Are you suffering from an eating disorder? Listen up.

You are so much more than ED. You are more than that voice in your head commanding you to put down that banana because it has too many carbs, to waste hours staring at that little pouch of skin on your lower stomach that won’t go away, to take an adderall just so you won’t feel the need to eat, or even to gorge yourself just so you can throw it all up ten minutes later. You are a human being with both a soul and a body. ED is turning you against your body, she is making you go to war with it at the expense of both your body and your soul. Reclaim what is rightfully yours!

Put your hand on your legs. Feel the bones, muscles, and YES feel the fat. Each one of those things serves a purpose on your legs! You NEED them ALL to run, jump, dance, and live your life as you were meant to. Isn’t that amazing how your body can do all of that? Why spend another day letting ED determine all of this? ED can’t determine your beauty or your worth.
I’m not about to pretend that any of this is easy… because it is not. Living with an eating disorder is terrifying; sometimes it can even feel demonic, like your being possessed by something outside of yourself. But you must try every day to challenge the thoughts and behaviors ED plants into your life. It is poison, and it is out to kill you.

When I look in the mirror I struggle to feel satisfied. I find areas of my body that I must make smaller, or firmer. But at a certain point, a person will chip away at their body until there is absolutely nothing there. That is what I wanted to become and still admittedly struggle with. Some days I want to be nothing. I don’t want to be a Victoria’s Secret model. I don’t want to be a skeleton. I want to be nothing. But I cannot waste myself like that. YOU cannot waste yourself like that! Your body and soul are meant to be here!

ED may always be by your side… but it won’t always be this hellish. I promise. You can defeat this demon each day, and with each defeat you will become stronger and stronger.

You Should’ve Been There

this was inspired by “the moment i knew” by (the queen) taylor swift. i hope you like it!! x, maggie

written for the tinspired!5sos writing night

“You’ll be there, right?”

 “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Y/N.” 

It was your first birthday in your new apartment that overlooked New York City, the first birthday you’d spend in some place other than your childhood home. It was your first birthday with a steady paying job, with best friends in an unfamiliar city, and with someone worth sharing every moment of it with: Luke.

You tirelessly hung illuminated Christmas lights and balloons around your flat while your best friend picked up your parents from the airport. In the kitchen, the caterer was preparing the appetizers and mixing cocktails as soft music played from the surrounding speakers, encouraging you to close your eyes and sway your hips. You stepped back from the decorations and smiled to yourself, pulling your phone out of your pocket to text Luke.

 To Luke: Just a reminder – party starts at 8:00. Can’t wait to see you. X

By the time your parents and Y/F/N arrived, you were almost done getting dressed. You smoothed out your black party dress at the sound of the doorbell and faced the mirror, admiring your scarlet red lips and the loose curls that cascaded down your back. You threw a sweater over your shoulders and reached for the gold locket in your jewelry box, a present Luke had given you on your three-month anniversary. As you made your way to greet your parents, you glanced at your phone to see if Luke tried to reach you: no new messages.

 “Happy Birthday, Y/N!” your mom says as she engulfs you in a warm embrace. Your dad follows close behind, handing you a beautifully decorated box.

 “We can’t wait to meet Luke, Y/N. Y/F/N was telling us all about him on the drive home from the airport. He seems like a keeper,” your dad said, pulling you into a hug.

You were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, indicating the arrival of more guests, and made your way over to the door. A few of your co-workers and some of your friends from high school greeted you, handing you gifts and engaging in brief conversation. Moments later, the door opened to a familiar group of voices.

 “There she is! There’s our favorite birthday girl.”

You turned to see Luke’s best friend, Michael, coming at you with open arms, eventually engulfing you in a massive bear hug. Calum and Mali followed close behind, hugging you next, and Ashton and Bryana arrived shortly thereafter, hand-in-hand with sparkly gift-wrapped presents.

 “Happy Birthday, my love!” Bryana said as she brought you into a tight hug. You smiled and looked past her, hoping to see Luke walk through the door next. Bryana saw the disappointment in your eyes when you were met with the sight of a closed door.

 “He’s coming, okay?” Bry whispered, “I promise.”


It was now two hours into the party, and Luke was still a no-show. People were asking you about your new job and about your new place, trying to avoid the question everyone was thinking: “Where is Luke?” There you were, forcing laughter and faking smiles as your friends and family reminisced about the past over cheese and crackers.

