tinky winki

Me: this is hell. My activity page is a wasteland even after I deleted the Tinky Winky post. My days as a small-time B5 joke-farmer and gif-maker are over. They’re bulldozing all the trees and farmland and building skyscrapers here instead

Me, also: Nick Robinson Reblogged My Post, Directly From Me

[wakes up] [10 ft tall Tinky Winky vanishes] aaaahhh that was a nice rest. i slept like a baby all night. time to start the day [gets up] [takes a shower and brushes teeth] [gets dressed] [goes about my day taking care of business] [comes home] fwoo i’m tired. it’s time for a hard-earned night’s rest. [lies down] [falls asleep] [10 ft tall Tinky Winky materializes in my room and watches me sleep all night]