To both sides of Qui-Gon, Jedi and judicials were beginning to climb from the lake, their waterlogged tunics and uniforms weighing them down. Following Qui-Gon’s lead, Obi-Wan sprang from the water, landing atop one of the smaller rocks. Vergere floated in like a water fowl until she reached the stony beach, then she called on her powerful reverse-articulated legs to catapult her ashore. Saesee Tiin’s big hands cut through the waves like flippers. Yaddle rode in atop Ki-Adi-Mundi’s broad shoulders, her short arms wrapped around his tall head, and her topknot of golden-brown hair plastered to her green skull.
Close by, Depa Billaba stepped gracefully to the beach, as if emerging from a warm bath.
—  Everyone else is struggling while Depa walks out the lake like a Queen (James Luceno, ‘Cloak of Deception’)

Riggy Marole: “Alec, do you see that!? Everybody looks like ants from up here!” 

Alec Tinn: “Y-yeah I see… I really wish I were one of those ‘ants’, y’know… on the GROUND!!!” 

im feeling that #ToonFest hype so i thought i’d draw something for it!! i’m mostly just excited for the clothes ;o;;;;

also, big thanks to @toontown-rewritten for all the stuff they’re adding! 

15 february 2017 // day 9 of 100

So today i brought back my dear pen pal @thenotebookofmine​ to Amsterdam, so she could go home! But yesterday we went shopping! And with shopping comes stationery.. i finally found brush pens and i absolutely love the colours. The set of 3 notebooks are from tinne-mia and the brush pens are from Royal Talens.

“‎Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of others, instead, seek what they sought.”

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Hi there lovely people of Tumblr! We’re Julie (guardehn) & Tinn (ferudeh) and we’ve decided to do an awards together. We both have a passion and love for fashion and that’s why we chose to use Iconic Models to disguise our awards. 

- R U L E S -

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- A W A R D S - 

  • Kate Moss - best icon (2)
  • Naomi Campell - best url (2)
  • Gisele Bundchen - best posts (2)
  • Cindy Crawford - best theme (2)
  • Christy Turlington  - sweetest personality (2)
  • Heidi Klum - best playlist (2)
  • Tyra Banks - best colour palette (2)
  • Claudia Schiffer - new discovery (2)
  • Natalia Vodianova - best overall (1)
  • Coco Rocha - Julie’s personal faves (2)
  • Vanessa Paradis - Tinn’s personal faves (2)

- P  E R K S -

  • Winners will be promoted to 28k+ dashboards
  • Winners will be displayed on a page with all the Iconic Models yay
  • You can ask for a promo (of your choice) once a week to both of us
  • New friends!

- H I G H E R  C H A N C E -

No higher chance! Just make sure your blog is on fleek! Awesome theme, nice feautures, an url to die for, sqdjjsqdkflfjd posts and a lovely icon!

- O T H E R S - 

  • Winners will be announced around the end of the month March or earlier if we’re happy with the notes
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  • Banner created by Tinn

Good luck everyone!

Love, Julie & Tinn xx