You were barely engaging in conversation anymore, just glancing at the clock and watching the door, waiting for a miracle, before it all became too much, and you found yourself aimlessly walking down the hall towards the bathroom through the blurry vision of tears. You immediately fell to your knees on the cold tile floor, unabashedly crying your eyes out, releasing the pent up sadness you were hiding behind your stone cold poker face the whole night. You kicked off your shoes and unzipped the back of your dress, the dress that Luke helped you pick out for the party and loved so much, finally allowing yourself to breathe for the first time in hours. Suddenly, you heard a quiet knock on the other side of the door that pulled you from your breakdown.

 “Y/N, it’s me. Can I come in?”

Your shaky hands reached for the doorknob, and as soon as you found the strength to open it, a familiar body was cradling your broken body and whispering soothing words into your ear. It was Calum.

 “He said he’d be here. He promised, Calum,” you said through broken sobs.

 “I know, Y/N, and when I find him I’ll kick his ass for making those empty promises,” Calum said. “But tonight is about you, Y/N. Don’t let him take this night away from you.”

You stood there, silently, in Calum’s embrace for what felt like an eternity before a loud knock fell on the bathroom door.

“Y/N? It’s time to blow out your candles!” Mali said from the other side of the door.

You looked in the mirror and wiped the mascara stains and smudged eyeliner from your face as Calum zipped up your dress and gathered your shoes. You combed through your hair with your fingers and nodded at Calum before interlocking his fingers with yours and walking into the living room.

Your tear-stained cheeks were met with many sympathetic eyes as you stood in front the illuminated chocolate cake on the dining room table. You scanned the familiar faces serenading you with an off-key version of Happy Birthday but realized that no amount of searching and wishing could make Luke’s face appear in the crowd. That was the moment you knew that your relationship with Luke was over, that what you two had wasn’t worth fighting for. You blew out your candles and silently wished that whatever Luke was doing right now was worth losing you for.


After the last of the party guests departed, you changed into your sweatpants and your favorite flannel and curled up in the armchair that sits by the window, overlooking the city. You looked out into the dark sky, at the stars that were so bright they almost hurt your eyes, so bright that you couldn’t look away, and reminisced on your relationship with Luke. There would be no more coasting down back roads at 2 am going anywhere but home, no more lipstick stains on collarbones, and no more drawing lazy circles into each other’s backs as you both drank in the sunrise. You always thought that there was so much potential for your relationship to become something bigger than the both of you, but your fantasy came crashing down when Luke lost sight of what he had. 

Before standing up and heading to bed, your phone rang in your lap. Thinking it was a grateful party guest or one of your parents, you absentmindedly answered the call. It was Luke.

 “Hey Y/N, sorry about missing that thing tonight, I uh…had plans that came up,” he said through the phone, the sounds of a bustling night club filling the background of the call.

You stood there, looking out at the city, letting go of the breath you didn’t even realize you were holding as your eyes welled up at the sound of his voice.

 “I’m sorry, too.”

Preparing for the SAT

Hello all! So I just got a bunch of asks? About my SAT prep? So here are my suggestions for getting your best score.

1. Practice (I)

If you haven’t taken the PSAT, do so immediately. Take an AP Test, an SAT subject test, the ACT. Take any standardized test you can, even if it’s not necessarily helpful to you in the long run. For example, even if you aren’t particularly good at or interested in math, try out the AMC (American Mathematics Competition). If you’re at all like me, the last standardized test you took was some kind of English or math field exam in eighth grade, or even earlier. The SAT and tests like it are an entirely different playing field. Especially if you have a fee waiver, take every test available to you. One of the worst mistakes you could possibly make is to go into the SAT blind. Even if you aren’t concerned about your score, it’s important to get used to the testing environment that comes with the SAT. It’s long, it’s tedious, and the timing is simply arduous. So practice. Ideally, the hardest part of the test will be the actual material, not the cursive statement.

2. Practice (II)

So you’re good at writing, reading, and math. You’re going to do fine. Excellent! Now take a prep course. The one through my high school was $120, but fee waivers are usually available. Although I didn’t feel as though I learned new material in the class, I would highly recommend this and similar courses. They’re guided by teachers who are experts on the SAT, and offer full, properly graded practice exams. I cannot stress enough how much this helped! This ties in with number one in that you become very comfortable with the types of questions asked, formatting, and the atmosphere in general, as well as receiving one-on-one help from people who seriously know what they’re talking about to address your specific struggles.

