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Submission: Strong!Hinata prompt response

Okay so I saw the strong/political Hinata prompt and I had to write something for it. I hope you don’t mind my sending it to you? 

His father has just died, and he is furious. Hinata can see it in the way his fists clench as her father walks by, the way his jaw tightens when an elder praises his progress, the way he refuses to look at her. It really doesn’t surprise her that he steps too far out of line and pays the price.

Her father is crying. His brother marched to die in his place, now his nephews small body is cradled in shaking arms. The elder that activated the seal, that watched as her cousin writhed and screamed and bled and died, looks on impassively. He does not care.

Hinata is four years old. She cares. She will fix this.

So she trains. She takes to her lessons with cold fire burning in her body, the kind that hides in the embers, ready to blaze up and burn with the right breath of wind. She learns her characters, reads. Learns her katas, fights. Learns clan politics, plots.

Then Hanabi is born, and things have to change.

She cannot burn too bright, or the seal will be inked onto her sisters forehead. Her progress slows, plateaus, stops. She finds the line and toes it constantly, staying just good enough not to be a failure, but not great enough to be the heir of the Hyuuga clan.

The elders set a limit. If she cannot prove her capability by the time Hanabi reaches genin, then she will be branded in her sister’s place.

Hinata is eight years old. She has eight more to fix this.

She goes to Ino and Shikamaru, children still, but far more knowledgeable than her in general politics. They are bright, bright children, and she soaks in their light and makes it her own. She learns the law of Konoha, not just the laws of her clan. She discovers in what circumstances the former can overrule the latter. She begins to plan under their careful instruction.

Hinata is 12 years old. She has four more years. But, the seal.

Jiriaya of the Sanin is in town, and he is training Naruto. She knows he is a seal master, but she also knows he could never teach her, she is to young, and he is of too low a status for her clan to approve. Instead, she breaks into the apartment he is renting, left unlocked through confident complacency, and steals every book on sealing he owns. Then, remembering just how Naruto graduated, she masks her chakra, dons a henge, and breaks in to the Hokage’s private library.

Now hidden in a storage seal stuck to the bottom of her bed are 13 books on sealing. Most are far beyond her comprehension, but one appears to have been written to teach children. Complete with illustrations of stroke by stroke guides and easy to digest information, Uzumaki Kushina may just be the key to understanding the rest of her stolen goods. She wonders if this book was meant for Naruto, if this is his unknown mothers work, then she squashes the thought. She needs to be selfish.

Hinata is 16 years old. She has no more time.

The elders look down at her from their seats, contempt clear in their eyes. She is weak, a failure, an embarrassment to the clan, they believe. But she isn’t, and she will show them. Hanabi waits behind her, face hardened into something unreadable. Her sister lost her childhood too early, picking up the training and expectations that had slipped from Hinata’s shoulders when she sunk into mediocrity. She is here to see her elder sister branded, they all are.

That will not be happening.

From the storage seal inked onto her forearm, she draws out a single scroll. She clears her throat, begins to read.

“section 9 of the Konoha Clans Act, subsection 1; clans may govern persons of their clan according to their own existing clan laws, so long as a) the existing laws do not contradict any of the provisions set out in this act or; b) any future Acts passed by; i) the Hokage, or; ii) the Council of Clans. Subsection 2; any clan laws passed following the enactment of this act must not contradict Konoha laws of the relevant time.”

All eyes are focused on her now, confused. She is meant to be stating her case to remain heir, throwing her sister to the flames in her place. She is not meant to be quoting laws passed in the founders era.

“Section 17 of the Use and Regulation of Seals Act; no seal may be used to cause intentional pain or ill effects of any kind on any citizen of Konoha unless a) sanctioned by the Hokage, or; b) Torture and Interrogation requires such measures, or; c) the application of such a seal is done so voluntarily.”

The confusion is turning to anger, and she smiles. Finally. They see the threat she poses to their way of life, and they want her gone. They call to her father, demand she be branded for her insolence. But he is smiling, and he does not listen. he turns to her and asks what she would have them do.

She places the scroll on the table before him, revealing the seal she had been developing for the last year and a half. Carefully drawn and explained in the style of Uzumaki Kushina, it is unarguably a better option than the current seal. The control function has been removed, the pain inducer cancelled out, the only effect left the degradation of the eyes after death, and the addition of a trigger feature to combat live removal.

