Christmas with Draco would include..

Christmas with Draco would include..      

  • It would be the first christmas together alone in your new home.
  • You would both decorate the Christmas tree with tinsle and baubles.
  • Draco would tease you when you can’t put the star on the top.
  • “Come here” He would laugh picking you up into the air.

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  • You would make him wear a christmas jumper despite all of his protests.
  • But he’d soon get into it and he’d be wearing a matching christmas hat.
  • You would show him your favorite christmas movies
  • And he would actually enjoy them.

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  • You would make a christmas mix tape which you would play on christmas day, both of you dancing with each other, laughing and smiling.
  • Christmas day would be a matching pyjama day.
  • You would cook Christmas dinner together
  • You would set out two plates and a candle
  • It was quiet but cute
  • and thats the way you both liked it.

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  • There would be lots of christmas cuddles
  • And christmas kisses
  • And Draco wouldnt stop reminding you about how this was the best christmas he has ever had.

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smile-smile-ichthys  asked:

If you're up for it maybe MC putting tinsle in Zens hair, first thing that popped into my head

I love this omg

  • He thought you were just braiding it at first
  • But then he saw the glimmer in the corner of his eye
  • And just? went with it?
  • He’d be totally in love with it though
  • And would be sure to post selfies with his new hairstyle
  • It’s not coming out any time soon either
  • But when he does take it out there’s just tinsel bits everywhere
  • He feels blessed 
  • And starts making jokes about how he’s like an angel with the looks of an angel
  • until someone smacks him he’s gonna keep making jokes
(Christmas With Elsie and Amalthea)

( @darlingmistress )

“I did the star last time, it’s your turn now.” Amalthea said as she looked up at Elsie, holding the Christmas tree topper in her hands “Anyways, I’m too short to reach. Remember what happened last time?” Amalthea sighed as she thought about last Christmas when she tried to put the star on the tree without any help from Elise, ending up fallin over and knocking down the tree, getting covered in tinsle, lights and ornaments. “Please, Ellie? Please put the star on” Amally begged as she held the start out to her “Pretty please?” She pouted some.

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