Feathers, Tinsel, Colors - OH MY!!!
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Spice up your summer hairstyle!
Feather, tinsel, and single strand colored hair extensions are this year’s biggest hair accessories!

Feather hair extensions are a great way to add some pop to your summer hairstyle. These low maintenance hair extensions can be washed, curled, flat ironed, or blown-out with your hair. They are sourced responsibly from farm-raised happy birds!

Not only are these fierce accessories ethical, the cost to accessorize your look is only $15! It’s a fun weekend activity, too—our experienced stylists will show you the extensive selection of feather colors and lengths, and work with you to create the perfect look for you. The whole experience takes no more than 10 minutes, and they last half the summer, for 6-8 weeks!

Tinsel “The Next Big Thing”
As seen on stars such as: Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, and Hillary Duff, tinsel hair extensions are tiny, individual, colorful strands of sparkling tinsel that can be added to create a dazzling look to any hair style, length, or texture. Add a few strands for a subtle, playful look or many strands for a dramatic, avant-garde look. Tinsel can be washed, blown-out, brushed, curled, or flat ironed and with proper care will last 4-6 weeks! You’ll receive (two) tinsel extensions for only $10, or (five) for $20!

Single-Strand Colored Hair Extensions
Seen on stars from Britney Spears to contestants of the hit singing competition TV show, “The Voice,” single-strand colored extensions are the newest big hair accessory! Made with all natural hair colored to any color you desire, these single strand extensions are bonded using a protein-based bond that attaches without any damage to the hair. They can be blown-out, curled, flat ironed, or washed just like your own hair. Come in for a consultation with one of our experienced stylists to create your perfect summer look!

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