The elders are fuming and furious. Her sister is no longer unreadable, unreachable, but hovering behind her, uncertain. She reaches out her arm, and her sister ducks into the space she has made, understanding. Her useless sister was never useless. She was protecting her the entire time.

The Neji seal is put into use the next day, and Hinata is the first to don it. She wears the seal that bears her cousins name with pride, as does every other member of her clan. No longer a sign of servitude, the seal now stands for unity. All thanks to a little girl who loved her cousin, and lost him.


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Reader x Ivar

  • Tha iad a ‘coimhead air adhart - They seem on edge.
  • Sealltainn dha mar a chleachdas tu na sgeinean tilgeil gòrach sin. - show him how to use those silly throwing knives.
  • Cha tig e air ais gu sgiobalta bho mo dhìol. - He will not recover quickly from my lesson.
  • Tha mi làidir, Lochlannaich. - I am strong, Viking.
  • Bidh an Fae a 'dèanamh a’ bhàis a tha fada, beag beag - The Fae will make your death long, tiny viking
  • Nach urrainn dhut a bhith a 'sabaid agus gu bheil thu a’ tuiteam tinn no rudeigin math dhut! - that you cannot fight and you fall ill or something you great fuck!
  • Bi sàbhailte - Be safe

The long boat trip was enough to make anyone irritable. Any normal person would be tired and disagreeable. After your father had agreed to allow some of the Ragnarsson’s army to settle on a patch of the villages land near the sea he had swapped you for the promise that the vikings would not be hurt.

Ivar had turned up his nose at the idea. A princess would be a hindrance. But with the encouragement of his brothers they all came to an agreement. “Tha iad a 'coimhead air adhart”

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To both sides of Qui-Gon, Jedi and judicials were beginning to climb from the lake, their waterlogged tunics and uniforms weighing them down. Following Qui-Gon’s lead, Obi-Wan sprang from the water, landing atop one of the smaller rocks. Vergere floated in like a water fowl until she reached the stony beach, then she called on her powerful reverse-articulated legs to catapult her ashore. Saesee Tiin’s big hands cut through the waves like flippers. Yaddle rode in atop Ki-Adi-Mundi’s broad shoulders, her short arms wrapped around his tall head, and her topknot of golden-brown hair plastered to her green skull.
Close by, Depa Billaba stepped gracefully to the beach, as if emerging from a warm bath.
—  Everyone else is struggling while Depa walks out the lake like a Queen (James Luceno, ‘Cloak of Deception’)
thoughts on Ahsoka leaving the Order and the split Jedi Order...

Am I the only one  who noticed that the people who sincerely apologized to Ashoka were her “family”, meaning Plo, Obi-Wan and Anakin. That when they spoke, they were sorry and remorseful for what was done to her. That even Anakin, who did the most to prove her innocence, still apologized for what she went through.
At the same time, she seems at ease and calm when they’re talking to her. Her body language is relaxed (still slightly guarded), but she’s listening to them. willing to actually talk and perhaps discuss her stay in the Order. 

Also, notice how Plo is the only one to apologize on behalf of the Order to Ahsoka? Not Yoda, not Mace, Plo.
Plo may be old, but he’s not that grandmaster. He doesn’t speak for the council, Mace and Yoda do. So why is he apologizing?
The ones who didn’t even really believe she did anything are the ones who’re apologizing. They’re owning up to their mistakes.

But the ones who really fucked Ahsoka over don’t even really own up to it…they blame the Force. They excuse everything she went through and their actions involved, and say it was because of the Force. They don’t apologize at all, they just…blame the Force. And that’s infuriating. Mace and Yoda need to apologize, they speak for the council all the time idk why they’re silent now.

Ki-Ad-Mundi needs to apologize, so does Saesi-Tin (idk how you spell his name). they were very vocally against her. It’s like they can’t even own up to their own mistakes when they caused her real psychological damage.

