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#BlackNerdProblems "Who Is Ac?" Review

#BlackNerdProblems “Who Is Ac?” Review

By Hope Larson & Tintin Pantoja

 Hope Larson really has this coming-of-age, girl protagonist, girl-centric graphic novel game on deck. Her latest efforts alongside fellow female artist Tintin Pantoja have produced “Who Is AC?”, the adventures of a teenage girl named Lin who strives to find a niche, a place for herself after she and her family moves…

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I just read the most wonderful thing, which was basically the equivalent of eating fifteen purple Jolly Ranchers while reading The Hero and the Crown and being 12 again, only without any of the bad parts.  It’s Who is AC? by Hope Larson and Tintin Pantoja, and trust me when I tell you that you need to go to your local comics store and preorder it THIS MINUTE. Order codes are FEB13 0808 (paperback) and FEB13 0809 (hardcover).  

It is so good.  The protagonist is a mixed-race 15-year-old named Lin who has to move to a teeny college town because her mom has a teaching appointment there.  She doesn’t sulk too much, though, but instead keeps working on the second volume of her comic book titled “I Was There and Just Returned: The Travels of Rhea Ironheart.”  (Which you can read little bits of, throughout the graphic novel.)  There are dorky cute boys her own age and a cute boy who is much too old for her (25!!) in Barnhurst, so all is not lost.  

Along the way, Lin’s phone begins acting… strangely.  Black and white illustrations start to acquire purple accents.  All sorts of interesting anime-referency things start happening, along with some things that reminded me of Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld back in the day, and if I tell you any more it will spoil a wonderful story.

(Disclaimer: I follow Hope on Twitter and for some mysterious reason, she follows me too.  Unfortunately, she did not bribe me with any ice cream to write this review.)

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