tinky winkie

violetevents  asked:

10 for jimon but its them as the teletubby actors

“you do know,” says jace, as he pushes his sweaty fringe back, “that neither of us are going to have a future in this.”

“don’t sta-”

“and that no oscar-worthy movie is going to hire you for your role as tinky winky.”

“excuse me? tinky winky is the tallest and most respectable of all of us, i’ll have you know - i’d like to know how many people would like to hire lala!”

jace blinks at him. simon blinks back.

“lewis, i literally work at a coffee shop. i don’t even want to be an actor, unlike your daydreaming ass.”

and then one of them gets run over listen i refuse to take the teletubby prompt seriously pls leave my home

[wakes up] [10 ft tall Tinky Winky vanishes] aaaahhh that was a nice rest. i slept like a baby all night. time to start the day [gets up] [takes a shower and brushes teeth] [gets dressed] [goes about my day taking care of business] [comes home] fwoo i’m tired. it’s time for a hard-earned night’s rest. [lies down] [falls asleep] [10 ft tall Tinky Winky materializes in my room and watches me sleep all night]