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How To Create Full, Fluffy, Thick Textured Brows

Fluffy, textured brows are all the rage nowadays and are a major beauty trend. I’ve personally always loved the look of brows that look natural and full, with the hairs moving all over the place and each one looking perfectly soft and defined. Fluffy, textured brows can take some work, and so can filling them in bit by bit, but there is an easy way. All you need is a tinted brow gel (I used *Benefit 3D Brow Tones) + a clean spoolie and you’re good to go!

It’s an easy technique that anyone can master, but you’re going to want to make sure your face is free of any makeup as it can get a little messy! Keep some makeup remover handy to clean up afterwards and if you like you can go in with a little concealer to really polish the brows off. Makeup wise I like to keep the rest of the face pretty neutral with just a little mascara, a hint of concealer and a bright coral lip.  Keep reading to see the picture tutorial!

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✨ Quick and Easy "Fresh Face" Makeup✨

💄 Hopefully you have already washed your face and moisturized 💄

*note at very bottom if you wanna wear foundation/ have more time!! *

1.) apply 100% aloe vera gel to the high points of your face / anywhere you wanna highlight and allow it to get tacky.

2.) once its tacky apply (starting very lightly) your highlighter over top

🐝 this makes you look so luminous omgg

3.) if you have any problem areas conceal and powder them now , only powder over the concealer !! (please make sure it matches seamlessly )

4.) apply a cream blush of your choosing to your cheeks.

5.) run either tinted or clear brow gel through them brows sweetie. Clear mascara works too!!

6.) spray your face with a setting spray or rose water ( rose water gives your skin an extra pick me up)

7.) apply however much mascara your comfortable with ( if you have a little more time you can apply individual lashes to give yourself a fuller lash look while still looking natural. )

8.) put on your lip liner , lip gloss , tinted lip balm or all three !!who cares!! , and then you’re ready to go . 👑

*note for my foundation wearers/ u have more time : skip the aloe part altogether unless you put it under your makeup as a primer , once your primer is on set the t zone with translucent powder , let sit for 10-15 seconds , apply your foundation as you normally would ! Apply Cream blush with your finger tips , conceal under eye circles if you have them. Set with translucent powder and spray face with rose water / setting spray. While its still slightly damp highlight your face ! *follow other tips proceeding * ✨🌺

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How do you rock a minimalistic red lipstick look without looking ridiculous lol I love the effortless look of a bare face with just red lipstick but I feel like it's so hard to pull off!

If you’re going for a minimalistic red lip look I’d pair a bold red lip with just foundation/powder, a great tinted brow gel, a brown/nude blush and a natural looking mascara. The nude blush will add a little structure and definition to the cheeks without looking overdone. The brow gel will beef up the brows/upper half of the face to balance out the heaviness of the bold lips on the bottom of your face. The natural looking mascara will open up your eyes without drawing too much attention to them as some mascaras can look clumpy and spidery, a natural looking mascara will keep everything soft and chic so try to use a drier mascara and stick to one coat!

Honestly any red would work for this look but if you want to keep it less intimidating going for a subtle red is totally doable. You can make any red lipstick more subtle by making it more of a stain rather than just applying it from the bullet. Dabbing the lipstick on, pressing/rubbing it in, repeat, will give a more natural look. 

Great waxy brow gels for this look… Essence Make Me Brow, Glossier Boy Brow, Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brow Gel, Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel.

Great neutral blushes for this look… Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk, MAC Mineralized Blush in Warm Soul, Burberry Light Glow Earthy 007 Blush, NARS Luster, NYX Ombre Blush in Nude To Me.

Great lipsticks for this look… Glossier Generation G in Zip, NARS Audacious Lipstick in Sandra, Milani Matte Confident.

Great mascaras for this look… Maybelline Full n Soft.

I love how Desi Perkins wears red/bold lips with sharp cheek bones and little to no mascara. Just enough makeup to keep the lips the focus yet still have a complete look.

More inspo pics…

Still wearing a little eyeshadow, but the little to no mascara and no real blush color keeps the focus on the skin and the lips.

