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This is all i could muster drawing pff- I feel i should do more but I don’t wanna push myself ;3; but I did get to draw some of my oldies (some may know and nobody knows the others) So I’m at least okay with that. And frisk cause i can’t stop drawing frisk >:I

Bridgette, my Skyrim Mage Neara and Nana came out as my favoritse pff-

Red vs Blue Secret Santa 2015

We haven’t seen any others trying to start a secret Santa for the RvB fandom on Tumblr so! We decided to try it ourselves! Me and the other elves are super excited to get things going (though a week later than planned, we’re incredibly sorry about that!)

It’s really easy to join! Simply fill out the questions posted below and submit them here! We’ll have signups open from Nov 23 until Dec 6. We will put all the URLs in a hat and pick Santas at random, Santas will be messaged by Dec 7 with their assigned person. If you don’t receive a message by the end of the 7th, message us so we can resend! Santas should complete and give their gifts between Dec 20 through Dec 25, though they can be late if you let us know so no one feels left out!

Not a lot of rules but here are the few we’d like followed :)

  1. Gifts must be Red vs Blue only! I love all of RT but this Secret Santa is only for RvB! Any part of RvB is allowed, BGC or Freelancers, etc.
  2. Please let us know if you can’t provide your gift so we can re-Santa someone!
  3. Any kind of fanwork is allowed! Fics, pics, gifs, fanmixes, etc.
  4. If a Santa gets someone with a gift list they feel uncomfortable with, they can message us to be swapped with another Santa.
  5. In the “Rating level” section, please respect the ratings people ask for, don’t go above their rating! Also, if someone’s rating level is Mature, you don’t have to make your gift mature, that’s simply their highest preferred rating.
  6. If you are under 18 and request Mature gifts, you will not get them, sorry. No adult content/smut/sexual themes for under 18.
  7. You can submit your gifts here, post them and tag the person you got, or submit it to the person’s blog! If you’d like to remain anonymous, submit it to us and tell us in the title you want to remain unnamed!
  8. Everyone who signs up will be gifted something, no one will be left out at all, we’ll personally see to that.

The questionnaire to fill out is here:

URL: (even if it’s the same URL you’re submitting with, please put it here, too)
Rating level: (typical ratings like G, PG13, Mature, etc. Only the highest you’re comfortable with getting and giving)
Gift list: (list all things you’d be interested in receiving from your Santa!)
Uncomfortable with: (list all the things you’re uncomfortable making ((such as certain pairings or characters, situations, etc)) so we can be sure to Santa you to a person who’s list you are comfortable with!)
Pinch-hitter: (If you’re willing to step in if someone’s Santa drops out, please let us know here! It’s entirely optional.)

As gifts are made and posted by Santas, we will reblog them here with the intended person’s URL tagged, if you cannot find your gift otherwise. (Anonymous Santas will not be named and their work will be published here for their intend person to be tagged in) If for any reason you haven’t been given a gift by a Santa and cannot find it here by Jan 1, let us know ASAP and we’ll provide something for you within the week.

Thanks for checking us out and hope you have plenty of happy holidays!

    ♥ Holly Tinsel (head elf)