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Netflix death note is already bad bc they made light an ugly greasy white boy instead of handsome confident japanese honor student lmao

im crying… honestly as an asian i dont mind them doing a western adaptation and thus having white people but why did they make him so greasy i mscreaming 

light is supposed to be, as you said, this handsome cool-headed confident slick guy you would never suspect to be a serial killer

not an internet dweller slathered in grease i 


Shitennō-ji (1880s) by Wolfgang Wiggers

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Shitennō-ji in Osaka.

Photographer: Adolfo Farsari 1841 - 1898. This hand-colored photograph was made in the 1880s.


I couldn’t find a really good, step-by-step tutorial on how to tint/color plastic lenses for cosplay. This is largely for my Steam Powered Giraffe fanmily, because I know that anyone doing a fanbot with goggles may want to make them fancy with some colored tints! Please reblog if you found this tutorial helpful! :3

This particular set of goggles is for my fiance (Harakumo on dA)’s human SPG fan character.


  • Read and abide by all package instructions and be very careful if you are using an X-acto or other type of blade, as they are very sharp!
  • THIS TUTORIAL IS NOT FOR CONTACT LENSES! Nothing used in and/or resulting from this tutorial should actually touch your eyes!!! D:
  • These are for costume/decoration only! You shouldn’t drive or perform any kind of serious tasks where you rely on your vision for the safety and/or well-being of others and/or property while you wear goggles that you tint using this tutorial. I (kuroikii/plutopiter) take no responsibility for any injury, death, or property damage resulting from vision-impairment caused by this tinting/coloring tutorial!!!!

(I just received word from a friend of mine that “Tamiya” transparent paints work even better for this type of application, and they work in a few minutes. I believe you have to order them online… and I think you need to air-brush it on. If I try it, I will update the tutorial :D)

“Yet happy we lived, and happy we loved,

And happy we died once more!

Our forms were rolled in the clinging mold

Of a Neocomian shore.

The eons came, and the eons fled,

And the sleep that wrapped us fast

Was riven away in a newer day,

And the night of death in the past”

-Annonymous poem found tucked inside an old book

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I bought these goggles for a catwoman cosplay but they're silver/black/dark and i really want to color them red--is there anyway material i could use to tint/color them red--even if its a dark red?

You’re looking to colour the lens? Check your local craft store for stained glass paint, either spray paint or brush on. It’s a translucent paint that is made for colouring glass or plastic to give it a tint. If you have access to an airbrush you can also use translucent airbrush paints. Another option is that you could replace the lens a piece of acrylic plastic, if you have the tools to cut it.

Hope this helps! 

Is window tinting worth it?

Sure it looks sick and all but recently I know some people who got tickets for over ricing their cars. Well this specific friend got pulled over cuz he was stupid and didn’t have his front and rear license plates on but his ticket amount increased as he had tinted windows also.
I’m having second thoughts to tint my taillights and windows as I live in irvine and cops here have nothing better to do than camp out and pull over every other teenager.