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anonymous asked:

how do you keep ur skin looking so healthy and clear? whats ur makeup routine and facial care routine? you're so beautiful and healthy looking i'm jealous

thank you oh my.  my skin has improved a lot over the past few years, i used to get painful acne on my cheeks (luckily didn’t leave any permanent scars).  i try to be gentle with my skin but i could still do a lot better.  I wash my face twice a day with egg white soap and i just use plain unscented lotion from the drugstore and then usually spf 50 sunscreen.  my foundation makeup is nars tinted moisturizer in Finland, it’s very light coverage.  i use a little concealer and i curl my lashes and put a tiny bit of mascara on the ends of my lashes.  and I use a little blush and benefit Posie Tint for my lips.  one day when i have more disposable income i want to get better products for a “real” skincare routine…  I eat maybe 90% whole plant based foods, i think this makes the biggest difference for this sort of “glow” my skin has more of now.