“Before Morning”-- Requested: Pirate!Mika Noble!Yuu (Seraph of the End AU fanfic)

(A/N: Okay I’m purposely ending this one on a cliffhanger because I think there’s too much I want to do to wrap it up in a one-shot. So let me know if you guys like it and if you do then I’ll continue. Thanks guys!!)

Rated: T

Inspired By: 

// Pirate!Mika and Noble!Yuu / Happy Halloween~! (?)

Translation by: ナナシ シノ
Editing by: Lest Karr (King of Europe)
Original by: ??? (Please if you know who it’s by, give me their name or the source/link to their page/profile/etc.)

(This is the only source I could find for the comic that inspired this story, if anyone has the original let me know. If you want to read it, I can’t link it (I’ve tired) But if you google Pirate!Mika Noble!Yuu it comes up. It’s on the google+ for “Lest Karr (King of Europe)” in their translations collection)

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Overflow, a Castle fanfic | FanFiction

‘Through the spray of the water exploding from his bathroom sink and turning his en suite into an indoor water park, he hears the yelling of his name coming from the apartment below, her shouting muffled but angry and just a bit panicked, and he has no idea why Kate Beckett from the floor below would be screaming at him unless- oh no.’

Rated T

Inspired by a prompt from castlefanficprompts.

I think before I go to bed every night I’m going to post a new quote that I love. Team Inspire needs to get back up in dis bitch..

This is in my top 3, maybe my all-time favorite and I think ever and everyone should live by it…..

“Our true wealth is the good we do in this world. None of us has faith unless we desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves”- Mohammed

Night love you <3