Gigi pairs her red lip here with pale burgundy (could also be a cool brown) eyeliner with soft brows and also little to no mascara.

You could keep everything bare, hydrated and dewy. Little to no foundation, cheek or eye products and keep the red a more muted, brick red. Lipstick from the Glossier ad campaign in shade Zip. Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Zip is the PERFECT subtle red.


In love for her!
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✨ #transformationtuesday ✨
Just got my hands on the new Urban Decay foundation yesterday and couldn’t wait to test it and see how well it can cover on its own 🌹
• All-Nighter Foundation
• Featherweight Primer
• Shade & Light contour palette
• Shade & Light Eye palette
• “White Out” Lock It Concealer Creme (mixed with Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer to highlight // shadow base)
• Ink Liner in “Trooper”
• Lock It Translucent Powder
• Dipbrow & Tinted Brow Gel in “Chocolate”
• Sweets Glow Kit
• Modern Renaissance Palette
• Pro Conceal in “Beautiful Bronze”
• “Citruese” liquid liner
• “Honey Blonde” Lip Couture
• “Copper” Liquid Lipstick
• E06 Liner brush (brows)
• F89 Bake Kabuki brush (setting // baking)
• Phyto Replenish Oil (prep)
• “Lost Remains” - Velanova
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Hey, what are some good products for getting that natural glam eyebrow? And how do you achieve natural but voluminous eyebrows?

For a natural yet defined eyebrow they key is a brow filler thats two to three shades lighter than your brow hairs and lots of waxy brow gel to fluff up the brow. I would recommend using a brow powder rather than cream or pencil for a natural look because cream/pencils usually have some sort of shine and it can make it a little obvious where you brow hair ends and color starts. Powder keeps a soft matte finish which will blend in more with fluffy brow hair. 

Keep the brow filler lighter in shade, wether it be brow pencil, powder, or cream. This will keep everything soft while still letting you define an arch, lengthen the brow tail, etc without looking too sharp and stiff. Notice how below her hair is soft black while the brow shade is more of an ash brown. This makeup is from the makeup artist Ania Milczarczyk. 

If you want a fluffy, voluminous brow you can just stick with tinted brow gel. It will add texture and color but it won’t create a new brow shape or fill in areas where there is no hair. A waxy, drier brow gel is best, anything too liquid/runny won’t add the grit and texture you need.

Brushing the hairs up with a clear or tinted brow gel will make the brow look fuller than it is because you’re adding length and texture. It makes the brow hairs more prominent and keeps everything fluffy! Brow gels that will work for this are Essence Make Me Brow, Glossier Boy Brow, Palladio Brow Fiber Mousse, Benefit Gimmie Brow Fiber Brow Gel, Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Fiber Gel (currently on sale).

Brow inspo photos…


Sometimes you just gotta pamper yourself💅🏻

⁃ ABH brow pen // 27
⁃ ABH tinted brow gel // 29

⁃ booty shorts X2 // 20
⁃ Lip plumper X2 // 24
⁃ Lip conditioner // 10
⁃ Nipple petals // 12

⁃ Scrunchies set // 14
⁃ Pins X2 // 24

⁃ Quartz choker // 14

⁃ ocean salt // 25
⁃ Bought the shower cream because SA was being really observant and made me nervous

✨GT 199✨

OVER HYPED: Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

Tinted brow gels have gained quite a bit of attention over the past year and I couldn’t be happier that drugstore brands are finally starting to jump on the bandwagon, it’s just a shame that Maybellines isn’t a very good one. When this first launched I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the product, especially since it had a lot of hype surrounding it, but in the end it sorely disappointed me. The packaging is decent, very Maybelline but the applicator is awful.  The large knob at the end of the brush is a unique idea, but it doesn’t work very well as it applies far too much product and is very large meaning the brow gel not only ends up on your brows, but all the skin surrounding them too, the thinner part of the applicator is incredibly hard to use due to the large “knob” and holds far too much product and is very stiff. As for the formula itself I found it runny which made it even hard to apply and once dry it just makes the brows look like a big goopy mess. Not a fan.