And honestly, I think this is when Ahsoka is 100% done with the order.
Mace, Mundi, Yoda, and Tinn are the embodiment of perfect Jedi. They’re the embodiment of the Order. I think Ahsoka was all gun-ho about being a Jedi at first, and even considered coming back to the Order, but realized very quickly that that’s what she’d become. She didn’t want to end up brainwashed like them.

Which makes me think about Plo, Obi-Wan, and Anakin and their placement in the room. On one side, we’ve got the traditional Jedi who are incapable of seeing what they did wrong.

On the other side, we’ve got those three, the non traditionalist. I wonder if we see them split just to highlight a difference between them and other Jedi.

They walk the line between attachment (Anakin crossed it), their personalities diverge from the calm, collected, Jedi personality. And they are a family unit, and they do see Ahsoka as their child to an extent, which is why I feel that they are apologizing to her. Because they just don’t see her as a wrong Jedi, they see her as a daughter, or a granddaughter, or a sister.

I think at that moment, in the sense that its traditional Jedi vs. non traditional Jedi, they’re split due to the fact that these three are attached to her. And because they are, they realize what she went through was fucked up and really had nothing to do with the Force, just people playing with her life.

The others are so ingrained in their dogma that they couldn’t see that, they couldn’t see or understand what they did wrong, and caused Ahsoka to leave the Order.

For the Kids

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.

Lena was having a rough night. She knew she did what was right. Her mother’s project was wrong on so many levels. Lena should be happy Lillian was locked up, but she couldn’t bring herself to be. She was miserable. Lillian had been a terrible mother, a terrible person really, but she was family. The only family Lena had left. So when all was said and done, Lillian escorted away, her minion gone, Supergirl and the Martian back to wherever Superheros went, Lena was alone. Now, Lena was used to being alone. She was single with no friends, and her last family member hated her, but this feeling. This feeling was something the CEO had never felt before. All she wanted to do was break down and cry, but she still had Lillian’s voice at the back of her head telling her that was weakness. Logically, she knew it wasn’t. Humans have emotions. They are allowed to express them, but she still couldn’t let herself. Instead she went to the nearest dingy bar she could find, determined that she would not remember this in the morning.

The bar was certainly dingy. It was small, and smelled of mold, but it served alcohol and that was all Lena needed. She kept drinking until her head started to spin, and then had some more to make the dizziness go away.

“Hey, doll. How bout I take you home?” Lena could hear the warning bells going off, but she choose to ignore them. She needed for one night to not feel so alone. For all girls, going home with a strange man they meet in a dingy bar is a bad idea, but for the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, and a member of the most hated family on Earth it was the worst idea.

Lena woke up in a grimy hotel room next to a strange man she had never seen. They were both nude, so the CEO could only assume what happened. She snapped a quick picture of the man as a just in case, before high tailing it out of there.

It took about a month to notice the signs. It was two days after she went to the doctor’s, and one day after that that the news hit the media. Lena was certain that it was the overly suspicious intern who blabbed, but she had more important things to worry about. One was the man. He was a criminal who had been caught for just about everything but murder. She kept waiting for him to step forward and claim the child, but he didn’t.

After finding out she was pregnant, Lena cut off contact with everyone who wasn’t part of her company. She only saw Kara during interviews, and if the reporter got too personal or friendly, the CEO shut down the interview. Because of all this Lena wasn’t expecting anyone to be there when she went into labor, but there was Kara Danvers holding her hand and whispering reassuring things through the agonizing pain.

“Twins, Lena?” Kara sucked in a breath. The CEO had kept as much about the baby a secret as possible. No one knew the sex, let alone that it was two, both baby boys.

“Lena,” Kara whispered a few hours after labor, from her spot next to Lena. “I know you don’t want help, or pity but children are handfuls, especially twins. I’m going to help you!” Lena consented, knowing the reporter wouldn’t give in. Over the next few years, Kara became the third most important thing in Lena’s life next to her company and her boys.

It was right around the the twins third birthday when Kara stopped helping. She had left for a couple days to deal with a family emergency, promising to be back in time for Morgan and Lincoln’s birthday party. When she got back in town, Kara deleted all of her social media, and told Lena that she wouldn’t be able to help as much.

“Don’t worry about it, Kar. You don’t have to help me. I can handle the boys by myself, and if I need help, I’ll hire a nanny.” When Lena said that, she didn’t realize that she was essentially nailing the coffin that was their friendship.  