3. Practice (III)

If you can’t afford or can’t attend a prep course, don’t panic. With a little ingenuity, you can simulate your own. Print out some practice tests, split them into sections, time yourself, and track your improvement. Based on the class I took, my suggestion would be to start by doing one or two sections (25 mins) at a time, and work your way up towards the full exam length. For your essay, limit yourself to two sheets of paper, and ask an English teacher at your school to help you asses it. There is no need to take a fancy class if you’re willing to do the work on your own, but also know that prepping for the SAT independently will take a lot of effort if you plan to cover all of the material. For me, a class worked very well, but this may not be the case for you! 

  • Note: In regards to review books sold by Baron’s, Pearson, and the College Board, my experience has been that it is not in your best interest to buy them!!!!! They can be very expensive, and many times, don’t offer exclusive material. Practice tests and old exams can be found online, essay guidelines and rubrics are available to the general public. That said, the test taking strategies and question type analysis can be very helpful, especially if you are prepping without a course, so while I wouldn’t buy them, definitely make use of ones available in libraries or through a resource office at your school. 
  • Note: In regards to those aforementioned books, edition rarely matters because the test is uniform. UNLESS.You are taking the exam after it has been reworked. Information about the new SAT is on the College Board website, and in the specific case that you are taking the test soon after it’s been revised, I would suggest buying a review book directly from the College Board; this will be the best and possibly the only source of information on the new test.

4. Practice (IV): Don’t Cry

I am one of the last people to say that your grades don’t matter. They absolutely do, and so do your SAT scores, so I won’t say that the SAT doesn’t matter, either. However, it is important to know that you have a lot of options. For those who might not be so strong in pure math and prefer reasoned thinking or physical stuff, the ACT +Writing is a great option. I felt that the ACT was overall more laid back than the SAT, and that although it shared many of the tricky standardized testing aspects of the SAT, it focused more on common sense than the bizarre material sometimes found on the SAT. Also, SAT Subject Tests allow you to choose your best subject and take a standardized test in that. This takes guess work out of the possible tested material, and often allows you a quieter, less stressful setting (You may be the only one taking the test, and will be given your own room.). This showcases your abilities in a way you can be confident in. Don’t let anyone deter you from taking a subject test because it is “too difficult” or “unnecessary”; for many, this a great way to show your stuff in a way that’s more customized and often just as impressive. 

Do I Take it Again?

To start with, before you take the test, ask what score you will be satisfied with, and what score you want. Then, when you get you’re scores back, see where they fall. Did you meet your goal? Did you get the score you wanted? Most importantly, do you think you can do better? Something awfully neat that I never knew about: super-scoring. What this means is that colleges and other institutions take your highest score for each individual section, and then combine those for you total rather that using one test or another. What that means is that if you get a good writing score, you don’t need to be worried that you’ll lose it if you take the test again to raise your math score. This can also be really useful to anyone with test anxiety; try your best each time, but focus on only one or two sections when you sit for the test, and then on the other section(s) when you take it again. You. Have. Options. The SAT difficult because it involves such a strict environment for your performance, but there are things you can do to make sure you’re in your element on test day. 

Speaking of Which

Use. Your. Resources. If you have any learning impairment whatsoever, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to the test, report it to the College Board and ask for accommodation. You can get extra time for a hearing disability, even though there isn’t an auditory portion on the SAT. Get a concussion test week? Call your doctor, get a note, and then call the test center to make sure that you are being given every advantage available to you. Do not “tough it out” or get nervous that you’re “high maintenance”; this test is important and you deserve to be assisted in any way you see fit. This cannot hurt you. Do it.

But How Do You Study

Math: The timing is the killer here. So, this is not the time to break out your implicit differentiation. Look up geometry an algebra tricks, so you know the most efficient way to tackle each problem. Work backwards when you hit the free response. Often, the multiple choice questions are no easier to solve, but they are easier to guess, and that’s by a good margin, so spend time on other questions first. Finally, bring your calculator. They aren’t necessary, but they sure are useful. you don’t want to waste your precious time working out long division when you’ve got a perimeter to calculate, so save the arithmetic for TI. If you’re most comfortable using a calculator that you don’t own, like that schnazzy new TInspire, ask to borrow one from school. 