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hi kylie! i was just wonderin if you could help me out. i'm having a party/get together thing with some friends and i wanted to give them some goodie bags. one of the things i really want to include is some sheet masks! they don't have to be top quality, preferably something nice and affordable? it would also be great if you could recommend any items that would be fun for an intro to korean beauty? i'm in the US if that helps! sorry for asking so much!!!

one of the places i always recommend for good quality and affordable sheet masks is innisfree global, they have 10 + 10 sales which make sheet masks really affordable. i don’t know when your party is though, so you might not be able to get to that before the deadline.

since you’re in the us, that’s actually perfect since amazon usually has a lot of great packages for sheet masks, and a lot of them also have prime shipping. here are just a few:

i have a post here about my recommended items for kbeauty beginners, and here are some other more fun / gimmicky items too:

if you are buying a lot of stuff (i don’t how many people you have), stores like roseroseshop and beautynetkorea sell wholesale lots of 10 items, so that can make it a bit cheaper.

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gabby do you have any cheap makeup brand recs? i'm low on cash rn but in desperate need of some new lip products and pretty much everything tbh :(

i’ll give you some of my fave products from them too if ya want honey

mua / makeup academy - do not test their products or ingredients on animals but ingredients aren’t necessarily vegan or vegetarian friendly, ships worldwide

  • paint box lip palettes £4 - i have all 4 and i adore them, my faves are imperial plums and rose rouge, but they’re all incredible and have matte and gloss looks in them that you can mix for different colours or finishes and come with two lip brushes for lining and filling
  • luxe velvet lip lacquers £3 - comparable to gerard cosmetics hydra matte liquid lipsticks (£20 on their site or £9.50 on beautybay (!!!!)) (especially packaging wise) my faves are dash and passion but you can get a bundle of 8 for £20
  • lipsticks and matte lipsticks £1 each!!! - idk if it’s the fact it’s £1 and i can’t complain but they’re very similar to the freedom lipsticks £1 (which i also love and you can get 5 in a set for £5) and great to build up a wide collection without breaking the bank
  • 12 shade palettes £4 - similar to sleek’s palettes £7.99 if you’ve ever tried them, quality wise similar to mur palettes (great pigmentation especially for the price) my faves are heaven and earth, undress me too, romantic efflorescence and spring break
  • luxe eyeshadow palette £8 - 10 shades/palette, all incredibly beautiful and pigmented, both palettes are gorgeous tbh and they’re paradise and utopia (like look at the pictures those shadows genuinely look like velvet)
  • eye brushes from £1.50 to £1.95 - their e4 eyeliner brush is so great, i’ve used it with gel liners before and it’s >>>> and their e7 eyebrow brush is great for powder and wax brow products and also the thin-ness (lmao) of the brush makes it great for gel eyeliner application also
  • face brushes from £1.95 to £5 - i don’t use many brushes outside of my morphe set atm but i do still use their f11 highlighting brush, it’s great for defined highlighting on the cheekbones
  • undress your skin highlighting powder £3 - i haven’t actually tried any of these but i’ve heard and noticed from swatches i did at superdrug they’re pretty much the exact same as the mur vivid baked highlighters £3 or £8 for a palette of all 3 colours (mua’s iridescent gold is the same as mur’s golden lights which is one of my fave highlighters ever tbh)

makeup revolution and sister company i heart makeup - do not test products or ingredients on animals, cannot claim products which are vegan friendly but are looking into it, ships worldwide