Kara felt guilty about leaving town, about leaving Lena, but if what Kal-el said was true than she had to leave. She arrived in Smallville, Kansas in only a  few short hours.

“Kara! I need you to follow me!” Kara turned to see the usually smiling face of her concern with a worried look on his face. “It landed over here. I’m not sure where the pod came from. It looks Kryptonian, but it appears to be martials from Earth.” Kara took one look at the pod before declaring it a replica. This made her a little bit more cautious, and since the window of the pod didn’t show anyone, Kara used her x-ray vision to see inside.

“Kal!” She gasped, moving to open the pod. “It’s a child!” Sure enough when Kara opened the pod, there was a little girl around three years old.

“We might want to get her to the DEO.” Kal-el suggested, surprising Kara. Nodding, the Alien female picked up the little girl, and took off, her cousin following closely behind.


“Well, she’s not Kryptonian.” Alex informed the two aliens. “But she’s close.” This made Kara perk up.

“Another Daxamite?”

“I’m sorry, Kara. Actually, it’s a clone. A pretty good one but no exactly right.” J’onn told the two.

“A clone of who?” Kara asked, stepping forward to get a look at the clone.

“Of you, Supergirl.”

It took a lot of convincing, but  eventually after Kara got everyone to let her raise the clone.

“Alright, Kara.” J’onn Conceded. “On one condition. Once she wakes up, Alex and I will do as much testing on her as we deem necessary including testing what powers she has.” Kara quickly agreed, wrapping Alex, and J’onn in a hug.

It didn’t take long for the clone to wake up. Kara was in the room when the girl’s eyes blinked open, and she started to scream. Kara was fine with screaming. Morgan, and Lincoln were the kings of screams. What bothered her was that the little girl was screaming out Kryptonian curse words. Alex, and J’onn came running in, Alex with her gun out. Kara quickly assured her that wasn’t necessary before a soothing Kryptonian lullaby that Alura used to sing to her every night. It took only one verse for the girl to calm down.

“Where am I? I don’t recognize this as any place on Krypton. Who are you? How do you know my language?” Though the girl looked three, she spoke like she was much older. Alex later told her it’s because whoever cloned her managed to fix the strand of Kara’s hair so she was a child physically but they couldn’t get the mental part just right.

“I’m Kara Zor-El. I’m from Krypton. What’s your name?”

“It’s Kaz Tinn. Where are we?” Kara looked over at Alex, and J’onn. How could she not know?

“We’re on a planet called Earth. Kaz, how old are you?” Kaz told them she was three years old.

“Kaz, Krypton died before you were born. I’m not sure how you remember it.” Kaz seemed to take this rather hard. She yelled a “lies” and slammed her hand against the wall, creating a hole, and causing a chunk to go shoot out at Alex. This terrified the girl. Kara explained what they knew, and asked if they could do some more tests. The next two days were filled with tests, and explanations. Kaz refused to do anything without Kara in the room, and if she was weary of the person she would only speak In Kryptonian. Kara had in most people’s eyes been gone for a week when she took Kaz home. Kara kept Kaz a secret until she enrolled her in public school, because she wanted the child to get used to Earth and her powers.


It was a normal day at work when Lena’s personal phone started ringing. Even after three years of minimal contact, Lena was still hoping it was Kara. Of course, it wasn’t. It was her sons’ school.

“Lena Luthor speaking, how may I help you?” The CEO asked in her most professional voice.

“Hello, Miss Luthor. We’re calling to tell you that both the twins got in a fight today. We need you to get down here as soon as possible.” Lena informed the lady she would be there soon before hanging up.

When Lena got to the school, she was her boys waiting outside the principal’s office with dirty beat up faces.

“Miss Luthor? Everyone’s already waiting inside the office. If you and your sons will just head on in.” Lena offered her hands to the twins before walking into the office. She was determined to be calm throughout this entire meeting, however as soon as she saw a certain blonde reporter that idea flew out the window.


Shortly after Kara returned to work she was moved up to reporting on all alien activity, including Supergirl. Because of this, Kara never interviewed Lena anymore. The last time she spoke to the CEO was probably two months ago when she called to wish Morgan and Lincoln a happy birthday.

