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Feels Like Forever (Split)
  • Feels Like Forever (Split)
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~Feels Like Forever - Of Mice & Men (Split)~

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On May 2011, the tiny town of St. Michael, in the Spirit Lake Reservation, was shocked by the horrible murder of two little kids. Siblings Destiny Shaw (9) and Travis Dubois Jr. (6) were found murdered in their father’s house. They had been stabbed more than 100 times.

It took three days to realize something had happened and find the bodies, even though the house was a gruesome crime scene. The kid’s parents were separated. Mena Shaw, the mother, was working and taking care of her other kids, thinking Destiny and Travis were safe with their dad. But Travis Dubois Sr. had been away for days, drinking.

At first, suspicions fell on Travis Sr. He actually confessed to the FBI he, and no one else, had killed the children. Later he claimed the confession had been coerced and he’d been in a state of shock.

A year had passed when the investigation turned to another suspect. Valentino “Tino” Bagola, the 18 year old cousin of the victims. His DNA was found under the nails of Destiny, and he had been babysitting the kids on the days of the crime. It was July 2012, and Tino was already in police custody on a theft charge. After three days of interrogation, the teenager finally cracked. And his confession was pretty disturbing, since he revealed he had raped little Destiny before killing her. “I started to bone Destiny then I started to stab her and left her there, Then I slammed Travis to the floor then I started to stab him. I’m sorry for everything that happened to those kids,“ he wrote in a statement.

And the motive for the rape and murders? According to the prosecution, Tino found out that he was getting paid less for babysitting than Mena’s older daughters, so he decided to take revenge on Travis Sr. by doing that to the children. 

During trial, his defense claimed he was innocent and that the real killer was Travis Sr. But the jury didn’t buy it, and sentenced him to life without parole.