  • radiant lights highlighter £5 - i already mentioned their vivid baked highlighters which are a fave but,,, lemme tell you about radiant lights,,,, this shit saved me. no exaggeration one of the most beautiful highlighters i’ve used, like it has the most beautiful pearlescent finish, if you ever see my wearing highlight especially on my nose, aka most of my selfies bc this is my holy grail, i’m using this. it’s perfect for everyday natural looks and buildable for more glamorous looks and usable as a subtle all over highlight. i use exhale but i also have the radiant lights palette £8 and sometimes use the others over a matte bronzer and they’re gorgeous. the palette is an incredibly affordable alternative to the hourglass ambient lights palette £60 (!!!) and most of their products are styled as affordable dupes so
  • i heart makeup blushing hearts highlighters/blushes/bronzers £4.99 - dupes for too faced sweetheart blushes £24, my faves are goddess of love, peachy pink kisses and summer of love
  • face palettes £4 to £8 - blush, bronze, concealer and both powder and cream contour palettes, great for building up your makeup collection, all come with 8 shades. their ultra cream contour palette and ultra contour palette both £8 are very similar to the ABH contour kits £30, their golden sugar blush palette £6 is one of the prettiest palettes i own, all their blushes are incredibly pigmented and only need a super light hand so will last forever, their hot spice blush palette £4 is another fave. they also have concealer palettes £6 and a bronzer palette £6. 
  • ultra velour lip creams £3 - i have a few of these and i adore them, i would say they have a demi-matte/cream finish but they’re really hydrating and pigmented and i use the colour can’t we just make love instead pretty much all the time i take it everywhere with me
  • i heart makeup lip lava £2.99 - slightly comparable to too faced melted lipsticks £19, if you apply it sparingly and spread it, you can achieve a matte/demi-matte finish or if you put translucent powder over them, you can get a matte finish but otherwise, they’re liquid lipsticks and have a satin finish for the most part, i use the colours tremor and unleash
  • i heart makeup i tint my brows £1.99 - just a good tinted brow gel with a perfect sized brush, not a great colour selection but it does slightly darken my brows to give them a thicker look and has a better brush than certain drugstore brow gels (*cough* tf is up with the maybelline brow drama brush pls god)
  • pro fix makeup fixing spray £5 - highkey,,, i prefer this fixing spray to my mac fix+ £17, the smell is a lot more pleasant, and it leaves my foundation looking freshly applied all day like it genuinely looks perfect after like hours and hours of being outside like i went into town it ended up raining and i’d been walking in the rain for a good two hours tbh and i didn’t have an umbrella i was sticking to the sides of buildings in hope of shelter i got home and my face was like,,, honey u thought,, it was still full coverage and everything i was like damn!!! i use the normal one cos i have dry skin but there is one for oily skin too. 
  • brushes £1.99 to £9.99 - genuinely good brushes, don’t shed at all and are really soft, their e301 crease brush is an essential imo
  • eyeshadow palettes £1.50 to £8 - their £8 palettes have 32 shades (comparable to morphe’s 35 palettes but much smaller), my fave is flawless matte, their i heart makeup line has several takes on too faced’s chocolate bar palettes (original product priced at £39) for £7.99 and they also have urban decay naked palette (original products priced at £38.50) dupes for naked 1, naked 2, and naked 3 with 12 shades for £4 and like i’m not lying when i say they are reaaaaally similar to the real thing. they also have a dupe for the lorac pro palettes (original around £30 i could only find the price in $) so lorac pro 1 and lorac pro 2 dupes are £6.99
  • also if you sign up to their newsletter/email thing, they have new offers every week, and sometimes they have an offer where if you spend £30 on makeup, you get an extra £30 worth of makeup (already chosen by them) for free. they did it on black friday and back in september but you get so much considering how cheap they are

freedom makeup - does not test on animals, ships worldwide, from the makers of MUA and MUR so very similarly priced and styled, but targeted to a much more ~professional consumer

  • pro makeup essential artist kit £18 - includes a colour correcting kit, similar to the nyx 3c palette £10, mattifying primer, a highlighter, an eyebrow kit, an eye primer, a fixing spray and a contour powder duo. 
  • pro studio strobe cream £8 - just a really pretty liquid highlight tbh, you could probably get cheaper alternatives, like the nyx born to glow liquid illuminator £7
  • pro melts £3 - lip lacquers that come in the prettiest shades like sold out, no heroes and d-ream
  • pro lipstick collections 5 lipsticks for £5 - i have the bare collection, and they have the prettiest neutral shades, although if i’m honest, on the lips, they’re not that different from each other. they have nice packaging though, great for storage as you can see the colour on the bottom of the tube

elf - do not test on animals, do not ship worldwide but do ship to a wide variety of countries and have sites specific to different countries