Kaz was in public school, and now in the first grade. She was mostly fitting in, expect two boys thought she was weird and constantly taunted her about it. Kaz never did anything about it, but Kara was afraid that one day she might retaliate. Apparently, today was that day.

“Miss Danvers? Kaz got in a fight-” Kara didn’t even give the girl time to finish before she informed the lady she was on her way. When the alien arrived at the school, she saw her clone sitting across from two beat up boys.

“Mom, I’m so sorry! He punched me, and I didn’t know what else to do! I didn’t mean to take you away from your duties!” Kara could hear the boys snickering at Kaz’s older, slightly weird way of talking, but she choose to ignore it. She got down to eye level and looked her adopted daughter in the eyes.

“It’s okay, Kaz. You fought back like you were trained to do. Let’s go talk to the principal, yeah?” Kaz hugged the alien before hopping off her chair, and trodding into the office.

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.

Tano and Kenobi: Tatooine

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Desperately fleeing the relentless pursuit of the bounty hunters sent by Culling Blade, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi have fled with the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine Kryze, across the Outer Rim. Out of time and with nowhere else to run, Ahsoka makes a bold decision to trade their starship for passage on a freighter.

A freighter bound for the desert planet of Tatooine.

First | Previous | Next | AO3

Melausta on the Outer Rim.

A Republic cruiser flew through the atmosphere, smoothly gliding over the spaceport of the planet’s capital city.

Hovering in place for a moment as the landing gear deployed, the vermillion ship slowly sank down into its assigned landing bay. White, billowing clouds of steam jetted out of the ship’s exhaust vents, nearly obscuring the boarding ramp that was quickly lowered.

A humanoid figure strode out, hard-soled boots ringing against the duracrete walls of the landing bay. He stepped into the warm midday sunlight and pulled off the voluminous hood that covered his brown hair and blunt features. Taking out his personal communications device, the man keyed in a frequency. “This is Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and I have landed on Melausta.”

There were several minutes of silence as the message bounced through the express relays of the holonet system before the reply came back.

“Understood, Master Jinn,” Mace Windu’s voice crackled over the com, low and serious. “Please inform the Temple when you have located the Duchess of Mandalore, Knight Tano, and Padawan Kenobi. May the Force be with you. Windu out.”

The line went dead and Qui-Gon tucked his com back into his belt and took off into the bustling city with one thing on his mind.

I’m coming, Obi-Wan.

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juice-tinn  asked:

Hi snicket sleuth! I love your blog and it's really opened my eyes to subplots and possibilities that I otherwise would've been unaware of. I'd like to ask, why do you think Lemony chose to kill Hangfire in the last book of ATWQ. Wouldn't he have been more useful alive to answer for his crimes? Did Lemony not realise the PR disaster that would ensue if he was the one seen to kill Hangfire? Ultimately, I am disappointed that he chose "cruelty and chaos", while the Baudelaire's chose to spare Olaf

Hello, @juice-tinn! Thank you for your appreciation, I try my best.

I would say that Lemony chose to murder Hangfire because he’s been shaped by V.F.D. to act with ruthless pragmatism. The members of this organization are essentially secret agents who dabble into gray-to-grey morality on a daily basis.

Compare and contrast reactions of Stain’d-by-the-Sea’s mundane citizens to Lemony’s crime and those of V.F.D.’s members:

But when they saw me return, everything stopped and everyone stared. They stared and they shivered. I walked amongst them like a moving shadow, casting darkness over everyone I knew. Gifford and Ghede were the only ones who approached me, but they didn’t give me as much as a glance, and talked right over my head.
“Your apprentice’s foolishness has derailed our plan,” Gifford said to Theodora, gesturing to The Thistle of the Valley. “We need to get this whole thing back on track.”
“There’s work to be done,” Ghede said, with a nod. “Every capable adult will need to help us.”
“And me,” Theodora added, with a hairy nod. “Snicket, talk to the people here and see if anyone has some rubber bands. I’ll supervise while you braid them together into a towing rope.”

[Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?, Chapter Thirteen]

The people who enjoyed a more normal childhood are clearly horrified by Lemony’s actions, but they don’t even get a mention from Lemony’s higher-ups who immediataly move on to another of their plans. It’s business as usual for V.F.D. The worst part about this is that we’re not entirely sure this is the first time Lemony took a human life. He’s a little too comfortable with fire…

I had seen buildings burn before, as part of my training and as part of my childhood. I had seen small homes and enormous mansions devoured by fire, and I had seen flames destroy factories and symphony halls and houses of worship.
[Shouldn’t You Be In School?, Chapter Five]

Besides, V.F.D. is supposed to operate in secret. Open trials and free submissions of their intel is not really on the menu.

Ogham Divination

Okay so I had an ask about the Ogham runes a little bit back, and said I’d have to consult with my mother, who uses them.

I have, and am reporting back. This is a basic guide. Each rune, as with the Futhark, has deeper meanings as well.  

1; Beith-the birch. Meaning; a fresh start, fertility. The Goddess. Magical power and transformation. Women’s power. A very feminine rune.

2; Luis-the rowan. Meaning; a warning. Deceit. Evil masked as good. Protection, particularly for children and animals.  

3; Fern-the Alder. Meaning; awareness of the self. Celebration of the unique abilities of individuals. Realization of talents. Battle.

4; Sail-the willow. Meaning; a period of learning. Wisdom, and the power that comes with it. Enlightenment. The moon, and all the powers associated with that.

5; Nion-the ash. Meaning; the interconnection of all living things, and of this world to the ones that lie beyond it. Shamanic journeys.

This one was interesting to me in particular because Yggdrasil is an ash tree, and of course binds all the worlds, with its roots in the underworld and it’s highest branches reaching to Asgard.

6; Huath-the hawthorn. Meaning; mental and physical health. Also interesting because the hawthorn is a powerful healing herb, one that’s being researched clinically for its ability to treat congestive heart failure.

7; Duir-the oak. Meaning; learning through action or doing. Action. Strength. Wisdom. Protection. Power, pure and unadulterated.

Oak is regarded as a tree of protection and strength in nearly every culture that has oaks nearby.

8; Tinne-holly. Meaning; Overcoming challenges through effort. Protection from evil. Willpower.

9; Coll-hazel. Meaning; inspiring others through your own deeds. Leadership. Respect gained through actions. Learned knowledge.

10; Quert-apple. Meaning; fertility. Trust. Abundance. Joy. Vitality and health. A choice. The crossroads.

11; Muin-vine. Meaning; trust in your own intuition. Prophetic abilities. A reminder to take some time to unwind and relax.

12; Gort-ivy. Meaning; the bonds of family and friends. The support of those around you. A reminder to allow yourself to lean on others when necessary. Aid.

13; Ngeadal-reed. Meaning; cleansing. Sweeping away the bad and ushering in fresh and new.

14; Straif-blackthorn. Meaning; the unexpected. Upset plans, sudden change. Turmoil. Chaos. The unpredictability and power of nature. Challenges unexpected. Secrets kept close. Hidden knowledge.

15; Ruis-elder. Meaning; moving from the old to the new. Renewal. Banishment of the past. Death and regeneration. Protection. The wood of witches and the Fey.

16; Alim-the elm. Meaning; empathy. Common sense. Creativity.

17; Furze-gorse. Meaning; industriousness, intelligence, passion (for anything, be it a lover or a hobby). Sex, fertility, and protection.

18. Ura-there seems to be some disagreement on whether this is Mistletoe or Heather, but Mom says she favors Mistletoe, considering how sacred the plant was/is. Meaning; Connections to the spirit world. Shamanic visions. Spiritual growth. Sexual passion.

19; Eadha-poplar. Meaning; bravery. Triumph over fears. Willpower. War.

20; Idho-yew. Meaning; Transformation. Rebirth. Endings, but those that come with a new beginning. Initiation. Resilience and longevity.

There are five more included in some systems, but those are apparently a later 4th century addition, much like the blank rune is a far later addition to the Futhark. Much in the same way I do not use the blank rune, Mom does not use the newer Ogham runes.

Celtic tree months

Birch Moon: December 24- January 20

-Rebirth and Regeneration 

-Celtic name: Beth, pronounced beh 

-Associated with Creativity, Fertility,  Healing and Protection. 

