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He was a dark, twisted creature of his own kind… and yet I let his blackness seep into every fragment of my skin, sinking through each layer - colouring me along the way. He only stopped loving me when I was tainted to the core. In a way it was never love, I was just some girl to pick up and taint - but not for me, I fell so deep that I tried to paint my skin white again for him to come back…
—  From a story I might write by @ediblenotes

I’m so tired goodness gracious he took forever but here he is

His name’s Tint, and he’s a BlueberryJam child!

He’s a cocky son of a bitch and honestly is just too eccentric about everything, a bit of a narcissist and hates to be wrong. 

Don’t even ask about how fucked up his soul is cause he’s got a glitchy dad and a dad with no soul and then his third dad is the only one who’s even relatively normal so I mean you’ve got a pretty fucked up emotional problem there, rainbow glitchy bro

I mean he wasn’t even really born out of an actual family, he just happened because of leaked magic from Ink’s vials, a pissed off glitch and a poor universe that happened to be nearby

seriously never ask Tint about it. ever. he hates talking about it cause Error hates his guts and Ink doesn’t pay attention to him and Blue used to know that he existed  - and actually took care of him like a proper kid of his until he was like age 15-ish? but then his universe reset so every memory of his son was wiped :)))) and Tint is all alone and kind of bitter but he laughs it off. he’s got bottled up anger - not like the brooding kind but like the bitter, laughing, ‘someday I’m going to slice your fucking throat’ kind. He’s like constantly pissed at everything and literally has no chill

I love this character why did I have to give him problems

Error // @loverofpiggies
Ink // @myebi / @comyet
Blue // Community


todays sketches!!! hayden has clothes specifically for when his ink is red because all the pastel colors in his wardrobe wont match. sacha is still so embarrassed whenever his ink is tinted with suwo’s color. maybe he’ll stop being a wuss someday… someday

idk what to call it

Error sighed as he walked into his and inks shared little home. “ink I’m back” he yelled, hearing his own voice echo out through the windows into the void, but strangely there was no response.

Error crocked a brow “ink?” he yelled again, finding it a bit weird that the other skeleton wasn’t home right now. “must have run into some friends of his” error murmured to himself, yawning and running a hand over his face.

He was tired and just wanted to laze around. So badly that he didn’t see his colourful boyfriend giggling behind the doorframe. Stretching his arms above his head error slowly moved to the living room looking around in the hopes of seeing ink sleeping on the couch, but at last ink was still nowhere in his sight.

Ink chuckled a little and sneaked after error trying his hardest not to make a noise. As he cached sight of error again he sneaked a bit closer and quickly hiding behind the couch as error turned around and walked over to an little basket in the corner of the room, the place where he kept his glasses and knitting stuff.

With error distracted ink got closer and closer until he was right behind the other skeleton. An smirk appeared on his face as he reached out his arms in a grabbing stands, ready to attack. He chuckled again making error perk up and turn around. “ink are you th..” error didn’t get to finish his sentence as ink swooped him up in the air yelling “HUG ATTACK” into errors ears (?) smiling brightly.

Error keened loudly as ink started swaying him around a bit, giggling and squeezing him tightly, error didn’t know what to think of this, this was to sudden he wasn’t used to this. his eyes filled themselves up with error sighs making him blind to the world around him “i-iNk puT-T me D-Down” he said glitching taking over his voice.      

Ink stopped swinging noticing the glitchy words “sorry, sorry” he mumbled quickly setting error down on his own feet and letting him go. “are you oke there pal?” ink said with a bit of worry in his voice.

Error, who for a matter of fact was still blind started to blindly (get it?) feel around him as he was trying to get a hold of something, anything. Seeing this ink gently took hold of errors hand. “was that a bit sudden for you?” he asked trying to keep voice a bit low.

Error tried to smile a bit “maybe a bit” he squeezed inks hand a lightly, trying to get some grounding as if he was making sure ink was really there “you got me, you got me good I’ll give you that” he said a smirk taking over his face.

Ink giggled “do I get a victory prize?” ink spoke, wiggling his brow bones (logic isn’t a thing here) a bit, to which the still blinded error was unaware to.

Error blinked a few times trying to clear out the error sighs in his eyes “victory prize?” he asked the error sighs starting to fade a bit “What do you want then” ink smiled softly “I think I know something”

Ink to a hold of errors other hand making error turn to face him “just hold still please” ink said slowly leaning in close. error was about to ask why until he felt a soft breath ghosting over his teeth. Error blinked a few more times finally freeing his eyes from the error sighs giving him the ability to see once more.

“ink” error whispered softly looking straight (or gay bedum tsss….. I’ll let myself out) into inks eyes. Ink smiled softly getting a bit closer “may I?” ink whispered letting another breath travel over error teeth.

Error didn’t know how to answer he was to enchanted by inks eyes and how they were full of gently affection, so he just nodded.

Ink leaned forwards the last bit gently pressing his teeth to errors is a sweet skeleton kiss. Error hummed into the kiss and let his eyes slide shut and giving inks hands a squeeze. After a minute ink pulled back slowly and smiled. “was that better?”

Error said nothing for a while before letting out a small laugh “yeah that was nice” ink gave a little chuckle himself and leaned his head onto errors shoulder sighing softly.

“you’re touchy today” error said with a smile, leaning his head against inks. ink only hummed nuzzling a bit into errors shoulder “and you’re warm” he said into the others shoulder. Error blushed at the words and looked away his cheeks tinted yellow. Ink laughed softly and nuzzled his head into errors neck.

“why do I put up with you?”  error asked, ink only smiled and pulled back to look error in the eye “because you love me” error pouted “sadly I do” ink giggled “I love you to” 


welp i told you i suck at writing

sorry it took so long i was a bit busy and lazy the last few days but yeah have a bit of errorink floof

ps: it’s based of the draw where ink is picking error up and a draw were they smooths 

Submitted by  idk-likesomeone

Unu says: OMG, this is super cute! I was so happy to find this in my inbox, I enjoyed readin this and I can absolutely see these two interact like this. Thank you, I’m so glad I inspired you this much - I honestly wish I could draw this, it’s so perfect! <3