  • hydrating under eye primer £4.50 - prevents under eye concealer from looking cakey and dependant on the concealer can reduce creasing. tbh is my second favourite to smashbox’s photo finish hydrating under eye primer £21
  • contouring blush and bronzing palette £4.50 - comparable to nars’ blush and bronzer duos £32
  • baked blush £4.50 - i don’t actually personally own a lot of elf stuff but my sister has this in pinktastic and it makes for such a pretty highlight

new york color / nyc - owned by a parent company that do test on animals, but apparently only do it when required by law (i think only when retailing in china) so do third party testing, idk if they ship worldwide but they do ship to a lot of places

  • liquid eyeliner £2.49 - one of my fave drugstore products ever tbh it’s great and lasts forever imo
  • expert last lip lacquer £3.99 - my fave is madison square mauve
  • smooch proof 24hr lip stain £3.99 - i have quite dry lips so i never used to wear lipsticks or anything, and i lived by this product for years through high school tbh 
  • nyc big bold bronzer £2.99 - it was probably the first bronzer i ever used and i loved it tbh

sonia kashuk - do not test on animals, sold in target who ships via borderfree to over 220 countries but not all

  • eye couture eye palette £14.98 - one of my fave matte palettes tbh, this and the sonia kashuk quads £9.99 are great eyeshadows imo but not the most affordable in comparison to the above brands
  • clear brow gel £4.37 - great for setting your brows if you’re using a powder or pencil (i use this when i’m using my brow whiz and the hairs stay in place all day and i don’t ever have like smudged lines or anything

individual products i love

  • milani baked blush (cruelty free, sold at target shipped via borderfree) £5.32 - i could yell all day about how much i love luminoso and dolce pink
  • collection lasting perfection concealer (cruelty free, only available in the uk as far as i know but could be on amazon) £4.19 - i wish this was available everywhere so y’all knew how great it is honestly i buy 2 whenever i run out of one it’s my holy grail the coverage is amazing, not so great under the eye unless mixed with a primer or moisturiser. their illuminating touch £4.99 would be good under the eyes and is comparable to maybelline dream lumi and l’oreal lumi magique
  • collection #blushandglow £4.99
  • collection eyebrow kit  £3.99 - before the brow whiz this was my fave brow product ever, comes with two brushes, a clear gel and three colours
  • colourpop, any product tbh $5 to $8 i believe (cruelty free and vegan with a few exceptions, only ships to a couple of countries but will hopefully expand or you can ship them through a courier, i used comgateway) i have the where the light is quad, the where the night is quad, lumiere lippie stix and lumiere lippie pencil - the pencils are a little creamier than i’d like but great for filling in the lip and incredibly long wearing
  • nyx soft matte lip creams £5.50 (cruelty free, idk if they ship worldwide but they’re available through a lot of retail stores) - my faves are amsterdam and sao paolo
  • barry m nail polishes £2.99 to £3.99 (cruelty free, ship worldwide but have restrictions on certain products) - my fave nail brand tbh, i own so many barry m nail polishes, mainly classic, glitterati and speedys, my fave ever shades are ballerina (classic) (pretty much my go to, i’ve repurchased twice, it’s my fave ever), starlet (glitterati), speed demon (speedy), lap of honour (speedy), get set go (speedy), berry cosmo (classic) and ruby slippers (classic)
Beauty Book: 3 Steps to the Perfect Brow

Hello Loves!

Today I’m going to share with you how I do my eyebrows. The lovely sheiscrazyesha gave me the idea to do this post so I must give her credit. They eyebrows are the most important feature to work on when doing your makeup. It basically frames the entire face and makes a HUGE difference when done correctly! I will be sharing my tips and tricks as to how I shape my own eyebrows and I hope you find this helpful!

