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Favorite Platonic or Romantic Relationship: Tino’s Mom & Dixon

Because I always thought it was cute the way these two were always teasing each other. :)

But more importantly, I love the way the show handled their relationship, especially regarding how it affected Tino. Both Dixon and Tino’s Mom had a lot of open, honest communication with Tino, and they were always careful to consider his feelings in addition to their own. It showed how serious they were about their relationship– not just as a couple, but as a potential family.

I wish we had seen more of Dixon’s daughter, Moira, though. It would have been interesting to see how she got along with Tino and his Mom. (Also, speaking of Moira, I thought Carver’s instant crush on her was kind of cute; I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of that.)

Clips from:
S01E13: Dixon
S02E04-B: Brain Envy
S03E06-B: Broken
S03E07-A: Father’s Day

Free Choice:  The show’s appeal to all ages

This clip is actually one of my mom’s favorite moments from The Weekenders. :)

When The Weekenders was on TV, my mom watched it with me all the time. I think she loved it as much as I did.

Years later, I bought the DVDs, and she watched the whole show with me all over again. We both loved it just as much as we did when it used to be on TV, and we really enjoyed revisiting all our favorite episodes together.

And that is my favorite thing about The Weekenders. It isn’t just a “kids’ show.” It is a show filled with intelligent writing, relatable characters, and clever humor that almost anyone can appreciate, regardless of their age. The Weekenders gave my mom and I something fun to share when I was younger– and it’s something we remember fondly, even to this day.

Clip from:
S01E03-A: The Perfect Weekend


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TV Tropes - The Weekenders | Awesome

  • Ms. Tonitini, Tino’s mom, in general. She gives great advice to her son and his friends, and gives off a realistic portrayal of a parent who is really easy to talk to, without fear of meeting disapproval or feeling like she’s trying to force her opinions on you. Parent of the year, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Teaching her son to be himself.
    • Always accepted her son’s feelings and always valued his opinion on how her choices could affect him.
    • In show, her calling her ex-husband out (gently) on not realizing that Tino just wants to spend time with him, not spend every second “entertained”. It doesn’t quite work but props for trying.


Favorite Platonic or Romantic Relationship: Ms. Tonitini & Tino’s mother-son relationship

One of the show’s chief strengths is its ability to represent believable interactions between characters. Think of quick-witted sarcasm, add the perfect advice for every situation, combine the spontaneous ever-growing connection in a single mother and only child househood and you’ve got Ms. Tonitini and Tino. Their relationship was the point of balance in the show, with all its ups and downs. Tino’s mother had her own grudges with his ex husband, but she never let that get in the way of Tino’s relationship with his dad. She wanted him to be happy, and was always aware that keeping his dad in his life was the right choice. Tino, at the same time, relied on her precious words of advice and was comfortable with showing his affection publicly.

“Your opinion is important to me.