Critical Reading: Once again time is of the essence. You’re goal needs to be, “Tell me, quickly, what’s the story?”. However, there are a few parts that you should never skip. The intor in italics tells you very important information about the reading, and what you read may not make sense without it. Even if the questions reference specific lines, try the skim the entire piece at least once so you have all the context you need. The vocabulary questions might be the hardest part of the entire test, because you really can’t prepare for them at all. However, some tricks still apply. Elimination is key here, as is actually saying the word out loud. Okay. Don’t actually say the word aloud, that will definitely get your score cancelled. However, mouth it, maybe even whisper, say it in your head, so that you get a feel for the word. Onomatopoeia is a real thing that can help you here, so do not disregard it. Go with your instincts if you’ve never seen a word before. The grammar questions follow seven or so specific rules like tense error, subject verb agreement, idioms, etc. Identifying what the question is focusing on makes it a million times easier to figure out where the errors lie, so looking at what comes up on every test can give you a fantastic arsenal of classification. You cannot lose. 

WritingPlan your essay. You should take a stance on the statement that is provided to you, either agreeing or disagreeing, and you should then use two separate examples to support your stance, each of which is a paragraph. Add and introduction and conclusion and you are out of time; this is another one that you’ll want to practice with a timer and restricted space (you get two pages). By examples, I mean literally anything. Know a statistic? Use it. Remember that book you read? Reference it. Do you understand the role of the Federal Reserve Bank in the US economy? Talk about it. You can use historical facts, trivia, even a personal experience. The most important part of your essay is not the grammar or the quality of your writing, it’s not even the subject. What is most important here is that you are clear about whether or not you agree with the statement provided. Pound it out. Decide right away what you’re going to say and stick with it. Be confident. 

So, obviously, this is what I did. And for me, it worked. Something important to remember here is that school has always come easy to me, and that’s just how it is for some people. You have the ability to do as well as you want to, but you also have to asses the amount of effort you are willing to put in and if it’s worth the points. Something I would highly suggest is literally writing down a range of scores and the corresponding hours of work it would take for you to earn that score. Your mental, emotional, and physical health are not worth however many points you think you need to do well. Do what feels right to you, and remember that you have options! 

So,  yeah. This is the longest post I have ever made, and if I didn’t answer someone’s question or you have new ones, please ask, anonymous or not! Happy testing!

“The L.Y.F. Fitness Project”. (Love Yourself First)

These days I’ve read loads of bullshit on the internet and I’m so freaking enough (the girls don’t love their bodies just because they don’t look like a fucking magazine (photoshopped) model or the boys hate themselves just because they don’t have a six pack abs and other derogatory comments) so I decided make a project whose purpose is make you love yourself first than anything or anyone, make you love you for who/what you are but also it will be a resource to help you to change your lifestyle (eat more healthy food, do exercise, keep your body active and your mind positive). Every week i’ll post a motivational quotes, exercises and other stuff, starting from today (03/04/2014). 

Love Yourself First:

  1. Life is too short to waste your precious time hating or envying anyone. Please don’t hate and you don’t be hated.
  2. Smile and laugh always.
  3. Don’t compare yourself with the others, just fucking not. You’re fine exactly as you are, trust me.
  4. Keep a positive and open mind. No matter what happen, stay strong, you lil cutie person. 
  5. I don’t know who you are, what religion, color, nation or age you are, it doesn’t really matter, I love you, I love you so much.


  1. Drink a 4-6 liters per day.
  2. Avoid the junk food and eat healthy food (fruits and vegetables).
  3. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.”
  4. Sleep 7-8 hours, always. (Please, don’t sleep late or less than those hours, never)
  5. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily or do a exercises routine while you listen music, that works so good and keep your body active and your mind positive.

(just in case you didn’t know i made a fitspirational mix for ya’ll, you can check out this mix on 8tracks: such workout, much burn.  and the list of the routines http://yourfitbitch.tumblr.com/post/78905684220/the-l-y-f-project-love-yourself-first-you)

Please, help me. You can do it reblogging the post as many times as you can, don’t removing the text  (i promise you that it won’t show and mess up your blog) and finally feel free to put something in my askbox and follow me, this would be highly appreciated and i’ll follow you back. My Tumblr: ♡.

anonymous asked:

Your clothing pieces are so unique and thought out, where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you! This is a very kind thing to say. T/////T

Inspiration-wise, I think I’ve answered a part of that in this post though vague and glossed over… but I can sort of try to elaborate more on clothing, at least some aspects.

For the most part I tend towards fantasy settings, so I often look to older historical examples as a base (the varying silhouettes back then were much more interesting in my opinion, if less convenient at times). And while my draws are along the lines of ‘fantasy’ clothing, I like to consider the practicality of the outfit and think of the parts in layers, even if the clothes I draw may be improbable to sew together in reality.