My eyebrows are in no way, shape or form perfect mainly because it’s really hard to shape my inexistent eyebrows but it’s okay. I like how they look. Remember, this is all about preference, so let’s get started!

W H A T  T O  U S E  :
Personally I like to use the good old eyebrow pencil and brow gel. I just find it to be easier to use and if you’re a beginner, I suggest to start out with this too. There are however a lot of other options out there in forms of powder, gel, even liquid tattoo, so just find the product that works for you and if you follow my tips and tricks you’ll still come out with the same results.

T O P  T I P S  :

It is very important to groom your eyebrows. It makes it a lot easier to fill them in while doing your makeup! Also, no one wants brows that are all over the place. If you’re not used to doing your own brows by all means get a professional to do them and from there you can continue maintaining them yourself. However, if you don’t want to spend money on a professional you can always just pluck/shave the excess hairs and just clean up the brow, follow the natural shape and  no need to shape them.


Your brows will never look exactly the same no matter how hard you try. You can make them look identical but never exactly a like. So accept that and move on! 


For shading, you never use black! Even if your hair is black use a dark brown to fill in your brows for a more natural look. A black pencil will just make you look cray cray cray!


I’ve been filling in my brows for so long now but it’s only recently that I’ve actually perfected my own method and what works for me. So if you don’t get them right the first few tries, it’s okay! Try and try again!

H O W  I  D O  M Y  B R O W S  :

1. Start off by outlining the brow. Grab a pencil and follow my ABC chart as to how the points should align. I like to start from the bottom creating a line from the inner corner to the lower arch and creating that tail. Then I outline the top portion and just connecting it to the tail.

2. Fill in the shape you created. Make sure to use a lighter hand when filling in the inner portion because you don’t want that part to be too dark. However, use a heavier hand when filling in the middle all the way to the tail because that’s where you want the most depth. So it’s supposed to have a gradient effect.

3. Apply some brow gel to set the brows. You can use a clear mascara or a tinted brow gel. I use a tinted brow gel because my hair colour doesn’t match my eyebrows.

And that’s pretty much it loves! Very simple! It just takes practice I promise. You’ll eventually get the hang of it. Also, make sure to do it the way you like it. Again, this is all about preference, so shape your brows the way that suites your face. Just because the girl next to you has thick eyebrows doesn’t mean you should have thick eyebrows too. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a message or leave it on the comment section bellow. I answer all the time! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @cescamandigma and on instagram @cescamandigma it would truly mean a lot to me! All of the love and support is very much appreciated! Until next time!

With Love,

overdosedxmamii  asked:

How do you make your brows look natural after filling them in ? X

Brows are one of the most important steps in your makeup routine, they frame the face and help the rest of your makeup fall into place. Filling in your brows is a super popular way to define your brows, but even if you’ve got the right shade (ideally one shade darker than your hair colour for blonde hair and one shade lighter for dark hair) filling them in can make them look a little fake…

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Makeup Tips to Hide Being Sick

We’ve all had those days… A friend’s birthday, a special occasion, a party, work, an important meeting. Sometimes these are things that you simply cannot afford to miss, despite the fact you’ve just come done with a tummy ache, a cold or a headache or simply aren’t in the mood to go out but the world still moves around and sometimes you just have to pull yourself together, get dressed, put on some makeup and conquer the day. Whilst the last thing you probably feel like doing when you’re sick is putting on makeup, it can make a lot of difference to how your feeling and your state of mind.

First and foremost your number one concern should be your skin. When you’re sick it’s easy to forgo your skincare routine and either just wash it or do nothing at all. Instead, try and stick to your regular routine and consider adding an oil or hydrating serum under your moisturiser. When your immune system is down it can take a nasty toll on your skin - and don’t you dare even think about forgetting lip balm!

