also long-term help me out by checking out my Patreon which has lots of fun stuff like exclusive comics and a monthly sketchbook 

*image above drawn on medibang drawing app, which i will not be using for commissions because ouch