Rowan Moon: January 21- February 17

-Perform initiations 

-Celtic name: Luis, pronounced loush

-Associated with Brighid, (Celtic goddess of hearth and home), astral travel, personal power and success. 

Ash Moon: February 18- March 17

-Inner self 

-Celtic name: Nion, pronounced knee-un 

- Associated with ocean rituals, magic potency, prophetic dreams, and spiritual journeys.

Alder Moon: March 18- April 14

-Bridge between heaven and earth

-Celtic nam: Fearn, pronounced Fairin

-Associated with spiritual decisions, magic related to prophecy and divination, and getting in touch with your own intuitive processes.

Willow Moon: April 15- May 12

-Willow wards away danger

- Celtic name: Saille, pronounced Sahl-yeh 

-Good for spells of healing and growth 

Hawthorn Moon: May 13- June 9

- Time of fertility, masculine energy and fire

-Celtic name: Huath, pronounced Hoh-uh 

- Magic related to masculine power, business decisions, making professional connections. 

Oak Moon: June 10- July 7

-Celtic name: Duir 

- Good for  spells of protection, strength, fertility, money, success and good fortune.

Holly Moon: July 8- August 4

-Immortality of nature

- Celtic name: Tinne, pronounced Chihnn-uh

- Good for spells of protective magic

Hazel Moon: August 5- September1

-Wisdom and protection 

-Celtic name: Coll, “The life force inside you”

-Good for spells of wisdom, knowledge, dowsing, divination, and dream journeys 

Vine Moon: September 2- September 29

-Time of great harvest, happiness and wrath (both passionate emotions)

-Celtic name: Muin 

-Celebrate garden magic, joy and exhilaration, wrath and rage, and the darker aspect of the mother goddess.

Ivy Moon: September 30- October 27

- A reminder to us that life goes on, in the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth.

- Celtic name: Gort, pronounced go-ert

- Time to banish the negative from your life. Do workings to improve yourself,  and placing a barricade between you and the things that are toxic to you.

Reed Moon: October 28- November 23

-Celtic name: Negetal, pronounced nyettle

- Time for divination and scrying 

Elder Moon: November 24- December 23

- Time of endings

-Celtic name: Ruish, pronounced roo-esh

- Good time for workings related to creativity and renewal. Time of begging and endings, births and deaths, rejuvenation. 

In which I read Rey/Kylo Ren meta so you don’t have to

A trip through the Rey//lo meta posts today had me alternately cringe-laughing and needing about ten showers. And look, let’s make this very clear, I have no intention of harshing on anyone’s joy and no one, as a general rule, deserves moral sanction just for what they ship. Besides, some anti-Rey//lo rhetoric has a strong undercurrent of “lol them dumb bitches,” and the sort of assholes who use supposedly feminist media critique as an excuse to be misogynistic to living, breathing women can fuck right outta here thanks.

So I don’t mean to argue with anyone’s love, especially in a way that demeans people for what they like. You know what I can argue with? Arguments. Moralistic disapproval of what people like is as futile as it is intrusive, but one can examine the assumptions underlying the like and see if there are any currents that flow out of larger trends. That’s why I was looking in the meta.

What do the meta posts on this pairing say about the assumptions that gird their ship? Sadly the reports are true–there is almost no argument for this ship that I’ve seen that does not depend on a) romanticizing a war criminal and murderer’s mistreatment and creepy obsession with the heroine, or b) erasing and hijacking the character who did in fact have a great, redemptive character arc and a deep and meaningful bond with Rey. What was his name, Winn, Tinn? It’ll come to me.

Again I must emphasize that this isn’t an argument that people should not ship Rey and Kylo Ren. If that is what makes them happy, more power to them. Rather my argument is that the assumptions and arguments underlying this pairing are creepy in their romanticization of toxic and possessive behavior and racist in their consistent erasure of a major Black character. (Linn? Kinn?) That the arguments for the ship are bad, however, doesn’t mean the people who ship it are bad. Let’s make that distinction very clear. We like what we like for complex and often subconscious reasons. The goal of critique should be to examine and confront those reasons, not to blame and harass people.

Here’s a highlight of major arguments that fall under “romanticization of mistreatment” and “erasure of a major Black character (what was his name?).”

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