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anonymous asked:

im all new to this makeup thing like wht products should i but for a dewy/glowy no makeup look thank you in advance angel <3

for a natural, dewy look i think the main things to focus on would be moisturizing, light coverage, highlighter, eyelashes, and brows o:–) ok bb cream is really amazing bc its moisturizing and it primes your skin but it also provides light coverage! if you’re looking for one that is more affordable, garnier, l’oreal, and maybelline all make good bb creams, garnier being the best! if you want to splurge, estée lauder, amorepacific, smashbox, and lancome make really good bb creams! my favorite highlighter is benefit’s high beam, it’s a liquid highlighter and it comes with a lot of product, it seriously lasts me forever. i apply a few dots of it on my cheekbones and dab it in using my fingers, i also apply it on the bridge of my nose, chin, and cupid’s bow, and i’ve heard that nyx makes a good highlighter as well. for mascara, l'oreal’s carbon black, covergirl’s clump crusher, and benefit’s bad gal lash (my favorite!!) are super sweet ! for me, doing my brows makes my whole face look better, idk they just pull it all together so i recommend anastasia’s tinted brow gel, it’s super easy to use and it’s amazing x 


products used:
becca backlight priming filter
makeup forever ultra hd foundation
rimmel stay matte powder in transparent
stila all you need is love cheek palette
anastasia bh tinted brow gel
loreal brow stylist sculptor in blonde
anastasia bh brow powder duo in taupe
tartelette & tartelette in the bloom palettes
revlon custom eyes palette in rich temptations
maybelline 24hr color tattoo eyeshadow in deep forest
loreal infallible lacquer liner in blackest black
revlon ultimate all in one mascara
sephora full action mascara
nyx lipstick in B52
nyx matte lipstick in temptress seductrice
stila stay all day liquid lipstick in dolce

this look was definitely waaaaaay out of my comfort zone (especially when i had to run through my dorm with this look half done to let my mom in 😂) but it was so much fun to do and i love how it turned out!! I’ll be taking more risks with my makeup in the future bc of this! thank you(:


application time: 15 minutes - 25 minutes 

products used:


  1. laura mercier radiance primer
  2. laura mercier tinted moisturizer 
  3. laura mercier translucent powder 
  4. maybelline age rewind under eye concealer set w/ laura mercier brightening powder 


  1. mac frankly scarlet 
  2. laura mercier illuminating mineral powder in candlelight 
  3. hoola bronzer by benefit 


  • becca shimmering skin perfector in moonstone
  • too faced chocolate bar palette hazelnut 
  • mac frankly scarlet 
  • too faced chocolate bar palette cherry cordial 
  • laura mercier creme eyeliner in noir 
  • nyx slim eye pencil in white 
  • some random mascara idk 


  • anastasia beverly hills powder brow duo in dark brown 
  • anastasia beverly hills tinted brow gel in caramel 


  • mac creme stick lip liner pink treat 
  • tom ford sahara pink ultra shine lip gloss 

anonymous asked:

I'm really confused about eyebrow gel... why do some dry hard and some soft??

Eyebrow gel usually caters to two trends… a really groomed brow and a really messy brow. 

A really groomed brow is using an eyebrow gel that dries a little more stiff so all the brow hairs are groomed in the same direction and they aren’t going anywhere. This formula feels very thin, light weight and isn’t all that noticeable. If you already have really thick brows, you may prefer this formula for more of a light weight feel to keep your brows groomed. Hold brow gel usually has a slight shine and sheen. This gives a clean, polished brow. Brow gels like this are Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, MAC Brow Set or even just clear mascara.  

Brow gel that dries more soft, more waxy has more of a flexible hold and typically thickens and coats the actual hairs to give your hair some grit, body and volume. Sort of like dry shampoo for the eyebrows. Waxy brow gel dries with a matte finish to keep it natural. With this sort of brow gel it’s okay if your hairs get a little messy and wispy, it actually adds to the look. This will give you more of a messy, undone effect. Brooke Shields, Cara Delevingne like. This brow gel stills has a good hold, but it’s not as budgeproof as the former brow gel formula. Brow gels like this would be Glossier Boy Brow, Benefit Gimmie Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, Blinc Eyebrow Mousse, Lashfood Browfood Tinted Brow Enhancing Gel Flex.