Just a quick example of how gorgeous the shapes in historical clothing can be:

(from google, search historical renaissance/tudor clothing & should see them!) 

Look at that impeccable fashion. Ah, such wealth so obviously displayed.

I actually don’t know very much about tailoring nor fashion design, but I wish I did. Knowing the terminology, taking details like seams, button placements and just the overall sewing patterns into account, etc. can add more integrity into a design that may otherwise feel ‘generic’ or ‘plain’. 

(eg. peplums, scalloped edges… modern cuts are easy to find references for.)

So.. building up a visual reference library is a must. And since art is about inspiration, reference, and learning, taking the time to research into a bit of the clothing articles (their history, their make, their reasoning–why and when did the people dress the way they did? What did their clothes communicate? …Why the gigot sleeves? The perforations in brogues?) lends yet another layer to the drawing. It’s a layer that many people may not see, but those who are informed can and will. I remember our favourite layout professor would go on about the verisimilitude in our fictive settings, our fictive creations. 

I digress, because the clothes I draw aren’t so deep-rooted being as fictional fantasy lalaland as they are, but that’s the general idea I have behind mine when I draw. Of course more on a superficial level of ‘what looks cool :D?’ with the plastering of character-specific motifs everywhere, but perhaps that is part of what lends them appeal? That’s by the judgment of the audience, so I can’t say.

And I’ve mentioned this before, by my own preference I also like simple clothing– simple repeated shapes overall with embellishments at areas to hopefully draw interest to the right places. Although detail is beautiful (just think of all the (3D) armour sets in mmorpgs like ffxiv), I find simple appeal is most memorable to me when differentiating key characters’ aspects from another. Silhouette, Focal points, … there is actually so much more I could go on yammering about, but I feel that would need a post all on its own (and there are people who can detail it far better and more concisely than I ever could).

This is why I usually like the Tales of games… their colours and designs are all bold and relatively simple. 

Anyway, recent design example that might elaborate my meaning. 

Pretty obvious where I drew inspiration from seeing the first picture above, no? But hopefully also different enough to stand as its own. I find it incredibly fun to take apart and put together a character’s wardrobe, so that is why I tend to doodle the shirts under or draw jackets separately and so on. I like for it to make sense how they wear the clothes, fanciful design or not.

And below, expanding on my ‘favouring practicality’ featuring pencil/brush wraps as detachable sleeve cuff decor– simple idea, hopefully kind of cute function? The thing with drawing and imaginary creations is that you can bend that reality’s rules, so nevermind impracticality if the setting allows for it

Wow!! I’ve rambled a lot so I’ll stop here, none of which was with assurance but an insight into a part of my thought process nevertheless. I hope it was… somewhat interesting to read or think about; I personally also love seeing others’ processes and the differences from mine when they reason their designs, so thank you so much for asking! 

I’ll leave some tumblr links here, because there is also this much and more on this site alone to inspire… 

“Before Morning”-- Requested: Pirate!Mika Noble!Yuu (Seraph of the End AU fanfic)

(A/N: Okay I’m purposely ending this one on a cliffhanger because I think there’s too much I want to do to wrap it up in a one-shot. So let me know if you guys like it and if you do then I’ll continue. Thanks guys!!)

Rated: T

Inspired By: 

// Pirate!Mika and Noble!Yuu / Happy Halloween~! (?)

Translation by: ナナシ シノ
Editing by: Lest Karr (King of Europe)
Original by: ??? (Please if you know who it’s by, give me their name or the source/link to their page/profile/etc.)

(This is the only source I could find for the comic that inspired this story, if anyone has the original let me know. If you want to read it, I can’t link it (I’ve tired) But if you google Pirate!Mika Noble!Yuu it comes up. It’s on the google+ for “Lest Karr (King of Europe)” in their translations collection)

Part One

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I think before I go to bed every night I’m going to post a new quote that I love. Team Inspire needs to get back up in dis bitch..

This is in my top 3, maybe my all-time favorite and I think ever and everyone should live by it…..

“Our true wealth is the good we do in this world. None of us has faith unless we desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves”- Mohammed

Night love you <3

Overflow, a Castle fanfic | FanFiction

‘Through the spray of the water exploding from his bathroom sink and turning his en suite into an indoor water park, he hears the yelling of his name coming from the apartment below, her shouting muffled but angry and just a bit panicked, and he has no idea why Kate Beckett from the floor below would be screaming at him unless- oh no.’

Rated T

Inspired by a prompt from castlefanficprompts.